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  • Canadian Restitution of Japanese Canadians

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    Japanese Canadians for their internment is not sufficient for the pain and suffering experience The Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedom today are well known internationally for encouraging multiculturalism, protecting individual rights and being inclusive of immigrants and refugees from other countries. Unfortunately, Canadian policies were very different several decades ago as they had a surprising history of discrimination and racism, especially towards Japanese Canadians. When Canada

  • Canadian Democracy: Veiws Of Canadians

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    Strengthening Canadian Democracy The views of Canadians      In the report by Paul Howe and David Northrup titled, “Strengthening Canadian Democracy: the Views of Canadians” Policy Matters 1:5, Canadians attitudes towards government including questions about electoral system reform, representation and the rate of veter turnout.(Howe & Northrup, 2000) After reading, this report it is clear that many Canadians find many issues of their government to be unacceptable

  • Canadian Mythopoeia In Canadian Literature

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    Though the term Canadian Literature typically refers to a canon of works selected to represent what has become Canadian culture over the course of the country’s young history, the Canadian story has existed long before there existed a canon. Thus the Canadian myth is of equal importance to the Canadian literary identity as the literature chosen to be a part of the Canadian literary canon. But how does Canadian mythology contribute to the literary landscape when so little of is has been written down

  • Canadian History

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    In Canadian history it is quite evident we are influenced heavily by the much stronger nations around us. Therefore our own content in Canada is sometimes overshadowed by other cultures, specifically with regards to the United States who have a big influence on our cultural industries. Pierre Trudeau expressed the feeling Canadians have with this co-existence, "Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly or temperate the beast, one is affected by every

  • Canadian Inventions

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    granted to Canadian inventors. Nevertheless, the National Science Literacy Survey revealed that two thirds of Canadians are not able to name even one Canadian inventor or any Canadian accomplishments! Throughout the past century and into the next millennium, the range of Canadian inventions is a reflection of Canada’s ingenuity, and innovating and inventing is one of the reason why Canada is on par with countries such as Britain, the United States, and France. Coincidentally, many Canadian-made inventions

  • Japanese Canadians

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    Japanese Internment of WW2      “They spoke of the Japanese Canadians,'; Escott Reid, a special assistant at External Affairs, would recall, “in the way that the Nazi’s would have spoken about Jewish Germans.'; Just like in that statement, I intend to expose you to the ways that the Japanese were wronged by Canadians throughout the Second World War. As well, I intend to prove what I have stated in my thesis statement: After the bombing of

  • Canadian National Identity: Native Canadians

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    Native Canadians play an important role in our national identity, unfortunately, the culture has been slowly dying out for the past century as advancing generations lose the spoken language. Less identify themselves as a true Native for the little knowledge they have of their culture, especially those who live in an urbanized city. One of the greatest contributing factors to this outcome were residential schools, a tragic and critical part of Canadian history. The first government operated residential

  • Canadian Flag

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    Canadian Flag Throughout Canada in the 20th Century, numerous events and decisions have formed defining moments for the people of this country. Events like Vimy Ridge, the formation of NATO, and the development of the new flag have made a huge impact on the country. In addition, the leadership of people like Lester B. Pearson and, much earlier, Sir Wilfred Laurier, has created very significant changes in the course of Canada’s history. Of these, the new flag, sometimes referred to as the “maple

  • The Canadian Shield

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    1760 and confederation, settlement in Lower and Upper Canada pushed into the Canadian Shield. In Lower Canada, settlement in the Shield was mostly by the Saguenay River, St. Maurice Valley and the area north of Montreal. In Upper Canada, settlement was attempted in the Ottawa-Huron Tract which was eastward from Lake Huron into the Ottawa Valley. Canadian colonial settlement shared a fluctuating relationship with the Canadian Shield. The Shield was a barrier to settlement until population increases

  • The Canadian Passport

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    The Canadian passport is a travelling document used by citizens of Canada. Issued by Passport Canada, an independent agency under Citizenship and Immigration Canada, it enables bearers to enter and exit Canada as well as travel to other countries subject to visa requirements.[1] Citizens of Canada wishing to obtain a passport do so by application to Passport Canada.[2] Origins of the Passport One of the first mentions of a form of papers used to travel across countries borders is in the Hebrew