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    The reading of legal cases for law undergraduates Abstract: The most important and essential skill for law students is aiming at the ability of reading legal cases for success. The fundamental aptitude of law undergraduate is the main key for sources. The one who are capable of reading judicial cases effectively and efficiently can succeed in this career. The challenge emitted from the aspects such as language, time management and nature of legal case. It doesn't cover the problems of crucial

  • Gwenn Case Study Case Studies

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    Case Study & Diagnosis of Gwen The following case study is to provide a diagnosis for client Gwen. Gwen has been attending counseling during her transition of gender from male to female. The case study includes diagnosis, criteria for the diagnosis, continued treatment plan, cultural and societal aspects that have influenced Gwen’s diagnosis. The client is Gwen a middle aged male transitioning gender to female. She was previously known as Nick prior to transition. Gwen has explained several aspects

  • Stress Case Study Case Studies

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    Introduction In this case, Ken suffered a tremendous number of obstacles in different aspects including friendship, family relationship and academic. Thus, psychological problems have been occurred inside him. In the following, I would like to analyze the problems of Ken and provide some pragmatic solutions for him to overcome the problems. Stress According to the case, Ken was an honor student in school and participated in a lot of competitions. Ken suffered a lot of stress because he has to

  • Case Study Hypertension Case Studies

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    Title Hypertension - Case Study of treatments Acknowledgements I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Kamau for his support and information while conducting this research. Key- Words Hypertension, high blood pressure, type II diabetes sugar, salt, diet, cholesterol, obesity, weight loss, stroke Introduction According to Public Health England, high blood pressure also known as hypertension, affects one in four adults in England, and is the second biggest factor of premature death

  • Stroke Case Study In Case Studies

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    AN ELDERLY MALE WITH NEUROLOGICAL DETERIORATION: A CASE REPORT OF RECURRENT STROKE WITH WORSENING PARKINSON DISEASE. Ahmad Sahli Mahzuz Bin Ismail Abstract Stroke is the third most common cause of death (11% of all death in UK) and the leading cause of adult disability worldwide. Stroke rates increases with age but one quarter of all stroke occur before the age of 65. It is important to differentiate between stroke and transient ischemic attack

  • Stroke Case Study Studies Case Studies

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    Evaluation of the case: What is stroke? The formation of a clot in the arteries leading to or within the brain causing an interruption to the flow of blood to a specific area of the brain. (National Stroke Association, 2014) Symptoms of a stroke:  Weakness or a complete loss of sensation to a body part  Dizziness, loss of balance & coordination and difficulty sitting, standing and walking. (National Stroke Association, 2014) Age & gender risk factors - 55-year-old woman The risk of having

  • Child Case Study Case Studies

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    depressive emotion or feel stressful. In form two, Wing Sum was strongly urged to drop out due to poor academic result. It was causing quarrel with parents again, and she attempted suicide by jumping from building. 2. Selection of appropriate facts of the case: Genogram: Family background: According to Mrs Ling, the marital relationship is good. Both of them are very responsible in caring and supporting the family. The family seemed quite well of, they have well financial condition and living environment

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    1 Case Study Giardia lamblia outbreak in a daycare nursery This case study is about a day care in which toddlers have been getting diarrhea. The day care (which is located in Juneau, Alaska) has been getting these outbreaks for the past five years. This daycare only accepted children two and a half if potty trained and three year olds who weren’t. The daycare has not been doing the correct precautions to avoid having these outbreaks, such as not correctly washing hands and not accepting children

  • Case Study

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    Introduction In this essay the author will be discussing a case study of a patient with a condition of major depression. The author will also discuss what depression is; the assessment that was done on the patient, interventions and medications as well as the effects of the condition on the focused patient in my case study. The author has chosen to use this condition for their case study because they find depression interesting in terms of what and how much impact it had on this patient’s physical

  • Case Study

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    Part B Review Related Assigned Reading This is a case about five years and four months old girl named, Tamara who has been observed for telling many lies. In stage one; pre-conventional level of Tamara, teacher’s assessment is based on the incomplete observation on the child. Here, the teacher did not try to determine the cause of the problem with guidance approach for changing her behaviour. A lie is any deliberate deviation from the truth, and falsehood communication with intention to mislead