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  • Representation Of Feminism In Cinema

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    various stages of life. Feminism is a very wide topic to study and research, feminist cinema study being a small but important part of this huge macrocosm topic have helped a lot, films can be considered in examining the depiction of women on screen, movies, television etc. Fram- Kulik have very well stated in their book that,” film can be considered a language of its own, but the language that it uses still symbolizes the same binary order that has dominated our society with its phallocentric perspective”

  • Designing a New System for Gala Visions

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    widely growing video rental outlet for most of the Asian community where both Hollywood and Bollywood movies are found, I will be using ICT to design a new system for it. Analysis ======== Background to the problem ------------------------- Gala Visions is small video rental store on Whalley Range in Blackburn. The store is home to the many different genres of movies through Hollywood and Bollywood. It is run by Fakhir. Identification of Prospective Users -----------------------------------

  • Bollywood Case Study

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    If you are a big fan of Bollywood and you spend your free time researching on it, you must have fantasized once in your life to become the part of one of the biggest industry of the world. If you want to make your dream come true you must have to read this article because, in this article, we will tell you about various ways to join the big industry. This industry has provided us with many big stars which have the fan following from all over the world. Being an actor is not very easy you have to

  • Mere Paas Maa Hai Film Analysis

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    “Mere paas Maa hai”, a line from ‘Deewar’ remains the most quoted dialogue from any Hindi film. For decades, Bollywood has doted on its mothers, and fans of Hindi cinema all over the world adore our filmy moms. So let’s have a look at the actresses who have played the most cherished mothers on screen. Achalal Sachdev- The ‘original Maa’ of Bollywood, Achla Sachdev remember as Kajol’s grandmother from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ or Amitabh Bachchan’s mother from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’

  • The Blockbusters Of Bollywood In The Hindi Film Industry

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    The term ‘Bollywood’ represents the Hindi Film Industry. The initial Hindi films in Bollywood were black and white, which means that there were no colourful movies, like we see them today. Then the trend changed and the coloured movies were also being made. Those trends changed and they are changed even now because of the ‘need of hour’. It was the need of the hour to change the movies from black and white to coloured movies. Similarly, in the initial films, the movies were actors centric and now

  • The Importance Of Product Placement In Bollywood

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    The Bollywood film industry has always been classified as a 2-way street where the customs and culture of society have been displayed and reflected in a manner that are meant to showcase the Indian traditions. While Amitabh Bacchhan has been the poor man’s voice, Sharukh Khan has been an idol for the younger generation. While shifting from the regular practice of just a brand placement technique for advertisement, producers have shifted to storyline integration making the placement more meaningful

  • Gender Representaion in the Media

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    publishing and advertising (Youtube, 2013). BODY Women and men are represented differently in media. Men are given more preference than women. In movies most of the stories are focused on men, and women plays a supporting role. Generally, actors have a larger casting rate as compared to actress. Women’s role is to bring charm in the movies and to attract men audience toward the movie. Women are used to catch attention of young audience with body exposer...

  • Media Portrayal Of Indian Culture

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    In recent years, the media has made great strides, increasing female representation in movies and in other previously-male dominated field. However, a lot of progress needs to be made to combat the pervasive image of the female in the media. According Jezebel, the ideal woman has Mila Kunis’s eyes, Jessia Alba’s smile, Sofia Vegara’s breasts

  • Music Of Music In The Indian Film Industry

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    music and have been influencing songs in movies since then. In South India, there is a trend of musical education and is taken seriously by many over there. Rahman’s work employs the use of various classical techniques and instruments. Classical motifs in songs such as ‘Narumugaye’ (from Iruvar) and many others made use of some of the best classical vocalists in the south like Unnikrishnan, Bombay Jayashri, Nithyashree Mahadevan and Kalyani Menon. Music for movies like Sangamam and Iruvar used a combination

  • The Three Areas of Globalization

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    was designed in California but manufactured in China. Ri... ... middle of paper ... ...rdly ever had intimate scenes expressed through physical touching. However, the ever competitive need to contend with its western counterpart, Hollywood, Bollywood movies these days have become very open with scenes of the actors and actresses openly expressing intimate scenes. Globalization does not discriminate between gender and culture. Contrary to popular belief however, some believe that the new global media