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  • The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

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    The Effects of Alcohol on the Body You are in college, you are at a party, and you are drunk. You, and the people around you, know you are drunk by your disorientated behavior but do they know what is causing you to act in this manner? Most likely not. Most people do not think about what the alcohol inside them is doing, the only thing they are worried about is the buzz that they get from it. Moderate drinking is alright but drinking excessively can wear out the body.  Three important things

  • Drunk Driving Essay

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    repeat offenders and alcohol related fatalities, however, we could all help to solve this problem by getting involved, enforcing strict laws and punishments, and utilizing new technology. Determining the sobriety of a driver is all about the amount of alcohol in a person’s system. We measure the amount of alcohol a person has by a percentage of alcohol to blood, this is called the blood alcohol content or BAC. Driving while under the influence of alcohol at just a blood-alcohol content of .008% makes you

  • Blood Alcohol Level (bal)

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    Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) MONITORING The amount of alcohol in your blood stream is referred to as Blood Alcohol Level (BAL). It is recorded in milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood, or milligrams percent. For example, a BAL of .10 means that 1/10 of 1 percent (or 1/1000) of your total blood content is alcohol. When you drink alcohol it goes directly from the stomach into the blood stream. This is why you typically feel the effects of alcohol quite quickly, especially if you haven't

  • Why Shouldn’t We Lower the Blood Alcohol Rate?

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    Why Shouldn’t We Lower the Blood Alcohol Rate? It is a tragic truth: About 10,000 lives are lost in the United States because of drunk driving each year. Alcohol is wildly known as one of the main reasons of causing social security issue. Small amount can make people feel relaxed, but bigger amount could make them loss their coordination, get feeling of confusion and disorientation, and significantly slowed their reaction time. On average, one person dies every hour because of alcoholic traffic accident

  • The Chemistry of Alcohol

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    Alcohol is a class of organic compounds that is characterized by the presence of one or more hydroxyl groups (-OH) attached to a carbon atom. Alcohol was unknowingly produced centuries ago when fermentation occurred to crushed grapes (Pines, 1931). In today’s society alcohol is produced for the use of household products such as varnishes, cleaning products, but is more commercially important in the liquor business. A chemical process called fermentation accomplishes the production of ethanol, the

  • Drinking And Driving

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    The growing awareness of alcohol hazards has made people more cautious of their drinking habits, particularly young adults. At present young adults have the highest prevalence of alcohol consumption than any other age group. They also drink more heavily, experience more negative consequences, and engage in more harmful activities, specifically drunk driving. Although surveys have documented a decline in recent years, consumption rates remain highest from late teen years to the late twenties (Johnston1-3)

  • Drunk Driving And The Influence Of Alcohol And Driving

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    Driving under influence or with high blood alcohol content (BAC) increases the risk of car accidents, vehicular deaths, and more so highway injuries across all age-groups. In fact, an intoxicated driver with relatively higher BAC increases his/her risk of death by up to 380 times in single-vehicle crash (DeMichele, Lowe & Payne, 2014). Drunk driving is often considered as the largest social problem in the modern day society since 40 to 45% of all fatal traffic accidents usually involve drunk drivers

  • Alcohol and its effect on Society.

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    Alcohol consumption, production and sale has been an integral part of many societies over the course of human existence. The exact origin of alcohol is as of yet unknown, however it is generally regarded that early farmers noticed the rich aroma and flavour of fermenting fruit (Narconon alcohol rehab, 2010) and as such recreated the substance in consumable amounts. The first ever known record of organised alcohol manufacture dates to approximately ten thousand years, where the drink was produced

  • The Dangers Of Drunk Driving

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    prevalent in our society as one of the biggest curses of all times. In the year 2008, about thirty two percent of about thirty seven thousand, two hundred and sixty one people suffered tragic deaths due to drunk driving. All these deaths were alcohol related and this alcohol has been the cause of many more loss of life in United States than the people lost in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Even though there has been a steady fall in drunk driving over the past thirty years but it has been honestly slow. By

  • Alcohol Essay

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    Alcohol is a colorless, volatile flammable liquid that is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks and is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel. Alcohol is a drug and it is classed as a depressant, meaning that it will slow down vital functions. Alcohol is made out of a chemical called ethanol. To make alcohol, they need to have the grains, fruits or vegetables go through a process called fermentation. Fermentation is when yeast or bacteria react with

  • Pros And Cons Of Tougher DUI Laws

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    States but all over the world. In 2009, 1.4 million drivers have been arrested, but the influenced by alcohol or drugs. There is a very high percentage of motorcycle fatalities and about a third of them are alcohol accidents and there levels are above legal

  • The Pros And Cons Of Drunk Driving

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    crashes recorded by police department are all due to consumption of alcohol.” In 2003; 42,643 fatalities were caused by vehicle crashes. Of those, 17,013 (40 percent) were alcohol related. The majority people with DUI’s are not alcoholics. “Beer drinking causes about 80 percent of alcohol-related fatalities.” A crash is alcohol related if any driver, pedestrian or passenger involved has any trace of alcohol or there is suspicion of alcohol usage. As the cases of drunk driving quickly increase over a period

  • Driving under the Influence: The Effects on Crime and Society

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    society in the United States and all over the world. According to the state of Utah’s statute driving under the influence is defined as “a person operating a motor vehicle that has been drinking and has an increased amount of alcohol in their system that can show up on a blood test or a breath test of .08 or greater at the time of the test (Wormdahl, 2012).” However, in the state of Utah also includes being under the influence of any type of controlled substance that prevents the driver from being

  • Use of RBT System to Reduce Car Accidents Due to Alcohol Consumption

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    state and federal policing agencies to measure the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of drivers. To do so, police officers use an apparatus known as a breathalyser, which are able to determine BAC through breath alcohol concentration. If the blood alcohol content of a driver is over the legal limit, they will experience penalties. The usage of breathalysers has become an efficient and reliable form of testing BAC on the roads, without the need for a blood test. RBT has succeeded in making Australians

  • Greg Botelho

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    Botelho, Greg. "NTSB Calls for Lowering Blood Alcohol Limit, but Is That the Answer?." CNN Wire Service. 05 Feb. 2016: n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 30 Sep. 2016. 1. The author of this article, Greg Botelho, is a writer for CNN, a worldwide credible news source. Botelho’s overall purpose for writing this article is to inform his intended audience, American drivers, about the National Transportation Safety Board’s opinion on lowering the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) levels, and includes other advocate

  • Persuasive Speech: Do NOT Drink and Drive

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    PURPOSE: To persuade my audience NOT to drink and drive Every person is accountable for his or her own “right to drink”. Failure to treat this or any “right” responsibly has consequences. The person’s “right” can and should be taken away when the failure to act responsibly endangers

  • The Ignition Interlock for Drunk Drivers

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    is a high tech system that eveuates the persons BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) to see if the individual has been drinking. The device works like a normal Breathalyzer. The device is mounted on the dashboard and in order for the car to start the individual must blow into the machine. The machine then evaluates the persons BAC and if that person shows no sign of alcohol use the car will start. If the results come back saying he has consumed alcohol the vehicle will not start. When the vehicle starts and

  • The Importance Of Drunk Driving

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    not driving. Alcohol affects you in a way that changes your decision, depth awareness as well as important motor skills required to drive safely. It’s easy for them to think that they are driving normal when truly they are not. When the police take sign you could be hit with a DUI/DWI. This is the best case situation. Getting into an accident your life could be lost as well as any others

  • Drunk Driving Case Study

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    related offenses in Wisconsin alone (Drunk Driving/Alcohol Related Traffic Offenses, 2014). Also, in a recent study done by the U.S. Department of Health and Services, Wisconsin had the highest rate

  • The Need for Stricter Drunk Driving Laws: An outline

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    Attention-Getting Device Did you know that every 20 minutes one American life is lost to an alcohol related crash? Or that states that every year, 708,000 persons are injured in alcohol related crashes and 74, 000 of those people suffer serious injuries. Well according to The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System if you are convicted of DUI and it is only your first offense you will only receive 3-5 yrs probation, up to a $1,000 fine, and possibly 6 months