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  • Feminism Empowerment

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    and educational equality of women with men. Truth be told, feminism can mean a whole deal of things. It can mean women fighting for jobs that were mainly held by men with equal pay. It can mean women fighting for equal education in a so called male dominant world. Feminism can give lesbian women the chance to adopt and have children. These are just a few definitions of feminism. Audre Lorde gives her opinion about the meaning of feminism throughout her essays and books that she writes. She

  • The Silent Killer of African Americans: The Epidemic of HIV/AIDS

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    African Americans only being accountable for a small portion of the total U.S. population, they are the ethnic group most greatly affected by this virus. The HIV and AIDS epidemic does not simply target African American males, but over the years has grown to greatly affect black women, gay and bisexual men and the youth as well. There are many speculations as to why the ethnic group of African Americans has such a high rate of HIV and AIDS, however, this paper will explore specific reasoning behind

  • Five Basic Facts on Statistics of Crimes Associated with Race

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    compare them between both white and black males; within these given numbers he shows how race plays a huge part in the outcomes of some of the major crimes being committed in our country. In his article he gives five basic facts on the statistics of crimes associated with race most specifically those between the white and black race. In one of the facts that he presents in this article is that “ for every white male in prison there’s more than seven black males in prison” and here he points out race

  • Analysis Of Fly Girls Bits And Hoes

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    she feels similarly compelled to recognize the ways Black men have inflicted pain and trauma onto Black women, using her own account of a family friend’s death as a result of the aforementioned phenomena. Morgan notes that Black men aren’t simply

  • affirmative action

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    Affirmative action is just because it gives a fair advantage to black Americans, women and other minorities who have suffered from the effects of social injustice in our country. Majorities have constantly opposed affirmative action because they view it as an injustice directed to them. In Grutter v Bollinger, one can say that affirmative action is just because it is a benign discrimination. One might say that the law school?s consideration of African Americans, Hispanics and Native American student

  • Racism Vs Racism

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    impoverished situation. There are not many mixed neighborhoods due to segregation of whites, blacks and other groups. Everyone is not given the same equal educational environment because of their race and where they live. Blacks in disadvantaged neighborhoods are less likely to go to private schools and have to settle for urban schools, whose standards are questionable. There are more incarcerated blacks than any other racial group, which suggest that there is some level of disparity and discrimination

  • Affirmative Action In The United States

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    The writer Mary Anne Warren is focusing on describing the current practices in many organizations today in regards to the implementing a goal vs. a quota system for the purposes of affirmative action. She defines a quota as "Those who use the term "quotas" pejoratively tend to assume that the numerical standards will be set so high or enforced so rigidly that strong reverse discrimination-that is, the deliberate hiring of demonstrably less well qualified candidates-will be necessary to implement

  • Analysis Of Hegemonic Power Of The Media

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    They had represented him as a stereotypical black American male which was a ‘thug’ or a gang member. This created a unique oppositional decoding by the African American community. In response to the message, the community created a movement with the hashtag, #iftheygunnedmedown. The campaign had questioned

  • Between The World And Me, By Ta-Nehisi Coates

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    your own thoughts. Growing up in America as a minority, especially black, is not what most people think it is. Ta-nehisi Coates wrote Between the World and Me, as a letter to his son about growing up black in America. The main point of this memoir is to expose the illusion that America is this free, happy-go-lucky place where racism no longer exists; which is why I support this book being a campus read for an historical black university. In the book Coates talks about how he lived in constant fear

  • Racism is Here to Stay in America

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    knew at then. When she passed away, I remember holding a poem she wrote never forget who you are. I learned that the world consisted of ignorance, hatred, and no honor. In the 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement made the white society come to accept the black community. The Supreme Court has prepared laws making the minorities’ equal. These laws do not change the views of who is dominant in this country. I believe racism is here to stay because through the teachings in this world, whites are dominant and