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  • Cages

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    them are kept locked up in prisons of human invention, cages. With restricted movement and limited space, freedom is ripped away from them. By animals, I refer to all species, such as dogs, elephants and crocodile. In cages, they cannot roam around, hunt for preys. Birds soar high in the sky until its wings were weakened by inactivity due to limited space. Should we allow this to continue? In my opinion, no animals or birds should be kept in cages. They are living things, they deserve better. The main

  • John Cage

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    John Cage Defined in the 1950s John Cage is considered by many to be the defining voice of avant-garde music throughout the 20th century. Fusing philosophy with composition, he reinvented the face of modern music, leading composer Arnold Schoenberg to declare, "Of course he's not a composer, but he's an inventor -- of genius" (Kostelanetz 6). For Cage, the 1950s brought a series of critical events that both refined his message as a composer and brought him great fame, or infamy to some. His interest

  • The Couple in the Cage

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    The “Couple in the Cage” was an exhibition called “ A Savage Performance” curated by Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez-Pena. The exhibition was displayed across several European countries and some states in the United States. In the video, we see both Coco and Guillermo in a cage. They carry them around in the cage. The audience feeds them through the cage and takes pictures with them. In the trailer, we also see interviews with the audience. The video also juxtaposes old footages of exhibitions alongside

  • Cage in Heaven

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    Cage in Heaven Process writing: This was me when I was growing up in my little world. This was my feeling of pain, sorrow, and joy during my childhood. I felt all these emotions and more growing up in the busy Hong Kong City. Looking back at my childhood, I realized why I came to the United States. I adore my father and siblings for all the hard work they have done for me to come over. I realized the warmest and only love is that of a family. Hong Kong is six million hearts

  • Nick Cage

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    Hello, I am Dr. Ben Sheppard and I am preparing several astronauts to visit the Bell nebula to visit the strange planet of Nicolas Cage. I hope to prepare you astronauts well but surviving on Nicolas Cage will not be easy. This is why I have decided to compile a field guide to prepare you for your journey. PLEASE FOLLOW MY ADVICE VERY CAREFULLY! Perception (Noun) the way you think or understand something. Perception can be a funny thing astronauts. Why, perception is a nasty thing and it can

  • Inside the Cage

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    other little knick knacks I'd come across during my assignments for Sunset. I pause in front of the apple of my eye, an ornate cage, well not the cage but what's in the cage, I mean what kind of goofball keeps a cage as a hobby? Well okay I can think of a few, but that's creepy and I want to have fun, not be creeped out. I giggle as I eye the fine tooled, silver bars of the cage you and your friends each inhabit and smile at the cute bows and bells surrounding your little prison. Every breath you take

  • The Cage of Love

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    adventures, such as traveling, as you've mentioned before. Most of your life is defined and chosen by what you compel yourself to believe should or shouldn’t be. Its a hard decision, but now, more than ever think you can make it. Release yourself from the cage you have built for the past few months. You hold the key to your own freedom. It's time.

  • Nathan's Cage

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    Nathan’s Cage – short story Lucy, as was her custom, sat at Nathan’s feet for security and mental comfort. She felt safe with him close by. From time to time he would reach down and scratch her head just between her ears – her favorite spot. On occasion she would look up with mournful eyes softened by a glimmer of hope in some unknown outcome. On this particular morning, hearing footsteps outside she jumped up and padded down the long corridor to the front door where she waited for Nathan to come

  • John Cage Essay

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    John Cage is a modern American composer who is probably the most controversial musician to ever live. Born in 1912 in Los Angeles, California, no one, not even Cage himself, thought he would become a composer. But he did have desires to create at a young age. He used these desires to later make some of the most revolutionary music of the century. But how did Cage begin writing music at all? What is so revolutionary about his music? Cage was born into an Episcopalian family and when he was young

  • The Pigman's Symbolic Cages

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    Zindel. John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati all have their own symbolic cages that keep them trapped within and makes them scream inside wanting to be free. Contrary to what some people may think, not only young people like John and Lorraine can be locked up in symbolic cages, but so can adults such as Mr. Pignati. There are two types of cages in this novel, the cages that real for Bobo and other animals, and there are symbolic cages that apply to John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati which makes them trapped