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    INTRODUCTION Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf was a pious nobleman who served in the court for the king of Saxony. Being a generous man, he allowed a small group of Moravian refugees to establish a village on his estate. This village was named Herrnhut, and under Zinzendorf’s leadership became a unique Christian community. Zinzendorf was one of the most influential leaders of the modern Protestant missionary movement. In addition, he was responsible for the rebirth of the Moravian Church, authored

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    Image of a Preacher The image of the preacher that most resonates with me within our readings is that of Paul Scott Wilson. Wilson brings to light the image of the preacher as storyteller or moviemaker. “If we imagine that we are directing a film we allow ourselves to think and compose sermons in a visual manner- which is how most of us think in any case.” This resonates with me a lot because personally I am a huge fan of movies. I am a visual learner, and like many in my own generation who have

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