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  • Brief Biography of John Steinbeck

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    Brief Biography of John Steinbeck John Steinbeck lead a life filled with words, from his award winning novels to the hundreds letters he wrote to friends during his career. He was born in Salinas, California on February 27, 1902, and lived there for the first sixteen years of his life until he graduated from Salinas High School in 1918. He took classes at Stanford, but spent more of his college years working to pay tuition than then he spent in the classroom. 1924 brought his first publication

  • A Brief Biography of Mother Teresa

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    1910 she was baptized by the name of Agnes Gonxha Bojazhiu, a name given by her parents (Mother Teresa, Biography [1]). Her parents, Nikola and Drana Bokaxhiu, were Albanian grocers (“Mother Teresa” Encyclopedia [1]) and weren’t very wealthy. When Mother Teresa was 8, in 1919, her father became ill and died. Throughout the rest of her life she was very close to her mother (Mother Teresa, Biography [1]). Her work for others started at home when every night her family would invite someone to eat dinner

  • Ready

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    forms of crime. Respect for Khama was exemplified during a visit with Queen Victoria of England to protest English settlement in Bechuanaland in 1875. The English honored Khama and confirmed his appeal for continued freedom for Bechuanaland. A brief biography of Sir Seretse Khama, Botswana's first president: Seretse Khama (1921-80), founding President of Botswana, 1966-80. He inherited an impoverished and internationally obscure state from British rule, and left an increasingly democratic and prosperous

  • Critiques of Frederick Douglass' Work, from The Narrative to the North Star

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    The Narrative to the North Star "Right is of no sex-Truth is of no color-God is the Father of us all, And all we are brethren." A brief biography of Frederick Douglass Some historical criticisms of Douglass' Narrative New criticisms of Douglass' work Frederick Douglass Links See the First edition of The North Star, Douglass's newspaper A brief biography of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass was born into the institution of slavery in 1817, in Tuckahoe, Maryland. Frederick Douglass

  • Lord

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    Saints and Angels Butler's Lives of the Saints. New Full Edition, 1995. 12 volumes, one for each month of the year. (Reference BX4654 .B8 1995) Bert Ghezzi. Voices of the Saints: A Year of Readings. 2000. (Reference BX4655.2 .G49 2000) Each brief biography includes "a substantial quotation by or about the saint, giving you a feel for what he or she was really like" (Introduction). Ferdinand Holböck. Married Saints and Blesseds Through the Centuries. 2002. (Reference BX4655.3 .H6413 2002) Kathleen

  • Omar Khayyam The Enigma

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    will be divided into six sections. The first is the prologue. The prologue was used to introduce Omar to the reader. Next there will be a brief biography of his life and major influences of his work. Following this will be a section on his magnum opus and only work, The Rubaiyat. This will include literary criticism of his famous work. After this there will be a brief conclusion to sum up the overall paper followed by an epilogue with my opinion on Khayyam. Finally in my bibliography the reader will

  • Shirley Chisholm

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    Shirley st. hill chisholm (1924-2005) A Brief Biography of Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005) S hirley St. Hill was born in New York City on November 30, 1924 she was the oldest of four daughters. Her parents were Charles and Ruby St.Hill. In 1927 at age 3 Shirley was sent to live on her grandmother’s farm in Barbados. She attended British grammar school and picked up the Caribbean accent that marked her speech. Shirley moved back to New York in 1934 at the

  • Elizabeth George

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    A Brief Biography of Elizabeth George (with a smidgeon of literary criticism-- and a short bibliography) Susan Elizabeth George was born on February 26, 1949, in Warren, Ohio, to Robert Edwin and Anne (Rivelle) George. She married Ira Toibin, an education administrator, on May 28, 1971; they divorced in November, 1995. She received an A.A. from Foothill Community College (Los Altos, CA) in 1969, a B.A. in 1970 from the University of California at Riverside, and an M.S. from California State University

  • The Life And Times Of William Shakespeare

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    good. His insight into the human spirit has never been equaled. This paper is a brief biography of Shakespeare and a discussion of the times in which he lived. Discussion His life: It’s somewhat difficult to find factual information about Shakespeare, because the “first attempts at biographical research were not begun until over half a century after Shakespeare’s death” (Best, 2005). In addition, there were few biographies written of important persons at this time, especially dramatists, since plays

  • Roger Williams

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    Roger Williams ... A Brief Biography Drypoint etching, 1936, by Arthur W. Heintzelman, commemorating the Tercentenary of the founding of Rhode Island by Roger Williams. Courtesy of Roger Williams University Archives. ROGER WILLIAMS was born in London, circa 1604, the son of James and Alice (Pemberton) Williams. James, the son of Mark and Agnes (Audley) Williams was a "merchant Tailor" (an importer and trader) and probably a man of some importance. His will, proved 19 November 1621, left, in addition

  • JEdgar Hoover

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    better than to cross him. A consummate politician, Hoover was one of the first to ride the “media train” to power. He used the media as a tool and he knew that what people read and what they see and hear directly affect what they think. A brief biography, as an introduction to the man will aid us in the understanding of who he was, and through this we may gain incite into the reasons for why he did the things he did. Hoover was born New Years Day 1895 in Washington D.C. the youngest of three children

  • The Beatles: A Brief Biography

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    Second World War, there were four men laying the foundation for what would come to be known as the Beatles. The Beatles were a rock and roll band that gained massive success in the early 1960s, which materialised as “Beatlemania”. This essay gives a brief overview of who the Beatles were, what their musical genre and influences was, and a description of their lyrical subject matter. Furthermore, this essay strives to evaluate the various reasons to the enormous success of the Beatles in terms of the

  • Caligula: A Brief Biography

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    In the book, Caligula: A Biography, the authors’ main purpose is to show a historical account of the life and reign of Caligula as an emperor of the Roman Empire. The authors take into account several ancient writers who chronicled his life and through their own research, attempt to either affirm or discredit the many outlandish claims by them. The book begins with the accusations of ancient writers such as Seneca, Pliny the Elder, Josephus, and Suetonius who all claim that Caligula suffered from

  • A Brief Biography of Entrepreneurship

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    1. Introduction In times of crisis, the economy needs new ideas to bring about a change to reactive safely the economy and provide more confidence to the customers. Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the sustainable growth in the economy performance. Innovation and creativity have been never easy, however, in a globalized world that is struggling to recover from a major economic crisis, they play a vital role to recover the economy, becoming the new core competencies of corporations

  • Clara Barton: A Brief Biography

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    War Trust, 8, March 2017. “Clara Barton Biography.” Encyclopedia of World Biography, 10, March 2017 “A Brief History of the American Red Cross.” American Red Cross. 7, March 2017 “Biography Clara Barton.” Ducksters Education Site. 10, March 2017 “Clara

  • Proposal for Resident Biography for Nursing Home

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    member of the care team, provide us with a brief historical profile of the resident you represent. This biography as well as the "Life Story Book" we hope you will be interested in (please see last page), will provide us with important information to incorporate into their life with us. This will enable us to provide care that is geared to their particular needs, interests and enjoyments in life. Note to friends and family members filling out the biography on behalf of a resident, please read the

  • Biography: A Brief Biography Of Sir Isaac Newton

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    “To me there has never been a higher source of earthly honor or distinction than that connected with advances in science” – Sir Isaac Newton. When you think about Newton the common image we perceive is that of a bearded scientist sitting under an apple tree, until an apple bumps onto his head and Newton discovers gravity. Although apple tree was the original stimulant to the idea the whole incident cannot be concluded merely as an accident as opposed to a much careful thought as confirmed by Newton’s

  • Biography of Stephen Hawking

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    Biography of Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942. He is the first child of Frank and Isabel Hawking. During the second World War, Isabel was sent from her husband’s home in Highgate, to Oxford. This was considered a much safer place to have children during the war. Soon after his birth, his family moved back in together in their north London home. Hawking began his schooling here at Hertfordshire School. Hawking moved only once during his childhood, to Saint Albans,

  • Short Biography: A Brief Biography Of Emily Bronte

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    Emily Bronte Everything started on July 30th, 1818, the date in which Emily Bronte was born. Emily was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. Born into a larger family with five siblings, they all still lived a fairly quiet life in Yorkshire. Emily Bronte’s education started at the age of six where she was sent to Clergy Daughters’ School. She was eventually sent of out this school when a case of tuberculosis came out and had killed two of her siblings. Living in Haworth, England, Bronte still

  • Comparing Two Biographies of the Genius Oscar Wilde

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    Comparing Two Biographies of the Genius Oscar Wilde If someone had told Oscar Wilde during his life that for the next hundred years, people would still be taking the time to write about his life and accomplishments, he probably would have wittily declared it impossible for anyone to try to admire him as much as he admired himself.  However, two of his biographers, Frank Harris and Barbara Belford, have done just that.  Harris, in 1916, sixteen years after Wilde's death, published his biography, Oscar