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  • Comparing and Contrasting Low-Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets

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    Comparing and Contrasting Low-Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets The low-carbohydrate diet and the low-fat diet take two different approaches to achieve the same goal of weight loss. The fundamental difference between the two diets is found in the comparison of their nutritional recommendations. Nutritional recommendations are the foundation of both diets, although their views on the role carbohydrates, proteins, and fats should play differs greatly. Dieters are told that following these nutritional

  • Adverse Effects of the Atkins Diet

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    Adverse Effects of the Atkins Diet The Atkins diet prescribes a menu consisting of high-fat, high-protein foods that theoretically stimulate weight loss. However, excessive consumption of such foods is associated not only with weight loss, but also with several serious health problems. For example, heart disease and atherosclerosis have been linked to foods with high fat content. Further, replacing the carbohydrate component of one's diet with fat and protein stimulates a fat burning process

  • South Beach Diet: The Healthy Low Carb Alternative

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    South Beach Diet: The Healthy Low Carb Alternative The South Beach Diet is a healthy alternative for promoting a healthy heart and lifestyle and for losing weight. Though often referred to as a low carbohydrate diet, South Beach does not endorse eating the unlimited fats and proteins that have become a signature criticism of the low carb diets. Instead, the diet was created with the intention of improving people’s cardiovascular health while also helping them to lose weight. The general

  • Ketogenic Diet Essay

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    Diets have been an altering factor in the prevalence of acne in individuals. A Ketogenic diet has been studied to determine if the low carbohydrate high protein and fat diet altered the impact of acne vulgaris (Paoli, et al., 2012). Ketogenic diet is a diet that almost completely eliminates carbohydrates from the body and solely operate the body on increased portions of protein and fat. The idea surrounding this diet is that the body will constantly run on ketones and cause the body fat to be used

  • The Long-term Safety and Effectiveness of Low-Carbohydrate Diets

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    As the obsession with "losing weight" continues, many people are turning to low-carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins diet. With total book sales over 45 million, many doctors are starting to ask questions about the safety of a high fat, high protein diet. There have been many short-term studies reporting that a low-carbohydrate diet can be effective for weight loss. Unfortunately, most studies have been based on data collected for 90 days or less. Dieters and Doctors alike could benefit from

  • Professional Level Sport

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    athlete, nutrition is equally if not more important. The importance of maintaining a diet high in carbohydrates is crucial for the performance of a professional level hockey team. A professional hockey team typically ranges from ages 20-28, they have to be in excellent health condition and have excellent stamina. Hockey is an extremely active sport, hockey players get the majority of their energy from carbohydrates, and therefore they require large amounts of that nutrient. However, the hockey team

  • Eating Ourselves to Death

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    far more fruitful to ask an artist (in this case a chef or a gourmand) what constitutes a healthy diet. But this is the 21st century, and we look to dieticians and nutritionists to tell us what to eat. The problem as I see it is they can’t seem to agree on anything or make up their minds for any length of time. On the other hand, most chefs and connoisseurs would probably agree that a healthy diet begins with quality whole foods and an emphasis on ancient culinary traditions. By following the

  • A Healty Issue

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    A Healthy Issue It has been long debated as to what method is the best way to lose weight. Every day it seems there is a new diet craze sweeping across America. The birth of fad diets has brought hope to those wanting to lose weight fast. Which is the best diet plan? There are so many to choose from now, and there are not only diet plans. There are hundreds of dietary supplements now available as well as new-age surgeries to help us battle the bulge. Each method has its own positives and negatives

  • low carb diet and athlete performance

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    Low carbohydrate (carb) diets have been used as a weight loss treatment for many years. Recently low carbohydrate diets are being used with athletes as a performance enhancement method by changing training adaptations. This essay will examine the health risks and benefits of a low carb diet, as well as the effects of low carb diets on the endurance athlete in regards to their training and performance. There are many short term benefits of low carb diets. However there are also many long term risks

  • High-Protein Diets For Weight Loss

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    High Protein Diets for Weight Loss The Role of Dieting in Society Today The preoccupation of modern society with appearance is reflected in part by the preponderance of Americans who engage in dieting behaviors. Despite the nutritional and fitness literature which pervades society today, 33% of the American population continues to be overweight (Bates, 1997). The USDA recommendation for a low-fat, high-complex-carbohydrate diet over the years has seemingly not been effective, since the