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  • Analysis on the Ocean Full of Bowling Balls by J.D. Salinger

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    of the three stories here, namely The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls, precursor to the famed The Catcher in the Rye, taking place on the day of Allie’s death. More specifically I will be dealing with the meaning and symbolism behind the phrase “bowling ball” in the text. Wikipedia gives us following definition of a bowling ball: “A bowling ball is a piece of sporting equipment used to hit bowling pins in the sport of bowling. Ten-pin bowling balls are typically hard spheres with three holes drilled

  • Creative Writing: A Sandman's Bowling Ball

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    knock them down. He started his approach, swinging the bowling ball in a pendulum motion, while he took his five step approach. He releases the ball in a clocklike precision, and carefully watched it, as it rolled down the lane. It seemed that it would take forever for the ball to reach its intended target. The pins exploded like a bomb went off, for the strike. He quickly raised one finger up into the air and said to himself,” That’s

  • Narrative Essay Bowling

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    take it all in. This is the best part about bowling for a high school team and the worst part about bowling for a high school team. The moment that your team needs you. That make or break moment that one mistake can turn the match around. I snap out of my trance and I take another deep breathe. I grab my towel and grab my bowling ball, a 900 Global Network, and I begin rolling my ball end over end on the disgusting and almost destroyed Track brand bowling towel, which is so stained that the blue coloring

  • Essay On Bowling

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    while still being able to knock things over? One fun and socially acceptable way is through bowling. Most people just go to the bowling alley for parties or social gatherings, but never try to improve their game. It can be demoralizing to be the one who constantly throws gutter balls. Why not make the experience more enjoyable by being a better and more knowledgeable bowler? Learning the history of bowling and applying fundamental techniques will help make a mediocre score turn into a result in which

  • Cricket, A Civilized Game

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    prevent a ball from passing through. When aligned they measure nine inches from the outside edges of the outer two stumps. On the rounded end of each stump is cut a half-inch groove in which the two remaining pieces of wood are placed (Formals 26). These two small, cylindral objects, called bails are what the bowler is intent on knocking off. After one wicket has been constructed, another is set up sixty-six feet away. Near each wicket a set of lines are drawn, these marks are the bowling and popping

  • Physical Benefits Can Be Obtained From Bowling

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    “Bowling has one of the longest and richest histories of all sports, dating back approximately 4,000 years ago to Greece and Rome.” (Blau, What Types of Physical Benefits Can Be Obtained From Bowling?) For as long as bowling has been around and as many people a year play it, there are still some things that are hidden. The sport of bowling provides a wide variety of benefits. These benefits including social, physical, and financial positives. Bowling has social benefits. Millions of people go bowling

  • Bowling Essay

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    Bowling is a sport or leisure activity in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a group of pins. It is one of the major forms of throwing sports. Most people think of bowling as a fun indoor game that can be played with family or friends.When you think of bowling you normally think of going to a bowling establishment, renting a pair of shoes, picking up a ball and trying to knock down all the pins in either one or two tries. This passage will cover the history, the basic skills of

  • 10 Pin Bowling History

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    Bowling is one of the world’s oldest and most popular games. It is said that bowling dates all the way back to 3200 B.C. During the 1930s, Sir Flinders Petrie, a British anthropologist, found a collection of objects in a child's grave in Egypt that appeared to be used for a crude and embryonic form of bowling. All of the bowling balls and pins were all sized for a child. Balls were made using husks, covered in material similar to leather, and bound together with string. Other balls, some made of

  • Bowling Culture Essay

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    Bowling culture, as observed in your local bowling alley, revolves around objects like shoes, alley markings, and bowling balls. Throughout the following essay, I discuss how these objects have influenced bowling culture and how the culture has influenced them. Bowling has been losing popularity in the United States. To save the sport, we need to study bowling culture and determine what is working and what isn’t. Bowling culture is one that is constantly changing and requires a strategic mindset

  • Informative Speech: How to Improve Your Bowling Score

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    want my audience to know how they can improve their bowling scores the next time they go out on a Friday night. Organizational Pattern: Informative Introduction I. Attention-Getting Device: How many of you guys think that you are the world's worst bowler? I bet you didn't know that the lowest game ever bowled by a man on ABC men's league is two. Mike Kappa, of Racine, Wisconsin, accomplished his outrageous score by throwing 18 gutter balls. However Richard Caplette, of Danielson, Connecticut

  • Personal Narrative: Male Adolescent Dolphins

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    the last of the boxes from the truck, Kristen’s car pulls into an empty space behind Remy’s car. The bowling alley, once we walked through the door, resembled one at which I’d worked when I was thirteen. Golden paisley in cornelian frame on a cobalt blue field of worn carpet: the familiar dullness of suburban existence. I thought of flipping pizzas in another life as the muted rumble of bowling balls thundered down maple lanes. Chris Lewis, forty-something, was on welfare and could only work two

  • Rude Awakening

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    fighting back her urge to cry out loud. I looked around the rest of the room and soon got the impression that this girl and I were not the only ones who were feeling blue. I was cold and tired and I knew I should get some sleep so I curled up into a ball and fell asleep. I don’t recall actually falling asleep. I just remember that I was awakened by a series of loud crashes. The crashes were followed by voices piercing into the darkness. I sat up and without any thought to it I jumped off the bed

  • The Physics of Bowling

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    Physics of Bowling The definition of physics by some may be the science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force. Therefore everything in the world uses physics in some way or another. One of the numerous things that deal with physics is bowling. Some of the major parts of physics bowling has is the motions, the ways that Newton’s laws apply, the different momentums, and the energy. Other physics topics include torque, pendulum theory and collisions. In the motion of bowling many things

  • Physics Of Bowling

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    Physics Of Bowling The one thing that interests me is bowling. I have been playing all my life and after a whole semester and a half of being in Mr. Fetter’s class, I realized that everything has physics in it. One night after going bowling with my girlfriend(s) I wondered why when I hit the first pin, only seven went down and thus I lost the game. So, I got on the Internet and found a lot of articles and web sites talking about the physics of bowling. A lot of the web sites were brief descriptions

  • Rise of Professionalism in Sports

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    cover a vast range of activities, such as athletics, bowling, basketball, soccer, etc. Any game or competition that is designed to test physical skill is considered a sport; hence the list of sports can go on endlessly. In the past, all these were only very simple games, but they have evolved tremendously over the years and now, have become very professional sports, with many high-tech equipment to boost the sportsman’s performance. Bowling provides an excellent example; it dates all the way back

  • How to Play Cricket

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    to attack the bowling attack of opposite team.. These batmen only bat and usually they don’t bowl. After 5 batsmen, there is wicket keeper. He is only a wicket keeper and batsman and he don’t bowl. After these 5 batsmen, there are 2 all rounders. In cricket all rounder is that player which also bat and also bowl. After all rounder, there are four specialist bowlers’ .These bowlers with all rounders attack the batting of opposite team. In cricket, one bowler can only bowl 6 balls at one time and

  • George Orwell's Coming Up for Air

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    England at two different times. The story is based around George Bowling in 1939 and his life in the suburbs of London on Ellesmere Road, where all the houses are the same. He is very cynical of the world around him and dreams of his times as a child in Lower Binfield when things were not perfect, but not yet ruined by the Great War. The vision of 1900 England versus England in 1939 creates a sharp contrast in life for George Bowling. In 1939 England is on the verge of another war, and life is impersonal

  • Bowling: A Growing Sport

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    Bowling: A Growing Sport Statistically speaking, bowling is the most popular sport played among Americans each year. On average, within the last four years there have been eighty-two million Americans per year participating. For a relatively small cost friends and families can go roll balls for sport and fun. The sport itself dates back several centuries. Rolling a ball to knock down various targets has been the object of many games in different countries and continents throughout history. Evidence

  • Sports of the Renaissance

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    used a soccer ball as the first basketball. The game of soccer was originally played with an inflated animal bladder that was surrounded with leather (Leibs 67). Just as in every sport, as time evolves, so do the materials being played with. The materials begin becoming more durable, controllable, and affordable. During the Renaissance period, many sports were evolved and took a turn for the better. Although many sports were introduced during the Renaissance period; football, lawn bowling, and tennis

  • Bowling Research Paper

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    Bowling is one of the most popular sport in the world, is one of the oldest and most popular game bowling is a sport that can be dated back to circa 3200 BC, Bowling more than 500 years old. The equipment used for bowling also had a great advance in technology as far as the first rubber ball made in 1905 called the “Evertrue”. “Pin boy” a person responsible for setting up the pins, by adding an automatic “Pin Spoter” and it helps be for they had the right equipment. The sport of Bowling grew and