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  • Digital Buyers

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    The Internet seems so pervasive to us now as an information distribution and selling channel. But in reality, only the best-practice companies have fully optimized it as a platform to re-orient their marketing and sales efforts to the buyer. Anytime a new technology comes into the corporate world, it seems it goes through an adoption curve that has few rules, little process, poor management and no metrics. It takes a few years for these layers to be added and yet they are necessary for the full

  • Digital Buyers

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    dynamic content that can be forwarded to thousands, displayed to millions and can increase in value. Imagine that buyers had the ability to converse all over the planet in real-time. They had the ability to talk to other buyers in the world with similar resources with the only barrier being language and every transmission is displayed. That world is emerging today with more Digital Buyers coming on to participate increasing the value of their networks. If what you have to say can break through

  • Digital Buyer

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    based on their own research of where their buyers spend their time. Provider’s Website This is primary storage and experimentation platform for all content and messaging. It’s also the area where the provider will have the most content control. The provider should work with their website creator to ensure that all important content becomes catalogued in the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and therefore easier to research for the buyers. All off-line marketing activity should also

  • Digital Buyers

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    Chart 5: Buyers find Providers The best way to get the researching buyer to find the provider is to create amazing content thas has been search optimized. The provider needs to be where buyers go and their content needs to be there. Google search is the current search answer for over 70% of Internet users. Although they are not presently a threat to Google’s search dominance, we do have new capabilities from Wolfram Alpha and Microsoft’s Bing which could improve the expectations for information

  • Buyer Behaviour

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    Buyer Behaviour 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyse and evaluate the decision-making process consumers go through when purchasing health supplements and formal clothing. The objective is to compare the differences between the two processes and identify the implications each has on marketing strategy. This has been achieved through both secondary and primary research. The secondary analysis involved research using the textbooks and articles on health supplements

  • Buyer Behviour

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    will satisfy them. For marketing to be successful, it is not sufficient to merely discover what customers require, but to find out why it is required. Only by gaining a deep and comprehensive understanding of buyer behaviour can marketing’s goals be realised. Such an understanding of buyer behaviour works to the mutual advantage of the consumer and marketer, allowing the marketer to become better equipped to satisfy the consumer’s needs efficiently and establish a loyal group of customers with positive

  • Buyers Behavior

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    Table of content Introduction Main Report 1. Components of product theory 2. Prestigious Products and comparison 2.1 Allian Philippe Watch Haute Joallerie Collection 2.2 Gucci 2008-indy large hand bag 3. Prestigious Services and comparison 3.1 Oxford University 3.2 Montage Laguna Beach Hotel 4. Prestige seeking consumer behaviour Vigran and Johnson Model 6. Implication of Theory References Introduction This

  • The Phenomenon of Compulsive Buyers

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    noteworthy to state that compulsive buying is not limited to people who spend beyond their means, but it also includes those who spend a great amount of time shopping or thinking about shopping for things to buy and never purchase them. Compulsive buyers overspend and often times the excess is for something that is neither important nor needed. According to psychologists, compulsive buying is seen as a disorder; though not researched to its fullest extent, it is stated that buying brings about a certain

  • What Buyers Want

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    We can definitely see that the boundaries of how technology will be used are pretty temporary. It creates quite the challenge for providers to stay ahead of the access and device game. Multi-Tasking The brain was not built to multi-task, but buyers will attempt to multi-task everyday. Many of them are simply overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities. The myth is they are being productive when what is really happening is that it only feels like they are getting things done. Multi-tasking

  • Buyer Personas Flow

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    Chart 7: Buyer Personas Flow The organization you work for should stop whatever you are doing in marketing and get your personas identified. Personas identified for one provider may not be the same for another. Work with the sales team to get to the real truth, look at existing internal data and call buyers in your industries to review their roles, what they believe in and how they contribute to major purchases. To not do this work is a real missed opportunity to get the provider’s organization