Carmen Essays

  • Carmen and Gypsy Culture

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    concern was to create a picturesque atmosphere that would appeal to audiences.’(Machlis p.190) Bizet romanticized gypsy culture in his opera and through the character, ‘Carmen’. The libretto gives off ideas in relation to the emerging theme of ‘naturalism’, where much focus was given to the working class and their suffering. Carmen and the other gypsies don’t have that middle class virtue. ‘But they are seen against the exotic allure of Spain and Bizet’s music invests them with a human dignity.’ (Machlis192)

  • Carmen Composed by Georges Bizet

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    Carmen Composed by Georges Bizet Georges Bizet (1838-1875) composed the opera Carmen, it opened on March 3, 1875 at the Opera Comique in Paris. It was not a success, initially. Then again, Carmen would soon become the most popular opera of all time. The entire work however, was disapproved of for its harsh libretto, and the music was criticized. The reception of Carmen left Bizet acutely depressed and on June 3, 1875 he suffered from two heart attacks and died. Carmen opens with a Prelude

  • Homophobia in Appearances by Carmen Vasquez

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    language has sparked countless revolutions and has continuously fueled social progression over the course of human history. In Carmen Vàzquez’s “Appearances,” Vàzquez argues that homophobia is a serious concern in society. She rallies for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, to challenge society’s unyielding gender roles and homophobia. Through the art of persuasion, Carmen Vàzquez blended careful diction, emotional stories, and persuasive structure to aggressively address the problem of homophobia

  • Carmen by John Benton

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    John Benton, Characters Major Carmen- The main character in the story, she is abused by her father and her mother is in denial. She later leaves home to find a life of drugs and prostitution. Vinnie- Is Carmen's "old man" who protects her and becomes her pimp. He is very much into drugs like Carmen. Mom- Carmen's mother, scolds Carmen for making her father lash out at her, when Carmen tried to stop her father from beating her mother. Dad- Carmen's father, he abuses her in her early childhood

  • Comparing The Big Sleep-Characterization Of Vivian And Carmen

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    The Big Sleep - Characterization of Vivian and Carmen in the Movie and the Book   The characterization of Vivian and Carmen changes drastically depending on whether you are reading the book or watching the movie. The production code forces the women in the movie to become more socially acceptable-Carmen was not crazy and Vivian was not blatantly seductive. Changes that the production code forces on the characterization of the women causes the movie to be somewhat lack luster. The

  • Future of the grocery store

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    Where will the grocery industry be in the near future? Chester Sideman and his wife Carmen married 25 years ago. After they married they decided that they did not want to be typical working Americans who worked from 9-5 and retired at age 55. They had always envisioned running their own company and running it in the form that they saw fit. After thinking long and hard they decided to build a company from the era that they were from. Being that they were from the “hippie” era, they fell in love with

  • Ovid's Metamorphoses

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    Prima ab origine mundi, ad mea perpetuum… tempora carmen, “from the very beginning of the world, in an unbroken poem, to my own time” (Metamorphoses 1.3-4). Publius Ovidius Naso also known as Ovid wrote Metamorphoses, which combines hundreds of stories from Greek mythology and Roman traditions. He stitched many of them together in a very peculiar epic poem in fifteen books. The central theme of the book is transformation “from the earliest beginnings of the world, down to my own times.” Ovid sweeps

  • Carmen

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    composer during the romantic period, Carmen quickly became a smash-hit because of its vibrant themes of seduction and heartbreak. The masterpiece was composed and preformed at the end of the romantic period in 1875 ( Along with Bizet, Ludovic Halévy and Henri Meilhac assisted in writing the original French text used to this day. However, the DVD recording I watched provided English subtitles so I was able to track the plot. The production of Carmen found in the Northwestern Library was

  • Female Stereotypes and Stereotyping in The Big Sleep

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    (17). Chandler's descriptions of Carmen and Vivian, respectively, highlight his use or misuse of the typical female stereotypes in, The Big Sleep. From the initial physical description that Chandler gives, the reader can quickly see that the women are complete opposites. Carmen lacks color and does not appear to be healthy while Vivian is "worth a stare" (17). Carmen has sharp predatory teeth while Vivian has, "hot black eyes" (17). Chandler characterizes Carmen as the petite, helpless female

  • Raymond Chandler's Writing Style in The Big Sleep

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    the key aspects which Chandler wishes the reader to grasp, often using Phillip Marlowe to do so showing how is extremely observant and detail-oriented. He is able to pick up on details right away and describe them perfectly. Introduced first is Carmen Sternwood. Chandler writes a paragraph about what Marlowe first notices about her. Chandler describes her hair, eyes, and body, yet it is her teeth which Chandler focuses on. He writes, "Shecame over near me and smiled with her mouth and she had

  • the beachcomber

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    daddy hugged her tight, she wondered why princesses had to live such terrible lives. Pretty soon she was living in two houses with two of everything, just like they said. She lived with her daddy and Tita Carmen in Alabang, and with her mommy in their old house in Manila. Her daddy said that Tita Carmen was very much like her mommy in Manila in that she would take care of her and love her and play dolls with her all afternoon (if she wants to). Her mommy in Manila did not say anything. She tightened

  • Francisco Franco

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    Francisco Franco Francisco Franco was the dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975, including the time of WW2. Perhaps he was better known as “El Caudillo,” translated into English as The Leader. He was born and raised in Spain. He was a very brilliant military general who led Nationalist rebels in defeating the Spanish government during the Spanish Civil War. Although he was viewed as a Fascist Dictator, he strongly opposed communism. He was an extremely important figure in the course of world history

  • Carmen Aguirre Memoir

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    Daughter My thoughts on Carmen Aguirre’s memoirs are that of a mind opening and revolutionary perspective of what facts and stats cannot express. Carmen Aguirre gives an in depth and personal approach for educating people about what it was like to be a part of the Pinochet resistance in Latin America. Her first-hand approach to delivering details from her young childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood years illustrates the real-world struggles that millions of people endured during those times

  • Carmen Amay Flamenco Dancing

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    The history of famous flamenco dancers are known to be influence to others dancers today. Carmen Amaya was a gypsy dancer that developed to be marvelous female flamenco dancer in the twentieth century (Flamenco - Carmen Amaya). She was born in Somorrostro in Barcelona in November 2, 1913 which she lived in a desolate gypsy neighborhood (Flamenco - Carmen Amaya). At the age of four, Carmen started dancing in taverns and bars with her father. She was also inspired and influence by her family who were

  • Analysis Of Carmen By Georges Bizet

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    synopsis of the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet is about a woman named Carmen. She is introduced with a song about the natural of love Habanera. She is surrounded by men, which plead with her to choose a lover, but end up throwing a flower at José who shows no interest in her. José is engaged Micaela, whom his mothers approve of. She brought him a letter from his mother saying she wants him to hurry up and marry Micaela. First, José finally decides to heed to his mother request, then Carmen reveals her affection

  • Pop Culture Icons

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    that young people will recognize it. An ad for Tommy Jeans, with Britney Spears in it, is made solely for young people to be enticed by the popular musician, not the jeans themselves. Similar to a Candies Fragrances ad that has Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra posing together. These ads are using popular icons and the celebrity's controversial lives to draw young audiences so that the ad will stick out in teenager's minds. In the two page Tommy Jean advertisement, the ad is divided into four sections

  • Analysis Of Carmen: A Hip Hopera

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    Introduction Carmen: A Hip Hopera; a musical film starring Beyoncé as an inspiring actress. However, Carmen Brown was once Carmen Jones; starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte in the 1954 version. However, the 1954 version of Carmen is not the original playwright, as there have been many adaptations to create relevance of the production. The first production of Carmen was written as a novel that was published in 1845, which there is a four-part compromise. However, the novel Carmen was later

  • Carmen Miranda Research Paper

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    Olivia Seeney Carmen Miranda Carmen Miranda was born in Portugal in February 1909. Her christened name was Maria do Carmo Miranda de Cunha. Her parents were Jose and Maria. She grew up in a strict Roman Catholic household. Jose was both a salesperson and a barber. However, Carmen was only educated until she was fourteen years old. Afterwards she began working at a department store to help support her family. She was both a model and a saleswoman. To pass the time she sang to her fellow co- workers

  • Case Study Carmen Machado

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    Should Carmen Machado get treatment for her 3 year old son. Her son has down syndrome and doesn’t remember a lot of things. She is confused and doubts herself because she regrets not getting an abortion so her son will not suffer the pain. She doesn’t know if the treatment will cure her son from the disease. A murder suspect is held on trial warren lee hill is on death row. He claims that he is mentally retarded. He tested of a I.Q of 70 but the court claims it as 72. George is justified because

  • Carmen Jones: Black Feminist Film

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    For black feminists and their spectatorship, Carmen Jones and the styling of its main characters was a pivotal and critical film to be analyzed through the perspective of African-Americans during the war period. It also became a paramount in the Black feminist community, as this was one of the first movies to successfully show a black woman beyond roles that were over sexualized, as well as breaking the mold of the common black role of "mammy". “Her conscientiously crafted wardrobe accentuates her