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    CASABLANCA Throughout history, the film industry has seen many directing styles and techniques. The early part of the 20th century saw a factory style of film production, but as the years went by, director's began to employ new and untried techniques in their pictures. One such technique which these director's implemented was a new approach to the use of the camera and camera angles. "Casablanca," an Academy Award winning film of 1942 saw director Michael Curtiz manipulate the camera in ways others

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    1.     How does “Casablanca” support the war effort? Recall any scenes or lines that contain pro-war messages. Casablanca starts as a news reel. You see a slowly turning globe that highlights the ally countries and the axis countries during WW II. Also, there is a documentary-style narration at the beginning of the movie, which sets the tone for a war time movie. Also, there is a scene in the movie where Germans are at Rick’s bar sing a German song. Then Victor causes the bar band to begin playing

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    Casablanca The Epstein brothers created Casablanca, a romantic adventure, like no other of its time. There are few movies that are loved by men and women alike. Casablanca is one such movie. It successfully combines action, adventure, love and romance into a film loved by all. What makes this film a favorite of women? Lets take a closer look at the film and find out. Casablanca is set in the exotic land of Morocco where refuges wait for passage to America, the Promised Land. In a popular American

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    Michael Curtiz’s film, Casablanca, the film follows the love triangle between an expatriate, Rick Blaine, his former lover, Ilsa Lund, and her husband Victor Lazlo. Rick being a well known figure in the community must use his congenial disposition with the other to not only maintain his life style, but at the request of Ilsa, aid in the escape of Victor; an enemy of the state in Germany. Casablanca, acts as a middle point for European refugees fleeing Nazi Germany and eventually making it to the

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    Casablanca: A Romantic Take on War Propaganda Romance movies have played a huge role in the film industry since it took off in the early 1900's. One of the most popular romantic films of all time is Casablanca (1942), directed by Michael Curtiz, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid. Casablanca tells the story of a love triangle between Rick, a cafe owner in Casablanca, Ilsa, a woman Rick fell in love with in Paris, and Victor Laszlo, Ilsa's husband. With the onset of the

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    imagery, setting, and character emotion/action. Successful producers know that setting the atmosphere of a film is essential in the filmmaking industry because it allow the viewers to appreciate, enjoy, and relate to the film. Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca offers an atmosphere in his prominent screenplay to hide the fact that the film’s main goal was to brainwash millions of people for the benefit of the U.S. government. The atmosphere that was created was strong because it masked the scent of the

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    Juan G. Cruz Hernández Section 126 Essay 1 Word Count: 599 Rick, with the Allies or the Nazis? Casablanca is a romantic drama film in which the main character, Rick Blaine has to decide between escaping with Ilsa, leaving everything behind and supporting the war by helping Victor Laszlo, a Czech Resistance leader and husband of his former love, Ilsa. At the end, Rick decides to help Victor and Ilsa. Despite the fact that this decision was Rick’s way of protecting Ilsa, it can be proven that Rick

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    Casablanca is the most romantic movie all the time. Casablanca movie was set in Casablanca during World War II and directed by Michael Curtiz. The movie has three main characters are Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman), and Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid). Casablanca is a romantic movie in which because of love, Rick helps Ilsa and Laszlo escape Casablanca. It is a love story between Rick and Ilsa. Well, love is defined in many ways. “Love is usually explained as an intense feeling

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    visas to make their way out. The film Casablanca directed by Michael Curtiz portrays the theme of love and sacrifice. In the 1940s there was the second world war so all the people in Europe were trying any means to get to America because that was the haven during that decade. The police in Casablanca were corrupt and that the refugees had to always bribe them so that they will be able to get their visas so that they can depart Casablanca to America. At that time u had to

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    Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca may be a black and white film, but the story that it tells is richly saturated with drama, romance, and plot twists. Casablanca tells the story of a love triangle during a perilous time. Rick Blaine, Victor Laslo, and Ilsa Lund find themselves at odds with each other in Casablanca during the war. The story begins when Ilsa Lund and Victor Laslo coincidently walk into Rick’s Café Americaine shortly after arriving in Casablanca. Victor Laslo is oblivious to the fact that

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    Casablanca is a 1942 romantic drama film directed by Michael Curtiz. Set in the beginning of World War II, it focuses on the character Rick Blaine and his life in Morocco. Rick is surrounded by a mysterious past that prevents him from returning to his home in America, and even though the audience learns much about Rick, his reason for exile never surfaces. Rick, now living in Casablanca, owns Rick’s Café Americain and leads a cynical and seemingly lonely lifestyle. The American classic, Casablanca

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    An Honest Opinion of Casablanca Casablanca is a film that I believe will always be held in high regard. The film had the right components to make it soar. The main film aspects I’m focusing on, are sets, characters, and dialog. Each of those aspects flowed smoothly to create a film that most consider to be what a great film is. This film premiered in 1942, then was general released in 1943. Around this time, the United States had World War II. Many speculated that the movie was released as a moral

  • Isolationism In Casablanca

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    The Michael Curtiz’s 1942 film Casablanca depicts Richard Blaine as an isolated individual obsessed with his memories of his former love. He begins to challenge his own policy of isolationism with the return of his love, Ilsa, and the spread of Nazism; his conflict with himself over his ideals forces him to consider the future of others and helps him overcome his past. Throughout the film, Richard begins to internally battle himself to overcome his own differences and help not only himself, but others

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    Everyone at one point runs from something, whether it be out of fear, or pain, or loss. There is 20/20 vision looking into the past but the effects of the things that have happened are frightening and the future is never very clear. Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca is a war-time film intended to teach the audience the truth in never being able to escape the past and, furthermore, the truth in never being able to escape from problems. The story follows American Rick Blaine, a bitter man who frequently falls

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    Memory in Casablanca: A Scene Analysis The film Casablanca (1942) is an epitome of the Hollywood studio system, thus its depiction of memory follows the classical style. This means that memory is primarily displayed through the form of the flashback. Another feature of the Classical Hollywood style is its character centric narratives, meaning the flashback is usually focalised through an individual characters perspective. This is true in Casablanca during the flashback sequence, in which we see

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    Casablanca is one of the most iconic and interesting early American films, and for good reason. The movie represents the involvement of the United States of America in World War II. As the film begins, a map of Africa is shown with thundering patriotic music. Refugees from the German occupied areas in World War II have streamed into Casablanca, Morocco, still part of unoccupied France. After Paris was lost in June, 1940, people wanted to escape through cities like Casablanca. From there they could

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    The classic movie Casablanca masterfully uses lighting to shape the message of the film. The Nazi controlled city of Casablanca, Monaco is holding international citizens hostage, not allowing anyone to leave. The entire city is full of temperate refugees, mostly consisting of wealthy international travelers. The film’s lighting shows a city overcast with impossibly dark and dynamic shadows. The shadows from window blinds are cast over the main characters faces in several scenes as they talk secretly

  • Characterization of Rick in Casablanca

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    Casablanca is a film set in Morocco during the Second World War. Because of the setting, the characters are under French rule and therefore are not allowed to support the Allied movement. Things however get interesting when Victor Laszlo and his wife Ilsa Lund come through Casablanca in hopes of escaping to America. Their arrival stirred up many remarkably painful memories for the major character Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart). Rick is an American saloon owner who lives in Casablanca. His café is

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    Popular music’s affect on a film’s narrative is demonstrated in the film Casablanca released in 1942. The film uses a song called “As Time Goes By” to create a transportation affect for the characters and audience. The song was written by Herman Hupfeld in 1931 and gained modest popularity through its inclusion in the Broadway musical Everybody’s Welcome. In Casablanca, there is a scene inside a restaurant where a woman, Ilsa, runs into an old friend of hers named Sam who is a pianist at the restaurant

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    Casablanca is a 1942 film directed by Michael Curtis; set in French-ruled Casablanca, Morocco— during WWII, Casablanca is over populated, due to Nazi Germany, because many have tried to escape Europe to Lisbon to then fly to America, but this path left many doomed in Casablanca, in hopes of one day getting a visa. The plot revolves around Richard “Rick” Blaine, a New Yorker, owner of the popular nightclub, “Rick’s”. Starting off, the public is told by French police that two German officers were