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  • Across the Barricades is a novel written by Joan Lingard.

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    Across the Barricades is a novel written by Joan Lingard. Across The Barricades 'Across the Barricades' is a novel written by Joan Lingard. It is set in the Belfast area in the 1970's. Catholics want Ireland to be all together and one country while Protestants want The Northern Ireland to stay part of Britain. The plot is about 'The Troubles' and a Protestant girl in love with a Catholic boy. Sadie (Protestant) and Kevin (Catholic) are separated by the divide. They meet (they used to

  • Bloody Sunday

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    Northern Ireland’s new Prime Minister, asked the Government in Westminster to send troops to restore order. The rioting was shown on television and the event was called the Battle of the Bogside. The troubles in Derry sparked off riots in Belfast, where there was extensive use of guns and huge destruction of property. The fear that was created in towns resulted in massive population movements between August 1969 and February 1973. It was estimated that 60,000 people were forced to leave

  • Differences Between the Beliefs of Nationalists and Unionists

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    campaigners; for example Ian Paisley encouraged Protestants not to trust the marchers, as they were out to destroy Northern Ireland. In January 1969 the students from Queen's University of Belfast formed a more radical organisation called the People's Democracy. On New Years Day 1969 they led a peaceful march from Belfast to Londonderry. They passed through a strongly Protestant area provoking violent reactions from unionists and loyalists. At Burntollent Bridge, the marchers were ambushed by Protestant

  • Creating a Successful High-Tech Engineering Business in Northern Ireland

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    Creating a Successful High-Tech Engineering Business in Northern Ireland Contents Section Page 1 Introduction 3 2.1 Competition 3 2.2 Funding 4 2.3 Recruitment 4 2.4 Location 5 2.5 Technical Innovation 5 2.6 Global Market Trends 6 3 Conclusion 6 4 References 7 1 Introduction The aim of this report is to describe the factors associated with creating and developing

  • A Leap of Faith

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    become so high, that they are now attempting to find another building to support the influx of new students. During the times of the “The Troubles” little hope is better than none. With all the sectarian violence enveloping these communities such as Belfast, a little hope can mean a lot. The parents of Cranmore realize this and continue to do everything they can to provide their children as well as their community with this hope. In supporting an integrated school parents have attempt to eliminate

  • Davy Watson and His Bigger Picture

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    character has their own place in their story that ties in the deeper meaning, while some appear to be merely gratuities to their stories. Davy from The Belle of the Belfast City seems to be one of those gratuitous characters, but does Davy have a deeper purpose and meaning in the play? Taking an initial look at Davy in The Belle of the Belfast City, he appears to be a small part of the plot and nothing else. A deeper look at Davy appears that he is more than just a plot point. As it turns out, Davy is

  • Louis MacNiece: anomalous displacement and post-colonial identity

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    Louis MacNiece: anomalous displacement and post-colonial identity I was the rector’s son, born to the anglican order, Banned forever from the candles of the Irish poor (“Carrickfergus”) Ireland inhabits a unique position within the current framework of post-colonial literature and theory. The history of Ireland and it’s relationship to England, from the twelfth century (when Henry II was decreed feudal lord of Ireland by the Pope) to the present day, is the history of a divided colonial nation

  • The History of Northern Ireland

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    The History of Northern Ireland Over the years there has been many attempts of creating peace in Northern Ireland. The political deal, which aimed to form the lasting settlement following the 1994 paramilitary ceasefires in Northern Ireland, known as the Good Friday Agreement, was signed on 22 May 1998. Conflict in Northern Ireland is both political and religious. It is a conflict between two nationalities Irish and British, and two religions protestant and catholic. I think that there will

  • Essay On Conflict In Northern Ireland

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    One of the most closely watched and widely debated conflict of our time is the one occurring In Northern Ireland. It has been a hot debate for over a century now, yet the root of the conflict is still unclear. There have been many theories over time, yet none have been able to adequately describe what is really happening on the matter. This conflict is divided by many lines; ethnically between the Irish and the British, and religiously by the Catholics and Protestant denominations. The Troubles emerged

  • Why the Conflict in Northern Ireland Erupted into Violence in the 1960's and Resulted in Long Term Occupation by the British Army

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    their ideas and beliefs in politics. They were classed as 2nd class citizens and were not given the same opportunities as Unionists. This discrimination angered the Catholics. Most jobs were given to Unionists rather than Catholics and in the Belfast shipyards, one of the biggest companies, there was a great majority of Unionists compared to Catholics. There was unfair allocations of council houses, the majority of council houses would be given to Protestants rather than Catholics regardless