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  • The Battle of Sullivan’s Island

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    The Battle of Sullivan’s Island The Palmetto Patriots One would ruminate that 1100 men equipped with 30 pieces of artillery defending an un-finished fort would be no match for three thousand men and nine war ships armed with 270 cannons. Contrarily, on 28 June 1776 during the Revolutionary War, the American Forces proved a decisive victory against the British, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence was days later. The Patriots, under the leadership of Colonel William Moultrie, made

  • George Melies Tripto the Moon

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    abundance of individuals who seemed to be gathered in what resembles a castle of some sort. This is where the so-called “wizards” have gathered and have figured out to take their trip to the moon. The following scene shows us a large cannon type figure, an extremely large cannon to be exact, very abnormal looking. The concept of space travel at this time was unheard of and this being a silent film, allows us to realize that just by looking at this contraption that this is how they are going to get to the

  • Changes of Weaponry and Warfare during the Middle Ages

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    Changes of Weaponry and Warfare during the Middle Ages During the Middle Ages, or also known as the Medieval Ages, change was a major part of that period. Europe was watching war become much different. In the older times, a few thousands of troops were considered a large army. Nowadays, nobody has ever seen such size of an army with such variety in weapons including guns, munitions, and artillery that were all developed during that period. Besides, it was obvious that the face of warfare was changing

  • The American Civil War

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    naval artillery enabled the military to increase the accuracy, power and shooting range of the guns. One of those significant changes was made by John Dahlgren, a naval officer whose technique for reinforcing the cannon breach increasing the amount of gunpowder that could be hold by a cannon, which allowed to shoot larger shells at greater distances. So by the end of the war only John Dahlgren was responsible for the development and design of 12-pounder boat howitzer in several weigh classifications

  • The Trebuchet

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    it experienced. All in all, the Trebuchet was a fearsome weapon of mass destruction during the Middle Ages, a force to be reckoned with. Trebuchets only lost favor when cannons emerged, and the primary benefit of the cannon that the trebuchet lacked was not in fact power, but rather mobility. Smaller, more maneuverable cannons rapidly overran the position of the trebuchet in most armies across the world. Warwolf, the legendary trebuchet built by the English Army to destroy Castle Urquhart,

  • Storming of the Bastille

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    return the mob became angry, fearing that they had been detained. A second delegation was sent forth. These soon came out again with the message that the Governor had adamantly refused to surrender. The delegates also had the information that the cannon were unloaded. This piece of news was all that the mob needed to urge them on. "...But the fury of the crowd continued to increase and their blind wrath did not spare de Launay's escort...Exhausted by his efforts to defend his prisoner...he had to

  • Vimy Ridge

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    5:30 in the morning on Easter Monday, April 9, 1917, the assault began. It was raining. It was freezing cold. And it began with a huge artillery barrage… shock and awe 1917-style. Canadians under fire at Vimy Source: National Archives Over 1,100 cannons of various descriptions, from British heavy naval guns mounted on railway cars miles behind the battlefield, to portable field artillery pieces dragged into place by horses, mules or soldiers just behind the Canadian lines, fired continuously – in

  • American Technological Advancements of the Civil War

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    the government of the United States provided little interest or encouragement in the inventions of various ordinance experts. The U.S. Ordinance Department generally thought that the United had many preceding wars and battles due to the smoothbore cannon, and thus, no further weapons were needed. Many inventors had spent of years of time and many on this experiments and would face financial crisis if the government did not use them. On April 12, 1861 at 4:30 A.M., the refusal of the United States

  • Germs And Pathogens Essay

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    The invention of gun powder gave the western powers a huge advantage in warfare as it gave them cannons which led to greater naval power and, while it didn’t give them a big advantage, led to them have land army domination as well. This allowed the era of colonialism which saw the huge changes to the global scene. So both gunpowder and germs shaped

  • The Other Fort Knox

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    century. Located at the mouth of the Penobscot River, Fort Knox is a heavily fortified defensive point. The fort boasts of remarkable engineering and a fascinating labyrinth of passageways. With thirty foot high walls of huge granite blocks, and cannons that could fire a four hundred and fifty pound ball a distance of three miles, Fort Knox would have been a brutal foe for the British navy. When we arrived, two of the group leaders, Sarah and Josh, went to go set up lunch, while my wife, Mary