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  • Citizen Journalism

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    wants to be up-to-date with significant events happening, and we rely on the media to provide that for us. For years, the media have relied on eyewitnesses verbal accounts of events happening; the only difference now is most everyone has a cell phone with a camera. The general public can be at certain places at crucial times and give a personal view of events happening when the media

  • Airline Industry

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    INDUSTRY BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW Industry: Digital Cameras (Photography) The digital camera industry is, without a doubt, one of the newest industries in the world. With the first electronic camera being invented in 1981 and the first consumer digital invented in 19951, the digital camera actually traces its roots back to the photography industry. In 1888, with the development of the silver halide film slide and the portable camera by George Eastman2, capturing and recording images has always been

  • Competitive Advantage Of Gopro

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    strap with bungee cords holding an already existing camera in place so that he could document his surfing trip. Woodman went on a five month surfing trip, while on the trip he realized he needed to sell the wrist strap and camera case as one item. After he returned from the trip Woodman went to work developing this advanced action camera. Two years later in 2004 at the San Diego’s Action Sports Retailer trade show, Woodman presents his first camera, the GoPro 35mm Hero. At this point GoPro is in the

  • History Of The Polaroid Corporation

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    .. ...rganization where creativity and innovation and development matters the most. REFRENCE • Klein, Alec, "Polaroid Hopes New Cameras Click with Young Users,' Wall Street Journal, February 4, 1999, p. B10 • “Polaroid Launches a Major Quality Initiative,' Modern Materials Handling”, April 1992 • “Edwin Land: Inventor of Polaroid Camera,' Los Angeles Times, March 2, 1991.” • Mark, H. (2012) History of Polaroid: The Boston Globe • (2011, 02). Polaroid Retrieved

  • Watching Televised Sport

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    Watching Televised Sport The answer is all of these reasons, and others, which I will explore in more detail throughout this essay. To do this successfully I am going to focus on three sports, which I intend to compare and analyse. These are: The London Marathon, The Brazilian Grand Prix and The Champion's League semi-final between Manchester United and Real Madrid. I have chosen these sports because they are each different; The London Marathon is an individual sport, which covers a large

  • The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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    could ever think of. What has the world come too when we cant even get on the phone to have a private conversation , have a TV to just simply watch a show or socially connect without having the huge risk of getting hacked by a technological genius . Studies show that more than 70 percent of people have been hacked whether its in a phone , internet , camera identification or personal accounts. Many Smart Phones such as the Iphone,Android and Blackberry’s are very popular not only for there

  • New and Improved Technology in Smarthphones

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    customize their own phone. This phone could be available in January 2015 for as low as $50 to $500 (TheGuardian). This device is made up of swappable hardware components that are being held together with magnets (CNN). Paul Eremenko, who is head of Project Ara, says the module will essentially be just a frame, screen, Wi-Fi connection and processor ready for users to customize with different plug-in modules, colours and accessories (TheGuardian). The Smartphone will be called the “Grey Phone” because it

  • Surveillance Cameras: Invasion of Privacy

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    Since surveillance cameras have been invented for security reasons at shopping malls and stores they have also been place in public areas such as stoplights, parking lots, hallways, bus stops, and more. I mainly think that our privacy maybe invaded due to the cameras being placed in a mass of public areas privacy can easily be invaded I don’t like it because if your on the phone and the people that watch the tapes can read lips can see what you are saying/texting and with texting they can zoom in

  • The bad day

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    lesson. However, this morning his normal routine was in turmoil. Peter’s mother was out in the car already, honking on the horn, as they were running really late. It was all Peter’s fault as he had turned the alarm clock off to charge up his mobile phone and then failed to reset the alarm. Peter accidentally slammed the front door behind him, made the front glass windows rattle and shake noisily in their frames. To make matters worse, as he raced down the driveway he knocked over a beautiful potted

  • Flash Drives and Optical Storage

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    Flash Drives and Optical Storage What is a flash Drive? Well a USB Flash drive is a memory storage device that is plugged into a computer or other mobile devices. Flash Drive also called Thumb drives are very convenient for users, they are small and light weight and have a memory storage ranging from 512MB to 64Mb. (Gary B. Shelly).Most flash drives are removable and rewriteable. USB Flash drives are typically used for backups or transfers of computer files. Flash drives consist of small printed