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  • The Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972

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    The Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972 In this essay I am going to try to explain what happened after ‘Bloody Sunday’ and why there are such different interpretations of the event. I am going to look at 4 different sources; 2 newspaper reports, an ITN news report and also a video of a BBC documentary. I will also use my own knowledge to interpret the sources. After the event an enquiry known as the, ‘Widgery Report’ came to a verdict that the army was not to blame for what happened where as

  • Post-modern Fiction

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    Pre 20th century novels were mostly adopting a linear narrative, which was either chronological or according to structure of a beginning middle and end. By not conforming to the traditional method of structuring a novel they were attempting to create a mimesis of reality. At an individual and worldly level, religion viewed birth as the beginning and perhaps death as the end. On a greater scale perhaps it viewed the creation of the world as the beginning and according to the eschatological view

  • Victorian Lifestyles

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    Victorian Lifestyles Working clothes for poorer people were often passed down within the family or bought from second hand shops. They were usually made from coarsely woven wool or cotton cloth and they would be mended and patched to make them last a long time. Most people tried to have a better set of clothes for 'Sunday best'. Wealthier families could afford smart dressed and clothes made from better quality material. Ladies were interested in fashion and read magazines like The Young

  • Soda Case Study

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    Soft drinks, more popularly known as sodas, are not exactly referred to as items of necessity. People can live without sodas. In fact, people might be safer if they don’t drink soft drinks so much. And yet, soft drinks somehow make it to the top of the list of items most bought by the average consumer. Why is this, exactly? Well, for one thing, sodas are delicious. They stand between liquor and juice. Those who are too young to drink beer but think fruit juice is too juvenile can order sodas

  • American Dream Essay

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    My American Dream is either being on the silver screen or eating breakfast in Monaco, jumping on a plane, and landing in California in time for lunch. I plan to be living out my dream as either an actress or an international traveler. The thought of being stuck in one place for the rest of my life- working a nine-to-five job with people that I have come to strongly detest makes me physically sick. I’m positive that if I were ever in that situation I would lose my mind and come up with crazy scenarios

  • The Champion Lands

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    The Champion Lands The former Champion Lands of Vermont consist of 132,000 acres in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont has some of Vermont's most extensive areas of relitively remote and wild lands. A substantial portion of the Champion Lands are located in the the Nulhegan Basin, an extensive area of northern lowland forest and wetlands ringed by hills and mountians of moderatr elevation and drained by the Nulhegan River. The Champion Lands of Vermont are part

  • Naturalistic Observation Case Study

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    would be easily go unnoticed. Therefore, this will involve a case study, hypothesis and challenges. Case study This is a naturalistic observation of a child and her parents in a subway train. A Caucasian family is cited in a subway Q train bound from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn New York to Astoria Queens in New York. It is 10 AM and the train car that we were in had a comfortable number of persons this resulted in a few extra seats that were vacant. The little girl about 7 to 8 years of age. She was clad

  • Ancestor report

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    William and Harriet Goble. Mary wasn't from the United States, she was from England. She was Mormon and had been baptized at the age of twelve. This essay is on how she got here, her living conditions, and what I think about it. Mary's birth was in Brighton, Sussex, England. Mary was baptized on November 5, 1845. The following March and April, the church started talking about going to the United States and living in Utah. On May 19, 1856 the Mormons set out for Utah, they had to be sure to pack everything

  • Most Important Changes Ushered in by The Industrial Revolution in Britain

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    Most Important Changes Ushered in by The Industrial Revolution in Britain The industrial revolution saw many changes to Britain from work to transport. A very important change was the development of the railway system. The railway system changed the face of Britain forever. The development of the railways meant that Britain could become a superpower. The railways changed Britain in many ways from social to economic. An economic change that occurred during the creation of railways was a new

  • Sikhism (Mis) Understandings And Mis Representations

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    Ashley Vargas Topic Paper 3: Sikhism ((Mis)Understandings and (Mis)Representations) Despite being one of the world's largest world religions, Sikhism remains one of the most unknowledgeable and misunderstood traditions in America now. It is overseen and viewed in a lens based off assumptions of events that have occurred over the years. The lack of understanding has brought up too many serious consequences for their community including discriminatory policies, prejudiced stereotypes, shocking school