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  • Camping Trip: Our Camping Trip

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    Our Camping Trip I awoke to the sun piercing through the screen of my tent while stretching my arms out wide to nudge my friend Alicia to wake up. “Finally!” I said to Alicia, the countdown is over. As I unzip the screen door and we climb out of our tent, I’m embraced with the aroma of campfire burritos that Alicia’s mom Nancy was preparing for us on her humungous skillet. While we wait for our breakfast to be finished, me and Alicia, as we do every morning, head to the front convenient store for

  • Camping Trip Essay

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    My summer camping trip at Sidney Spit was a peaceful retreat from a busy city routine. Only a twenty-minute boat ride away from Vancouver Island, it makes for a quick escape from my weekly obligations. As soon as I stepped foot on the old wooden dock, creaking under each step, the sounds of buzzing street lights and blaring sirens of city I left behind grow more distant. As I feel the heat of the sun beating down on my neck, I scan the shoreline for the trail to the campsite. I am relieved to step

  • Childhood Memories of a Family Camping Trip

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    open my eyes and pull myself out of my sleeping bag. Goosebumps cover my flesh immediately, and I hurry to change into my jeans and sweatshirt. Once I am dressed in my camping attire, I decide to venture out to the cool, crisp mountain air. I take a deep breath and inhale the all-encompassing freshness of morning at Silver Jack Camping Grounds. I wander down to my grandparents' campsite and smell the scent of a newly built campfire. My grandpa sees me and waves. In his deep, baritone voice he asks

  • Narrative Essay On A Camping Trip

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    I signed up to go on a camping trip with the Blackstone Valley Order of the Arrow honorary group of Boy Scouts in March 2010 to Camp Cachalot near Plymouth Massachusetts. I was assigned a role as a leader in the troop where I was to advise and care for a group of 45 other boy scouts. On the first night, we had to sleep outside, on the dirt and leaf filled floor of the woods as the camping trip’s purpose was to reflect on cheerful services and to grow closer to living out the values of the scout law

  • Persuasive Essay On A Camping Trip

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    day? Backpacking is camping where you have to hike into your campsite carrying all the gear you need on your back if you want to go on a backpacking trip you will use these steps to prepare. Backpacking is a great way to be outdoors and to have a great camping trip but in order to have a good trip, you need to know how to pack for it. There are five steps to ensure a great trip these steps are: backpack, food, gear, packing, and hike. Backpacking is one of the best types of camping, but in order to

  • Narrative Essay About A Camping Trip

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    would race each other back to the campsite where Nancy had breakfast waiting for us. Me, Alicia, Nancy, and her little brother David would all gather around the picnic table for breakfast and engulf our food, jubilant to go to the beach and for our camping trip to officially begin. The sun is radiant and scorching, as always when it’s August in Michigan, while the lake water is warm with occasional ripples flowing through as the wind subtly blows over. I’ve got my giant pink floaty around

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Annual Camping Trip

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    The Annual Camping Trip Many of my childhood memories are vague in my mind, but there is one that I will always remember, as well as always hold a special place in my heart. Every year my family would go camping up in the mountains for about three days. This one time stood out to me, and that was the summer of 2008, for I was old enough to appreciate the joys of camping, yet not too old to not feel the exhilaration of it. I was eight years old and ready for a good time with my brother, cousins

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Camping Trip

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    First Camping Trip My dad told us to pack warm clothes in our suitcase case. We all asked why he said we're going camping with your aunts and uncles for the weekend in spanish . We were all excited,but I was nervous because it was my first time I have ever slept in a tent . We left my house at 4:00. The drive was about 4 hours away from my house the traffic was bearable . Where I sat in the Tahoe was in the back you would think the I have all the space I needed but I literally was squashed with all

  • Essay On Camping Trip

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    Amy’s Terrible Vacation Amy and her family go on a camping trip every year to the Temido' Valley River. Amy is the only one in her family that dreads going on the trip. The thought of riding in a van for 8 hours that is a hundred years old was not fun, especially with her juvenile brothers.Toby and Howard always had the worst luck when it came to camping. Even though Amy dreaded the camping trip, she loved to gloat about how no bad fortune ever came her way. Little did she know her brothers would

  • Descriptive Essay On Camping Trip

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    Chris Uihlein Kathy Christopher Engl 1101-20730 5 Oct 2017 Icy Camping Trip I love Georgia; however, I am not originally from here. I moved to Atlanta in 2011 from Jackson, Mississippi, with a friend. Since then, I've gotten to know the people and diverse landscapes. Now, I consider Georgia to be my home and Mississippi a place where I lived for a long time. One of my favorite hobbies is hiking and camping. I make it a goal to visit new hiking trails every month or so. On a Friday in

  • Narrative Essay On A Camping Trip

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    Have you ever been forced to do something with your friend that you KNOW is gonna be bad? That’s how it was for me on my camping trip with my uncle and his friends and my friend Zeek. We have been planning this trip for quite some time and this time we brought buggies so we could ride in the dunes now I have practice driven these and they’re pretty fast I don’t remember exactly how fast but the vehicle had good power. Add that with a risk taker friend and you go at dangerous and scary levels of speed

  • my dog Trooper

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    rhetorical question. Although at the age of eight I had no idea what a rhetorical question was, I knew he was telling me that we were on our way to the animal shelter. My parents and I jumped into our 1989 blue Aerostar van. My brother was away on a camping trip, so it was just the three of us. The 20-minute drive felt like two hours, and I can remember every second of it. We drove up to the shelter on a smooth paved road that went up to a hill. An empty pasture was on our left side and an old cemetery

  • Describe an object that is important to you and explain why

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    inches, my pack feels comfortable on my back even with sixty pounds of gear. During winter vacation, I usually take a skiing trip to a cabin in the Washington State Wilderness. Loaded with everything from Monopoly to a waffle iron, my backpack shields me from snow dripped by evergreens. It never actually skis, but my backpack wouldn't dare miss a downhill ski trip in the Rockies of Idaho. I leav...

  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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    on a three day camping trip with long time friends, another couple, Chris and Heather. Chris is the go-with-the-flow type of guy but only if Heather allows him to do so. Heather is a very kind person who looks out for others. She just crosses that line of being concerned to being motherlike. See we spend a lot of time with them, but it's like other people's children, you can go home and leave them, this time we couldn't. You maybe asking yourself why would we decide to go camping with such people

  • On the Road by Jack Kerouac

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    On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, is an honest story of a friendship, and four trips across America. The narrator is Sal Paradise, an aspiring novelist who lives with his aunt in New Jersey. Sal’s best friend is Dean Moriarty. Sal idolizes Dean for his laidback cowboy style, his ease with women, and his all around joy in living. Over the course of the book, Dean marries, divorces, makes love to, and impregnates numerous women. Sal is considerably less promiscuous, but he doesn’t seem to hold

  • The Challenges of Tent Camping

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    of Tent Camping Each year, thousands of people throughout the United States choose to spend their vacations camping in the great outdoors. Depending on an individual's sense of adventure, there are various types of camping to choose from, including log cabin camping, recreational vehicle camping, and tent camping.  Of these, tent camping involves "roughing it" the most, and with proper planning the experience can be gratifying.  However, even with the best planning, tent camping can be

  • Descriptive Plan For Winter Camping

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    Winter Camping Guide As fall transitions into winter, most campers decide that it’s the perfect time of year to pack away their gear and take a break from camping until the warmer weather arrives. But with careful planning, there’s really no reason that you have to miss out on all the wonders of nature during the winter. Typically crowded camping spots and trails are much more likely to be untouched by other travelers and instead coated in a sparkling coat of fresh snow! If the beauty and peacefulness

  • My Favorite Memory Research Paper

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    My favorite memory outside is my annual camping trip Labor Day weekend at Lamoine State Park. Lamoine State Park is located just outside of Bar Harbor and Ellsworth. This is my favorite memory because ever since I was five or six years old my family started the tradition of going on camping trips. Now as I am 19 years I still look forward to this trip every year with the rest of my aunts and uncles. Each week was jam packed with different activities to do considering the campground was right on the

  • Camping Tent Camping

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    Ever been on a camping trip? If the answer is yes, many other Americans have too. In 2011, nearly 43 million went camping in our country; this is a 3 million increase from the year before (The Coleman Company 6). Camping has been a popular pastime for the American people for many decades, this is mainly due to the fact that camping is fairly inexpensive and allows memories to be made that will last a lifetime. Preparing for a camping trip can be a daunting task, but if an individual has the right

  • The Troubles With Camping

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    The Troubles with Camping Each year, thousands of people throughout the United States choose to spend their summer vacations camping. Depending on individual sense of adventure, there are various types of camping to choose from, including log cabin camping, recreational vehicle camping and tent camping. Of these, tent camping by far requires the most "roughing it," and with proper planning can be very gratifying. However, even the with the best planning, tent camping can be an extremely frustrating