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  • Video-Blogging Industry: Online Video

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    Video-Blogging Industry Video-blogging is a relatively new form of internet communication that dates back to the year 2000 (and specifically, to the start of the longest-running video blog in history by Adam Kontras) ( Nowadays online video is a very promising way of making people aware of one’s brand and company. According to YouTube statistics, each month more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube and over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month

  • Blogging and Politics

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    Blogging and Politics It was a dark and stormy Tuesday night, but thank God my electricity was not out for if it were, I would be banned from my only happiness: the BLOG RING! I signed on to the internet with trepidation yet excitement. After going through the usual hoops to gain access to my haven and signing in passwords and usernames here and there, I finally reached the world of internet communication and sharing of ideas: free speech at its most liberal. To my horror, I came to find only one

  • Reasons for Blogging

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    Reasons for Blogging When people blog, it has many different effects on their lives. What kind of effects, and why people blog is the question I am trying to uncover. Blogging can be classified as an online journal, notebook, virtual community, or a dream world for people wanting to be somebody else. Blogging can also be described as a rendezvous point for relationship seekers. For people without hobbies, they find resolve in blogging. Blogging is like building a model, or painting a picture

  • Blogging Essay

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    Considering a blogging career? Wondering how to start a blog? Find out if blogging is right for you and how to get started! Do you have an amazing talent for writing? Are you passionate about a specific topic? Or do you just like sharing your life with complete strangers? A blog is probably a great outlet for you. Of course you probably already know that if you're reading this lens. When you're starting a blog, there's a lot you need to know. I've started several blogs over the years and through

  • The Power of Blogging

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    The Power of Blogging Hey guys, Working on my essay for my writing class. I can't think of what to write. Any ideas? Please comment with some (appropriate!) suggestions. Sunday, October 03, 2004 Still don't have any good ideas for that essay. Btw, all your suggestions sucked; you guys really let me down...j/k =)... Anyway, I think I might write about diaries. But it seems to boring. Whatever, I will try it out and see how it goes. Monday, October 04, 2004 Essay on dairies

  • Blogging: Its for everyone

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    site that contains an online journal including, but not limited to, reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer(s)) than the Merriam-Webster definition. This paper will discuss blogs (what they are), bloggers (who they are), blogging (should you do it and is it profitable), and the impact of blogs on media. I will start by talking about how blogs started, and who some bloggers are. Next, I will discuss the amount of revenue that can be made, and how that revenue is made, from

  • Blogging a Complete Guide

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    who are unfamiliar with blogging wonder how a simple task like posting about your hobbies, your interest or even your experience is so much fruitful. Today on the internet, there are above thousands of those bloggers. They are following their passion of writing. It is possible to make a blog either from your home or office or even while traveling. If you have an interest in blogging, these are guidelines and working system to be a successful blogger. What is blogging? Blogging in general terms a page

  • Poor guest blogging

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    Reasons why SEO services should avoid Poor Guest blogging Guest blogging is exchanging content between two websites, but the relationship is not always exactly matched. A good guest post can benefit a blog through exposure, branding, increased reach, community, and more. The following are reasons poor guest posting is disapproved by SEO services. Grammatical errors Poor guest blogs often lack words and have frequent grammatical errors. A simple grammatical error on your site can cost your entire

  • Persuasive Essay On Blogging

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    There are a lot of open doors online for the people who are serious about making money on Online. Blogging is not as easy as many think, but you can succeed blogging if you know what you 're doing online. However, blogging is lucrative, rewarding and turns out to be excessively swarmed – leaving a large number of people fighting for a little space. Having a series of posting on your blog everyday consistently gives your readers something to get engaged on when they visit your site, but that is not

  • Technology Implementation

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    client, new technology should be implemented in order to better serve clients as well as increase convenience for clients and agents alike. This new technology is offered by helloWorld; a service providing Video Mail, Live Broadcasting and Video Blogging. helloWorld was created to add a sense of personalization to e-mails and blogs. Most people use text to communicate in e-mail, but helloWorld offers a more personal approach; using video. For RE/MAX realtor Kimberlee Hawk, the new helloWorld technology