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  • Gender Discrimination

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    of State [Nilges]. Whether it be in politics, the workplace, or through inherent speech patterns, gender bias influences opportunities afforded to both men and women. While tremendous improvement has been made within the United States over the last 3 generations, it is clearly a challenge that requires a persistent, collective effort. There are many aspects that go into occupational gender bias. The appearance of applicants in the workforce selection process is very compelling. Assuming similar skillsets

  • The Negative Effects Of Corporal Punishment In Schools

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    the U.S, according to “Corporal Punishment in Schools,” which is an article by AAP News. That’s a whole lot of students that have been hurt! Corporal punishment should be banned in the U.S. Negative effects, behavior and performance not changing, and bias are the reasons why I think that the banishment of corporal punishment would be good for many people. First of all, corporal punishment has negative emotional effects on students. How does corporal punishment

  • Is Journalistic Objectivity Beneficial?

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    define. The dictionary defines objectivity as a lack of bias, judgment or prejudice. These definitions have helped me understand what objectivity is, and what it means for a journalist to be objective, with these two definitions this is how I will approach a journalist being objective. A journalist should be objective; they should strive to report on what is the truth, and what is correct. From the “Handbook of Journalism: Freedom from Bias,” it says that “As…Journalists, we never identify with any

  • Causes And Effects Of The Native American Occupation Of Alcatraz Island

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    What were the Causes and Effects of the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz Island? Dating back to the first occurrence of European colonization in the New World, Europeans have advanced their agenda of territorial expansion through the conquering of indigenous peoples. Clashes of culture brought forth a series of conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers that centered around differing religious beliefs and land ideologies. A tidal wave of new diseases also severely weakened the

  • Hiding the Tilt in the New York Times

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    Newspapers intend to report both sides of the story but it is difficult to withdraw bias completely. Reporters are only human and bring about their own opinions into their work. This can even happen without any realization that the reporter is adding bias from their own perspective. It can be seen more in some works and less in others, depending on the topic. A reporter focusing on an account of the presidency is likely to take it on with a one sided judgment. The actions of President Obama

  • Sociology Being Value Free

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    when unconscious researchers bias enter the hypothesis and research topic. Robert Bierstedt stated that the results of an investigation or inquiry are independent for external variable such as race, gender, occupation etc. Bierstedt is quoted saying that ‘if his research is truly objective, it is independent of any subjective elements that he may have’. Critics could say that this definition of objective definition may revel Bierstedt own values of patriarchal bias that he expresses in his own

  • Media Coverage Of Female Athlete

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    Gender bias in media is a problem with multiple different aspects. Statistics show that 40% of all athletes are women, but they receive just 4% of media coverage (The Statistics). Secondly, a recent analysis found that of 6,503 sports photos taken by national newspapers, only 78 were of females (Media Coverage). What are the reasons toward such uneven coverage? Females participating in athletics get more attention to their physical appearance than their actual ability to perform the sport. Athletes

  • Guns and Elections: The Politics of Gun Control

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    also points out to the reader that often times people for gun rights have a personal bias and accuse news coverage on the issue as being mostly liberal. Even though the research collected by Wilson shows that most news coverage tends to be neutral. Wilson then goes on to discuss how often times advocates for gun control will never attack the media, and say that there is bias or that people for gun rights are bias. Another crucial issue that is mentioned in the book Guns, Gun Control, and Elections:

  • Pseudoscience: The Difference Between Science And Science

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    Someone not expanding their knowledge, will always be bias, and believe what the media says. As it says in the book, The Demon Haunted World, “If you’ve never heard of science you can hardly be aware you’re embracing pseudoscience” (Sagan 15). With a more expanded knowledge, one can know what is true and not

  • What is Evil

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    individuals believes to be the right and wrong thing to do. Good, many times symbolized as god or light, is usually associated with an action that many individual see as helping one or many people. This definitions is again very hard to define due to it bias and opinionated nature. But many and most people will agree that good, is what helps not only the common people become a stronger as a community but also become stronger as in...