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    legalize. Bennett challenges his audience , by attacking intellectuals. However Bennett tries to win over his audience of intellectuals in two ways: by calling upon their talents and by attacking on the arguments of intellectuals who favor legalizing drugs. .He shows an understanding of others’ viewpoints by addressing points of opposition several times during the article. Bennett demonstrates knowledge of the subject by supporting his points with examples and facts. In his opening remarks, Bennett comes

  • Comparing Two Views of Gay Marriage

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    “Let Gays Marry,” by Andrew Sullivan and “Leave Marriage Alone,” by William Bennett, they both talk about the subject of same sex marriages. They both believe that marriage is based off of tradition. However, they debate on if these marriages should be allowed and if they are proper. Sullivan goes on to prove he believes same sex marriages are proper because traditionally it is based off of the principle of love. Bennett proves his point by saying that the conventional ways are the tradition.

  • Exceptional Down to the Bone

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    offers different perspectives on exceptionalism and universalism in America. Bennett states “The Right tends to see exceptionalism in America’s unique virtues, such as freedom, prosperity, and innovativeness. The Left is more likely to see exceptionalism in America’s unique evil or guilt, focusing on its history of slavery and claiming that it is uniquely oppressive or destructive to the environment” (36). Bennett agrees with the right and offers that “American exceptionalism, if it exists, is

  • Homosexual Marriages: Two Sides of the Story

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    capacity of churches to allow such a marriage, and the integrity of a marriage as a legal document. These arguments will be expressed through the viewpoints of Andrew Sullivan and William Bennett. Sullivan is the author of the essay “Let Gays Marry” which was printed by Newsweek in June of 1996. William Bennett also contributed his essay to Newsweek in 1996 which was entitled “Leave Marriage Alone”. Andrew Sullivan expresses his opinion in which he believes that homosexuals should have the right

  • He wont let us freak-dance

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    Lemoore principal Jim Bennett looked around the dance floor, he saw most of the guys dancing behind their dates, grinding their hips against the girls as the girls gyrated back against them. They were freak-dancing, which is how most people dance to hip-hop, but Mr. Bennett had always felt it was too sexual for a school event. "It's [the same as] foreplay," he says. During the last song of the night, a girl got on all fours and rubbed her butt against her date's groin. Mr. Bennett was horrified: That's

  • The Case Of Discrimination: Disparate Impact In The Workplace

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    deceptive. According to Bennett-Alexander & Hartman (2015), “if the most efficient method of hiring adopted because it is the most efficient…just happens to produce a workforce whose racial or religious or ethnic or national-origin or gender composition pleases the employer, this is not intentional discrimination” (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2015, p. 144). However, if this case was based on disparate impact then, the employer could be held liable per Title VII for discrimination (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman

  • Book Review of What Manner of Man

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    Lerone Bennett Jr.’s What Man Manner of Man: A Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. chronicles the great civil rights leader’s life from his birth in Atlanta, Georgia, to his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee. Bennett covers many of the key points of the American civil rights movement as he tells the story of King’s own life. The author does not simply give readers a monotonous series of dates and events, however. Bennett says he took the title What Manner of Man from “a famous Biblical quotation”

  • Compare and Contrast Two Views of Gay Marriage

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    those who oppose them. Two authors write their opinions on their opposite views on this issue. Sullivan (2002) supports same-sex marriages and believes marriage to be a universal right, not just restricted to heterosexuals. Contrary to Sullivan, Bennett (2002) believes that marriage is a sacred traditional family value that should be set aside for heterosexual couples. (2002)Throughout this essay, I will summarize both authors’ ideas and evaluate them through their evidence and styles. Andrew

  • Theme Of Marriage In Pride And Prejudice

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    marriage in the novel Pride and Prejudice does not seem more opposite than the definition of love. The Bennett 's marriage does not contain love but only to tolerate one another. Mrs. Bennett has her prideful ways and wants for her daughters to marry rich, while Mr. Bennett want his daughters to marry out of love. In the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, her attitude towards Mrs. Bennett remain distant and does not take into consideration his needs. Throughout the novel Mrs. Bennet tries

  • Rights for Homosexuals

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    Andrew Sullivan and William Bennett offer opposing views in the June 3, 1996 edition of Newsweek. Sullivan's article, “Let Gays Marry,” offers several arguments supporting the issues of same sex marriage. Bennett counters in his article, “Leave Marriage Alone,” that same sex marriages would be damaging to the sanctity of marriage. Each author presents several reasons for the positions they defend and bring up valid points to defend their opinions. William Bennett and Andrew Sullivan share a mutual