Best Practices Essays

  • The universalism of Best Practice

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    HR practices to firm performance in the academia. One of the most remarkable is the notion of ‘best practice’ or ‘high commitment HR practices’ (HPWS). In the best practice thinking, a single set of HR practices can be universally applied into any workplaces and will definitely enhance workplace performance. Literatures have used the term ‘high performance work system’ and ‘high involvement HR practices’ synonymously (Harzing & Pinnington, 2011). There is no single agreed definition of best practice

  • Best Practices and Research Problems

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    problem, the readers do not know why the study is important, why the study is needed, or why the study should be read. In order to effectively identify and justify a research problem, evident practices should be considered. The researchers must clearly identify the problem to be researched. This practice does not simply mean to determine a problem exists but should include why it is a need to study the problem. Identifying a research problem consists of specifying an issue to study, developing

  • High Schools That Work: Best Practices for CTE

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    High Schools That Work: Best Practices for CTE High Schools That Work (HSTW), a school improvement initiative of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), has documented achievement gains by career and technical education (CTE) students at participating sites (Bottoms and Presson 2000). At HSTW sites participating in 1996 and 1998 assessments (Frome 2001), CTE students showed math and science achievement equal to the national average of all high school students—and exceeded the national average

  • The Pros and Cons of Benchmarking

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    According to Keith Sisson, the practice of Benchmarking or “continuous improvement” was first introduced in the 1950’s by Toyota. Benchmarking is the process used by organizations to improve specific processes within the organization. Benchmarking focuses on obtaining the “best practice” for the company and not measuring based on the maximum performance. Benchmarking is done by obtaining information from one organization and improving that information to be used in another organization within the

  • Essay On Benchmarking

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    According to Bdeir (2003), corporations have adopted benchmarking in search for best practices, in response to fast-paced changing economic conditions. Spendolini (1992) provides a sound working definition of benchmarking as a continuous, systematicprocess for evaluating the products, services or work processes of organisations that arerecognised as representing best practices for the purpose of organisational improvement. It is a comparative measurement process that provides a methodology to help

  • Child Protective Service Worker

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    Best Practices: Child Protective Services Christine M. Burrows Columbia College of Missouri – Hancock Campus Abstract A Child Protective Service worker is a career that can be mentally and physically exhausting with emotional upheaval and wonderfully rewarding all at the same time. This paper discusses several “best practices’, their descriptions, and how they are put in use to assist the children who need help and the parents who unwillingly become a part of the Child Welfare

  • Of SWOT Analysis: Swot Analysis

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    places extreme emphasis on compliance and best practice efforts. Additionally, compliance is defined as “the action, practice, or fact of complying…practice of civility” (Oxford English Dictionary, 2016, para. 1). Furthermore, compliance is important as most companies have vendors or clients, and if the contract requirements are not met or somehow get altered, the company will become uncompliant. Likewise, if a client or vendor uncovers

  • Turnitin Sucks

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    integrity to teach students that violating authorial integrity is wrong?" (by Bob, first comment) "can shift attention away from teaching students how to avoid plagiarism in the first place. In “Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism: The WPA Statement on Best Practices,” the Council of Writing Program Administrators urges teachers to “use plagiarism detection services cautiously,” for they should “never be used to justify the avoidance of responsible teaching methods.” "I find it more than a bit ironic, that

  • Jack Welch Case Analysis

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    staffing. Jack Welch said, "The ideal manager, according to Welch, is one who shares his vision, has boundless energy, and possesses the ability to radiate enthusiasm and ignite that flame in other employees. Along with those highly desirable skills, the best managers also have the indispensable gift of creating, developing and refining a vision and putting it to work in a practical way" (Davis 2010). This fit with his vision because these specialized staff will help carry out his vision, thus making

  • Instructional Leadership Case Study

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    Matrix no. : YGB 130013 Title: The Relationship Between Principal’s Instructional Leadership Practice And Student Achievement. Problem Statement: The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between principals’ instructional leadership practice and student achievement in MRSM Balik Pulau, MRSM Kepala Batas and MRSM Transkrian. Instructional leadership practice. Instructional leadership is one small slice of the larger public education. Jessica G.Rigby(2013).It is part

  • Why Do Good Coaches Build Kids

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    play youth sports each season and 85% of coaches are parents coaching their own kids. It can be basketball, soccer, baseball, or softball. If it involves players, parents, referees, and a ball. If it is played as a game, in a tournament, or has practices, it will require a coach. This single figurehead will often be the deciding factor as to the level of satisfaction everyone involved receives from the experience. Coaching youth sports can be a balancing act between developing good players and

  • Uniliver Case Study

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    provider of consumer goods in India, Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), is attempting to penetrate the rural markets where there is a massive opportunity for growth. HLL’s current operating sectors are becoming increasingly competitive and crowded. Their best opportunities now lie in developing new markets and rising to the top of that market. They are attempting to do this with a program for developing entrepreneurs, named Shaktis. Met with initial success the program now needs to grow without increasing

  • Importance Of Competitive Advantage

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    Some people think that there are certain practices for managing employees that are always beneficial for companies, while others maintain that the best practices depend on the circumstances of each company. Which approach do you think is right? Why? I think using the same strategy for all companies is not a good way to go. The reason being everyone

  • Analysis of Benchmarking at TNT Express

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    1. SUMMARY The article has the subject “Benchmarking at TNT Express” and it offers a clear explanation of the way in which TNT has demonstrated dedication in their services to the customers and their quench to achieve high echelons of excellence in their endeavors. It is clearly indicated in the article that the formula used in TNT to achieve success is keenly listening to the opinions of the customers in an attempt to capture a clear understanding of the logistic problems that they face and offer

  • Virtual Teams

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    difficult to synchronize activities and meetings. Cultural differences amongst the team members may create barriers due to different attitudes toward authority or the influence of their individual culture on how they manage decision making or other practices. Performance Management: It is difficult to observe virtual team members commitment and productivity. It is problematic for a manager to remotely measure performance with team members he rarely or never sees. Different cultures demonstrate different

  • Research In Social Work

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    Research is an indispensible aspect of social work practice and is increasingly becoming even more important to the continual establishment of the profession (Jones & Sherr, 2014; MCauliffe, 2012; McCrystal & Wilson, 2009; Parrish, 2010; Phillips & Shaw, 2011). For disciplines providing services to society, research is fundamental in assessing the effectiveness of practice and instituting it’s professional credibility (McCrystal & Wilson, 2009; Phillips & Shaw, 2011). More specifically to the field

  • Paraprofessional Reflection Paper

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    evidenced-based practices of discrete trial instruction, prompting and differential reinforcement. I found after the delivery of the six-week program, all participants reported better understanding of their job roles and responsibilities and increased the fidelity with which they implemented those three evidence-based practices. The training package included three separate

  • An Analysis Of Jupiter's 'Head Of The Abrasax'

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    governance, the “the best practice” is one that effectively delivers one to capital and positional improvement (Brown). Governance is concerned with the environment, constraints, and tools that are created or used in order to achieve neoliberal goals. As a result of neoliberal governance, as Brown states, the political and ethical – i.e. equality or justice – are eliminated from discussion in favour of only what is deemed to be practical to achieve one’s goal. Governance through “best practices” consolidates

  • Sample Professional Development Plan

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    Development Plan Entering into higher education and professional advancement, I have reflected on my educational background, nursing career opportunities, and future goals. Development of a plan will assist with navigating through a pathway of advanced practice training. According to Johnson (2012), the benefit of a professional development plan and portfolio can help individuals organize, present, and reflect on their personal and professional accomplishments. This presentation and summarization were

  • Sandvik AB

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    established a decentralized structure, creating six business areas, two service companies, and three regional companies. Coromant emerged as the highest return business in the portfolio. Amongst the other business areas it served as a model for best practices and process innovation. Despite the success of his major initiatives, the current CEO, Clas Ake Hedstrom, is still looking for ways to further integrate and produce synergies amongst Sandvik’s business areas. Integration has already occurred