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  • Analysis Of Hegemonic Masculinity

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    This ideal masculine/male body is often muscular, lean, and strong and many men try to measure up. There is generally one accepted masculinity that all men should live up to, known as hegemonic masculinity. Hegemonic masculinity is the widely accepted, socially dominating masculine ideal that is often White, Western, and well-educated, middle class, breadwinning, and strong, yet lean (Baron, 2006; Wienke 1998). The reason hegemonic masculinity is embodied as a muscular and lean man is because this

  • Observational Abilities Test

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    the information. Therefore, the scope of the test was formulated based on hypothesis testing. The following hypothesis was established as the criterion for the test: Null hypothesis (Ho)          : Males and females do not have different observational abilities Alternative Hypothesis (H1)     : Males and females do have different observational abilities EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The study consisted of 3 groups of varying size and structure. During the initial phase, the members of the study were unaware

  • Case Expretation Of The Case Of La Pintoresca Park

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    driving towards the location, PPD Dispatch stated that a male Black was seen with a handgun inside of La Pintoresca Park chasing two females with black clothing. PPD Dispatch advised that the male Black was seen running toward Iowa Street from

  • Ocelots Research Paper

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    spiny hackberry, low brush, lot bush, and black brush. Ocelots do not hibernate. In the 1980s there fur sold for $40,000 and as pets they were sold for $800, they are not sold as pets today. There are laws prohibiting hunting for fur trade. The Ocelot is the second largest spotted cats in South America. The males are called Torn, and females are called Queen. Ocelots have short thick velvety fur usually yellow to reddish-grey in color and marked with black-...

  • Music Lyrics and Gender Roles

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    roles on every individual. The males will play their part in being masculine while the females act an as object. There are several ways one can see how gender roles are played. A way is through hip-hop and rap music in the black community. Joan Morgan, an African American feminist and hip-hop and rap music fan, shows us how gender roles are being played in her community through music. Since Morgan is a feminist, she voices her opinion on the way black men treat black women in her article, “From Fly-Girls

  • Skyy Vodka Advertising Analysis

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    and evoke very sexual advertisements. The company’s advertisements repeatedly contains a slim, young, and beautiful females who wear provocative clothing, and in many occasions the women in the advertisement usually has a sexual dominance over the male counterpart. The single underlying reason why Skyy Vodka’s advertisements has proven to be very successful is their use of sex by the way they represent their females. The company do not hold back the appeal to sex and they commonly promote the sexual

  • Southern Comfort

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    of copy reads, "Your free time may have changed. Your drink doesn't have to." The second line reads, "Hang on to your spirit." There is also a division in the ad, the top two-thirds of the ad being the photo image and the bottom one third being a black background. How is it that the advertisers take our mind from the image on the page to the thoughts that progress in our head? To figure this out let us more closely examine the images, or signs, that have been presented to us. Let us first examine

  • Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Advertising Campaign

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    Winner of the 2010 Grand Prix for film at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial for the Portland ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ads advertising campaign took on a life of its own, spilling into social media and becoming the object of debates. Some media outlets, like CBS News, asked, “Is the Old Spice Guy ‘Post-Racial’ or Just Another ‘Mandingo’?” (Edwards, 2010). These surface readings

  • Comparing Woman’s Social Status in Becky and Blood Burning Moon

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    Jean Toomer was bi-racial, sometimes being perceived as white and sometimes black. His race was a catalyst for his writings. Toomer wrote prose and poetry reflecting his ideas about race and gender, not wanting either to be an issue in the future. His writings depict people of all races facing struggles, some gender struggles and some racial struggles. In “Becky” and in “Blood Burning Moon,” Toomer centers around two females. During the time period of his writings and what is still somewhat evident

  • The Truth: Gender and Race in Retail Car Negotiations

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    “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the nation’s benchmark civil legislation, and it continues to resonate in America. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” -United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary The Truth: Gender and Race in Retail Car Negotiations Think about your first car buying experience. Think about how exciting it was to get behind a wheel of your new or used car. Now, think about the process