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  • Chemistry and Carbohydrates

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    The Chemistry of Carbohydrates The chemistry of carbohydrates most closely resembles that of alcohol, aldehyde, and ketone functional groups. As a result, the modern definition of a carbohydrate is that the compounds are polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones. The chemistry of carbohydrates is complicated by the fact that there is a functional group (alcohol) on almost every carbon. In addition, the carbohydrate may exist in either a straight chain or a ring structure. Ring structures incorporate two additional

  • Short Note On Nutrition And Nutrition

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    satiety • And much more Carbohydrates- Chemical compound of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, usually with the hydrogen and oxygen in the right proportions to form water. Common forms are starches, sugars, cellulose, and gums. Carbohydrates are more readily used for energy production than are fats and protein. Carbohydrates are one of the main types of nutrients and the one needed in the

  • Feed Your Mood

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    membrane transversely. Besides restoring the body's nutrients, food highly impacts mood. The content of food one consumes will ultimately affect a persons psychological health. The basics components that make up the average persons diet contains a verity of protein, carbohydrates, fats, as well as vitamins and minerals resulting a great impact on one's mood. The main compound in cells that make up the human body are made up of amino acids that are found in dietary protein. Foods such as meats, dairy,

  • What is Glycation?

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    occur in the body that explain how certain pathological processes evolve over time. These biochemical reactions include glycosylation and glycation. Glycosylation versus Glycation Glycosylation is the chemical reaction in which a simple sugar (carbohydrate) molecule is attached to a another molecule such as a protein, lipid, or other molecules like nucleic acids. This process is catalyzed by enzymes and results in the formation of various glycans, which are involved in many functional and structural

  • Analysis Of The Slow Carb Diet

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    weight. I was eating chicken, rice, and veggies. I was taking my protein and drinking loads of water. I lost a few pounds here and there, but I felt losing 10 lbs over two months wasn 't worth the work I was putting in. Then I found the Slow Carb Diet, and everything changed. I started following this very simple meal plan, with a few very basic rules, and I lost one pound my first day and

  • Diabetes Explained

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    diagnosis (p. 1187). Because type 1 diabetes needs to be managed very carefully, are [Delete] carbohydrate counting and a low fat diet [“are”] the best way [Plural] to make sure that glucose and insulin are available in the right proportions. When diagnosed the goal is to achieve metabolic stabilization, restore body weight, and relieve symptoms of hyperglycemia. Type 1 diabetics rely heavily on their diet to control their condition. It is just as important as accurately checking their glucose on

  • The Importance Of Having A Pre-workout Workout

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    This is because they have a good amount of digestible carbohydrates tread. They are also loaded with potassium which helps in maintaining the nerve cells and muscle function in general. Our body is not able to store potassium for long that is why eating bananas before working out will greatly enhance your nutrient

  • Carb Cycling Essay

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    Carb cycling, a diet plan that alters the intake of carbs on a daily basis in order to keep metabolism high without a plateau or muscle loss, is growing in popularity for everyday people, endurance athletes, power lifters, and body competitors. That is not too surprising considering its simplicity and effectiveness. The basis of carb cycling is that from day-to-day one’s diet is constantly changing in the amount of carbohydrates and fats that are consumed. This results in overall fat loss while gaining

  • Types I and II Diabetes

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    There are some diseases people can overcome with the right treatment; however, there are some diseases that are a life long battle even with a treatment. An excellent example is diabetes. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed during childhood or adolescence. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed in adulthood. Type 1 diabetes is important but it only affects a small amount of the population mainly adolescence while Type 2 diabetes affects a large portion of the population making it

  • Diabetes Essay

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    and how it can be treated or reduced with diet and exercise. Diabetes mellitus (or diabetes) is a chronic, lifelong condition that affects your body's ability to use the energy in food. This means that a person has too much glucose in the blood. There are three major types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. All types of diabetes mellitus have something in common. Normally, your body breaks down the sugars and carbohydrates you eat into a special sugar called glucose