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  • Julius Caesar Tyrant Analysis

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    Hitler, but he wrote romantic poetry. All three of these leaders have two things in common: they were all brutal dictators that everyone knew about and they all had a soft side to them that nobody knew about. One could say that Julius Caesar and Bill Clinton could fall into the same grouping as the three tyrants mentioned above. Because of these real world and

  • Male Dominance and Inequality in Sports

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    The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others. –Don Shula The discussion of superior has been brought up numerous times throughout the history of time. Whether it is superiority over a species, subject, or attribute people tend to render something better than other. In today’s modern age with a “peaceful” global world trying to be put into place, we have tried to eliminate superiority between others humans and promote equality. The elimination of superiority has also reared its

  • The Negative Effects Of Uniforms In Schools

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    The cost create a negative outlook on uniforms because of their rising prices. Students have other events that occur outside of school such as picnics, banquets, and different formal occasions that they have to spend additional money. A child whose guardian receives a low income lacks a great variety of clothes to choose from in there closet. Children need clothes to wear outside of school that can’t be provided. When children transfer to different schools, they are not able to wear the same uniform

  • Crisis Communications

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    how crisis communications fits into public relations models. Two examples for discussion will be how supervisors should convey bad-news to their employees, and group communication within employee turnover. My last example for this discussion will be Bill Clinton’s image repair discourse. This essay will analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of crisis communications and its place within an organization. As stated earlier, I will discuss different examples retrieved from five scholarly articles that

  • The Balanced Budget Act of 1997

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    The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 In 1997 the Clinton Administration signed into law the Balanced Budget Act. One of the key provisions of this act was reduction in Medicare payments to health care providers. The reductions threw a health care system that was essentially in equilibrium into turmoil. “Let me describe the BBA’s phase-out methodology in this way. Imagine a grocery store buys a gallon of milk from their wholesaler for $4.00, but the law allows the purchaser to buy that same gallon

  • Influence Of Media On Decision Making

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    media. Paid media is when candidates use their personal funding to air advertisements on TV, Radio newspapers and print fliers. Although this media is quite popular, the more effective ways to get the message across is by free media. President Bill Clinton used both of these media very efficiently. Studies have been carried out to observe the effect television and newspaper have influenced the way citizens think.

  • THE greatest president in US history

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    Why was William J. Clinton, also known as Bill Clinton, the greatest president in American history? Being the forty-second president and the first democratic to be in office since 1981, Clinton had a lot of pressure and a lot to live up to (Neumann 1). Clinton had promised to reduce the federal government's budget, increase public investment, lower poverty rates, lower teen birth rate and infant mortality; lower crime rate, ban homosexuals of not being able to serve in the military, and create a

  • Mexico City Policy

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    States funds if they performed, promoted, referred or counseled patients on abortion. The funds would be withheld from the NGOs even if the money used for abortion services were non-U.S. funds. This policy was in effect from 1984-1993 when president Bill Clinton came into office. On January 22, 2001 president George Bush reinstated the Mexico City Policy. There has been much debate over whether the policy is helping or hurting those abroad. Many people in the United States are not aware that the Mexico

  • Impeached

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    president, vice president, and "all the civil Officers of the United States" (Article II, Section 4.) Now three of these men we have trusted two of them in different time but one of them in my time, our time, the Generation X time. His name President Bill Clinton who was impeached by Congress. Impeachment, technically is a charge similar to a criminal prosecution brought against an official in the White House or gov't. This power of bringing charges of impeachment against an official is given to the

  • What Blue Dress?

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    knew of JFK’s affair after his presidency, it was not released at the time (Dallek 1). More recently, a similar incident happened. During President Bill Clinton’s time in office, Clinton had an affair with the owner of the previously named blue dress; her name was Monica Lewinsky. The media got word of the scandal, and it immediately went public (“Clinton” 6-10). At the White House, female interns tend to be willowy and well bred. With her heavy makeup, revealing blouses, and occasional ribald comments