Biological Explanation Essays

  • Sleep and Dream

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    about thirty to forty five minutes after you first fall asleep. The deepest sleep occurs in Stage four. Stage three and four has the biggest and slowest brain wave. REM sleep, a mentally active period during which dreaming occurs, provided a biological explanation for this phenomenon. Scientists found that brain activity during REM sleep begins in the pons, a structure in the brainstem, and neighboring midbrain regions. The pons sends signals to the thalamus and to the cerebral cortex, which is responsible

  • Gender and Communication

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    perceptions, values, and expectations from life. As in many other gender differences, miscommunication between males and females can be explained by either the biological aspect or the cultural/environmental aspect. Deborah Tannen, a University professor of linguistics at Georgetown University and an Author, suggests the biological explanation to the problem: “Sometimes when you are talking to someone from other gender, it is like you are talking to someone from another world” said Prof. Tannen when

  • Sexual Differentiation and its Effects on Sexual Orientation

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    Sexual Differentiation and its Effects on Sexual Orientation What controls a human's sexual orientation? The long-standing debate of nature versus nurture can be extended to explaining human sexual orientation. Is it biological or environmental? The biological explanation has been gaining popularity amongst the scientific community although it is only based on speculations. It is argued that sexual orientation is linked to factors that occur during sexual differentiation. The prenatal exposure

  • Biological Explanation for Anorexia Nervosa

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    Biological Explanation for Anorexia Nervosa Evidence for a faulty gene. AIMS: to see if concordance rates for anorexia are higher in MZ twins compared to DZ twins. This would provide evidence for a faulty gene causing the disorder because if one MZ twin develops anorexia, there should be 100% concordance (agreement) with the second MZ twin also suffering from it, since they share the same genes. The rates for DZ twins should be much lower because they share only 50% same genes. PROCEDURE:

  • A Comparison of Biological and Psychological Explanations of Schizophrenia

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    A Comparison of Biological and Psychological Explanations of Schizophrenia Both the biological and the psychological explanations of schizophrenia are supported by empirical evidence which justify their explanations. However ,within the biological explanation there is the genetic explanation which is used largely based on scientific research such as that of Gottesman’s research using meta-analysis which looked at the family (including twin) relationships and concordance rates of schizophrenia

  • The Medical and Psychological Models of Abnormality

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    of Abnormality Works Cited Missing By the term "medical model" of abnormality we mean the biological model, what the individual is born with either with reference to their brain or even genetics. The biological explanation would suggest that the individual's mental disorder is a cause of biological malfunctioning. They see that environmental factors are of little importance when taking the biological approach. Reasons for abnormal behaviour could vary from possible genetic predisposition or

  • Using the Biological Approach to Explain Lottery Addiction in Children

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    Using the Biological Approach to Explain Lottery Addiction in Children Britain is producing a generation of child gamblers hooked on the Lottery and fruit machines. Disturbing research by two eminent academics shows that hundreds of thousands of children-some as young as 11- are now addicted despite the supposed legal restrictions. The findings will fuel warnings from lottery critics that the country is storing up social problems and is likely to trigger pressure for a uniform age limit of 18 on

  • Four Biological Explanations Of The Causes Of Death In Late Adulthood

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    lifestyles, and occupation. Men are more likely than women to die from most of the leading causes of death in the United States. The causes of death are associated with lifestyle. Furthermore, there are four biological theories that provide intriguing explanations of why we as people age. The four biological theories are evolutionary, cellular clock, free-radical, and hormonal stress. Evolutionary theory of aging is the view that natural selection has not eliminated many harmful conditions and nonadaptive

  • The Relationship Between Nature And Society

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    connects the relation between the two more closely. For instance, in Bookchins reading he mentions the difference between first and second nature, where first nature can be related to the concept of nature as an essence. First nature deals with the biological evolution of nature, so in other words the qualities constructed in order to identify something. If humans are able to realize that every living thing as an essence, the natural world becomes more interrelated to humans. By viewing nature as having

  • Race: biological or cultural

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    Race: Social Concept, Biological Idea Race, in the common understanding, draws upon differences not only of skin color and physical attributes but also of language, nationality, and religion. Race categories are often used as ethnic intensifiers, with the aim of justifying the exploitation of one group by another. Race is an idea that has become so fixed in American society that there is no room for open-mindedness when challenging the idea of racial categories. Over the years there has been a

  • Alex Nelson’s Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth’s poem Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud

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    "I gazed-and gazed-but little thought" Alex Nelson’s Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth’s poem "I Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud" Imagine walking through a field in early summer, around an aqua blue lake that is in the shape of a giant egg. You discover a field of daffodils that is flowing in motion like a grand "dance" full of elegance. This area is full of sublime that can only be fully appreciated by a poet. William Wordsworth has been to this place and it was the subject of his poem "I Wandered

  • level of analysis

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    different theories to find the most accurate set of explanations. It is of similar importance to consider that these explanations can be categorized into three levels. These levels offer a framework for analysis by looking at the international system, states, and individual actors and it is important that we consider all levels of analysis when thinking theoretically about international relations. Each level offers a distinct set of explanations for a phenomenon. Looking at the sum of these makes

  • Finding True Identity in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

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    Picking up the book Fun Home, one would imagine that the novel would embellish some sort of comical life story of a misunderstood teenager. Although the short comic-book structured novel does have its sarcastic humor, Alison Bechdel explains her firsthand account of growing up with the difficulty of living of finding her true identity. Alison was a teenager in college when she discovered that she was a lesbian, however, the shock came when she also discovered her father was homosexual. I feel that

  • Plato And Aristotle Similarities

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    purpose also leaves doubts as there are examples of things in nature which Dhillon 4 do not have a purpose such as the human appendix. Both fail to account for the possibility chance happenings, each believe that there is an ultimate truth and explanation to everything. Both have ultimately left large gaps in their theories which leave them open to criticism. However, their theories led to two of the greatest philosophical views, transcendentalism and naturalism, which has enabled future philosophers

  • Igor Stravinsky's Negative Views of Conductors

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    A conductor may be seen by many as a very important part of a musical but others may see them as unnecessary. Stravinsky feels that conductors don’t deserve the all the attention and respect that is given to them by critics and audiences. The passage tells of how Stravinsky finds conductors to be more of a distraction than talented musicians. In the Passage, Stravinsky uses diction and metaphors to explain his disdain of conductors. Stravinsky explains how he feels that conductors are untalented

  • Reflection On Skinner's Behaviorist Operate Conditioning Theory

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    a. The goals I had for my classmates, understand what Skinner’s Behaviorist Operate Conditioning Theory. This is the idea that behavior is determined by, reinforcement, or punishment, which makes it more or less likely that the behavior will occur again. My second goal was to have them identify and understand reliability and validity. Reliability is the extent to which it will reproduce the same results. Well, validity is the quality of being factually sound. The third goal for my part of the lesson

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Mother As A Mother

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    As a child growing up, there were times I would feel my mother would be out to just make my life miserable without realizing there were reasons for her rules and her cautious decisions. The many times I would ask to get a toy, sleep at a friends house, or go to a party and hearing the response, NO! Would drive me mad and make me become rebellious at times. However, through our ups and downs and all our disagreements we made it through with many learning and memorable lessons. Now that I am a

  • Reflective Essay On Making Mistakes

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    Making mistakes is part of learning. I hear that a lot, but reflecting on your mistakes and how you got there is far more important. This ensures you do not repeat them. Over the course of the semester, I have made a lot of mistakes. I realize this and have drastically improved how I process information given to me, and reconstruct it into a flow of words to create my essay. I have certainly become better at integrating transitions into my essays, along with adding more explanatory sentences following

  • Why People Commit Crime Essay

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    Throughout history a lot of expects have tried to understand why some people feel the need to commit crimes, even though there have been harsh laws inforced for thouse who commit crimes. These people have come up with theories as to why people commit crimes. in order to understand these theories we have to understand what a crime is and also understand the definition of theories. Crime is a human conduct that violates the laws of a state or the ferdral government. There are different ways people

  • Summa Theologica Aquina Analysis

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    In Aquinas Selections from, “Summa Theologica” he wants us to understand that the nature of the universe is infinite. He talks about how there are different meaning to words that can be used to describe things. In the Selections from Summa Theologica it says, “whose power is to signify his meaning, not by words only (as man also can do), but also by things themselves.” Aquinas is trying to explain that the universe offers us multiple ways on putting meanings to words. I understood that the universe