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  • Beijing

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    Case Study: Beijing Beijing, the capital of China, is located between two rivers on the northwestern border of the Greater North China Plain, with a population of about 20 million. This results in a high population density of around 27,600 people per square km in the central area. How do we know that Beijing faces air pollution? The WHO air quality guideline prescribes that for particular matter PM10 level of 50 micrograms/cubic metre to be acceptable, however, Beijing's was several times higher

  • History Of The Beijing Opera

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    opportunity for me to give the presentation to talk about the music – the Beijing Opera, which comes from my own country. The Beijing Opera has existed for over 200 years. It is widely regarded as the highest expression of the Chinese culture. It is known as one of the three main theatrical systems in the world. Although it is called Beijing Opera, its origins are not in Beijing but in the Chinese provinces of Anhui and Hubei province. Beijing Opera got its two main melodies, Xi Pi and Er Huang, from Anhui

  • Beijing: The Western City of the East

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    clutch-smelling haze over the city, and the stream of brightly colored yet extremely filthy women with her hand out carrying a child or two begging for a portion of my extreme wealth never ceased. This, or something similar, is what I was expecting of Beijing, and I was shocked to find a different country of comparison - the United States. Perhaps it is the threat of the upcoming Olympic games that has this city scrambling into the 21st century. Everywhere I turn I see a new park with sculptures of athletes

  • Beijing National Stadium

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    Beijing National Stadium, also known universally as the Bird’s Nest (鸟巢), is one of the greatest architecture and stunning landmark in the age of globalization. The stadium was designed by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of Herzog & de Meuron, the Chinese contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei, and the vice chief architect of China Architecture Deisng & Research Group, Li Xinggang[ ]. It was used for the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. The Bird’s Nest is a global landmark that unites

  • Analysis Of The Chinese Film 'Beijing Bicycle'

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    people for what they look like. This all has to do with the media and social influences on how an image is made to be relevant. Thesis: The image that people portray themselves as character Guei and Jian in Beijing Bicycle, directed by Wang Xiaoshuai, presents the faces of Beijing 's youth and alludes to the disillusion of migrants from the country. The juxtaposition of Guei and Jian is particularly

  • The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 in Beijing, China

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    Square Protests of 1989 in Beijing, China On June 3rd, 1989 in Tiananmen Square in Communist China’s capital of Beijing, protestors were silenced by military violence. Tiananmen, ironically, translates into “gate of heavenly peace”. Chinese troops arrested and killed thousands of civilians who were protesting for more governmental transparency and democracy. Protests had been gaining momentum since 1985, and grew to as much as 1.2 million protestors, led by students, in Beijing in May of 1989. The Chinese

  • Desertification in Beijing

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    deserts expand and threaten local populations. The Gobi desert is the most threatening to Beijing, the capital of China. A study of desertification illustrates Beijing and China ’s weather, climate, and society of both the past and the present. Chinese climatic history of desertification should be taken as both a guide and a warning to scientists and policy makers concerned about current climatic conditions in Beijing. Several documented events in Chinese history hint that increasing aridity and drought

  • Jesus in Beijing

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    In this book, David Aikman as a journalist and policy consultant was also a commentator and freelance writer. He was a Time Magazine correspondent in the 1970s. His book, Jesus in Beijing, introduces the reader to the changing of society and culture in China due to Chinese Christianity. Around 1998, his relationship with the church became very earnest as he grew intrigued on the topic of Chinese Christianity. Aikman then elaborates on his various travels to China as well as give background information

  • The Beijing Olympic Games: The History Of The Beijing Olympics

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    The Beijing Olympics were one of the most iconic global sporting event in recent memory. During the course of the 19 day spectacle 205 countries competed, 37 world records were broken and roughly 4.7 billion people tuned in worldwide. The whole world watched as Usain Bolt became the fastest man to ever live and Michael Phelps won, an astonishing, eight gold medals in aquatics. However, these games were about so much more than sports. In the decades before the 2000’s China had faded into the background

  • Well-Rounded Hotel Manager - Creative Writing

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    years or so, having it all seems to be what Lu ZhenHua is all about. Starting out as one of the part-time reporters of Beijing Evening News when he was twenties, this 28-year-old hotel manager, triathlete, photographer and football player oversized the self and is definitely one of the busiest people today. ZhenHua was born in TianJin on October 19, 1973 and grew up in Beijing City. He looks like a prestigious man and is about 180cm tall. He wears thick and dark glasses which are slightly taped