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  • The Boer War

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    The Boer War The Boer War symbolizes the climax of imperial tensions and excitement of the late 19th century, and can be viewed as a turning point in the history of the Empire, precipitating widespread changes. The first of these is a change in the attitudes towards the ideology of empire; the second is a change in terms of future administration of the empire; and the third is a change in the role of Britain as a dominant world power. The combination of these changes

  • Boer War

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    The Boer War was a conflict that lasted from 1899 to 1902 in southern Africa between Great Britain and their allies, Transvaal (South African Republic) and Orange Free State, in what is now South Africa. Throughout the 19th century, after Great Britain conquered the Cape of Good Hope in 1814 and expanded its territory in Southern Africa, there was tension between the British settlers and the Dutch-descended population which were called Afrikaners or Boers. This resulted in the Afrikaner migration

  • Gold And The Boer War

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    committed during the Boer Wars. Concentration camps, scorched earth policy, and the use of foreign colonial troops would win Britain the day but also forever remain in the hearts and minds of South Africans. Pictures of the atrocities can still be seen and pictures of starving women and children of the Boer are no easy sight to bear. In 1806, Britain would take possession of the Dutch Cape colony during the Napoleonic wars with Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France. The Boers, descendants of the original

  • Boer War Essay

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    The Boer War has been the focus of a considerable body of fiction numbering over two hundred novels and at least fifty short stories in English, Afrikaans, French, German Dutch, Swedish and even Urdu if we count the translation of Rider Haggard's Jess in 1923. For the social and literary historian it provides over a hundred year record of the relationship between literature and history. The vast majority of novels and short stories about the Anglo-Boer conflict were published around the time of

  • The Origins of the Boer War

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    The Origins of the Boer War In the late 19th century, the power of the British empire was at its peak. Spanning four continents and consisting of a quarter of the world’s population, it was, by far, the largest empire in the world. Its government was pushed to continually enlarge the empire’s territory by the overwhelming majority of Britons who supported imperialism, the policy of expanding a country’s power and wealth through the annexation of other territories, and believed their culture

  • Anglo Boer War

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    The Role of Women during the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) ‘The Anglo Boer War remains the most terrible and destructive modern armed conflict in South Africa’s history. It was an event that in many ways shaped the history of the 20th Century South Africa. The end of the war marked the end of the long process of British conquest of South African societies, both Black and White'. (Gilliomee and Mbenga, 2007:). The impact of the 1899 – 1902 Anglo Boer War in South Africa upon the Afrikaner people has

  • Anglo Boer War

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    understanding of what the war actually was: it was seen not only as an exclusive Anglo Boer encounter, but as a war involving all South African people, both black and white” (Nasson, B. 2013. P. 192) In this essay I will discuss why Nasson believes that there is a “new understanding” of the Anglo Boer war (1899-1902) and what historical research has revealed about how it involved all South African people. The Anglo Boer war as it was previously was viewed as a white man's. Where the Boer's and Britons

  • Boer War - The Causes

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    Boer War - The Causes There were significant political conflicts between the two sides. The Boers treated all blacks very badly and did not give basic human rights even to the blacks working for them. They made them pay taxes but could not vote. It was said to be through religious reasons that the Boers treated blacks so badly. This awful treatment infuriated the British, who had abolished slavery in all its colonies as well as at home in 1834. The Dutch wanted to keep its slaves. Europeans

  • Justification of the Canadian Participation in the Boer War

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    Justification of the Canadian Participation in the Boer War The storm of war never comes alone, as it bring along extreme tragedy. “In 1899, the whole country was electrified when heard about the Imperial request from Britain.”[1] The Britain requested Canadians for help to defeat Boers in South Africa. This was the opportunity for Canada to demonstrate its importance in the British Empire and share in its military responsibilities but the “Canadian Prime Minister, Sir

  • Figurative Uses Of Love, By Frank Boers

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    understand abstract notions like emotions, or states, using our experience of physical objects as containers or persons. As noted by Lakoff & Johnson, since above represent a preposition of upness, it expresses the systemic metaphor UP IS MORE (15-16). Boers notes that the metaphor MORE IS UP, LESS IS DOWN implies that the value of the Trajector derives from the Landmark measuring standard, and can only be applied to those abstract notions which can be conceived as concrete entities, thus is obviously