Battlestar Galactica Essays

  • Science Fiction And Religion In Battlestar Galactica

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    television show had an initial one season run in the 1970s, followed by four season reboot in 2004. In the original show, the religious resonance with the Mormon faith is very clear, with an entire Neumann article dedicated to the “Mormonism in Battlestar Galactica.” It is not surprising that the creator, Glen Larson, was in fact a Mormon, which becomes evident when one realizes that “the show incorporated many themes from Mormon theology, such as marriage for ‘time and eternity’ called sealing and a

  • Humorous Wedding Roast – The Groom’s Odd Behavior this Evening

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    Humorous Wedding Speech – The Groom’s Odd Behavior this Evening Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen - My name is Ron and I am the best man. Now, you may have heard said that being a best man is like being asked to lead the troops into battle - it's a great honour, but nobody really wants to do it. Well, I only agreed on the condition that it wouldn’t interfere too greatly with my own enjoyment of the wedding day, in particular the free food and drink. But as it happens, I’ve not been able to

  • 10 Things Rookie Firefighters Should Know and Why

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    So you are a new recruit/rookie/probies. Well then congrats on your achievement of completing the fire academy training. Remember everyone was once in your shoes. When you are hired on to a department. The people of that department, you could be serving with for maybe 10 or more years. To help prepare you for your career in the fire service here is ten thing you must know. Number one, respect the job. Firefighting is the most respected career and volunteer area in the United State of America. For

  • The rules of leadership

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    A manager should have a set of guidelines or rules to keep in the back of his or her mind to keep everything running smoothly. According to there are fifty rules to be successful leader, but I will focus on what I feel are the top ten. I have seen them in action at and they have influenced how I would lead when I lead. The number one rule would be Leadership is confusing as hell. I feel this is important to remember because one must remember every leadership position is different and thus must be

  • Time Management Strategies

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    Time Management Strategies Time management has been one of the greatest hurdles of my scholastic career. Sadly it improves gradually. Procrastination was the name of the game for me for a while. Needless to say, I had poor time management skills. I would often wonder why I would let myself do this almost every time I had to do something. I didn’t like the trend I was in and I needed another way to get things done. Then I realized that being a procrastinator only hindered my potential of becoming

  • The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

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    Between bearing the burdenful duty of restoring their planet, protecting Earth, being marked for death, and preventing a superiorly developed alien enemy from galactic takeover, Pittacus Lore’s series The Lorien Legacies places extreme expectations on its young protagonists. As the last surviving members of their species, the seven Loric children struggle to incorporate their destinies as the saviours of their planet, Lorien, with their current states of being lost, inexperienced, afraid, and alone

  • Consequentialism: Principia Ethics by G.E. Moore

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    and Vices and Other Essays in Moral Philosophy. Oxford: Clarendon, 2002. Print. Moore, G. E., and Thomas Baldwin. "VI: The Ideal." Principia Ethica. Cambridge [England: Cambridge UP, 1993. 297. Print. Moore, Ronald D. "Battlestar Galactica (TV Miniseries)." Battlestar Galactica. Dir. Michael Rymer. The Sci Fi Channel. SyFy, 08 Dec. 2003. Television. Unger, Peter K. Living High and Letting Die: Our Illusion of Innocence. New York: Oxford UP, 1996. Print.

  • Science Fiction Differences Between Britain and America

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    “Live long and prosper” may be the words which bring back good memories for the average geek in America but this may not be the case for a typical British geek. This is despite the fact that science fiction series in television have been hugely popular in both the U.S. and the U.K. all throughout history. After the 1960s, ‘New Wave’ science fiction began to take over television screens. ‘New Wave’ refers to science fiction which was characterized by a high degree of experimentation (Wolfe). It was

  • Modern Popular Culture: Katabasis

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    My example of a katabasis in modern popular culture is from the (2004) Sci-Fi television series Battlestar Galactica, created by David Eick and Ronald D. Moore. The basic premise of the series is that a civilization of humans is nearly, brought to extinction after a surprise attack from a cybernetic race known as the Cylons and subsequently the survivors set out on a voyage to find a fabled lost homeland. I thought this series would be a good example because of all the motifs it borrows from Greek

  • 2007-08 Writers Guild Of America Strike Analysis

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    strike. Shows like The Amazing Race and Big Brother had additional seasons ordered to fill the gaps left by other shows not airing. Many shows, such as Heroes, ER and CSI, just to name a few, had shortened seasons, while others like 24 and Battlestar Galactica were postponed until the next season. Overall, when the writers of the Writers Guild of America went on strike, it affected all members of the entertainment industry. Without the writers writing scripts, there was no reason to hire actors

  • Fantagonism

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    Fans can have strong responses to both narrative and production events effecting their favorite television shows. A wall used to mourn Ianto Jones after he is killed off Tortchwood:Children of the Earth. 50,000 pounds of peanuts mailed to CBS's New York office to show support of Jericho when it was canceled (Elber 2007). Hate and threats directed to writers, producers, actors, and their families protesting the importance of Castiel in Supernatural. These reactions are tied to fans' emotional investment

  • Slotty Vegas Casino

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    There are three categories of games to choose from- video slots, the classics and other games. Click on the video slots category, and you will be treated to more than 100 games. Titles like Happy Holidays, Shoot, Battlestar Galactica, Mystic Dreams, Terminator, Thunderstruck, Playboy and Dr. Love are just waiting to be played and tapped. There are classic and other casino games that can be explored when visiting this casino, making Slotty Vegas truly a casino for the slot

  • Television as an Agent of Socialization

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    one is a woman. In an additional scene where the president is sitting with his top of... ... middle of paper ... ...president; however, I was able to find three series to date that depict woman as presidents: President Laura Roslin – Battlestar Galactica, President Allison Taylor – 24, and President Mackenzie Allen – Commander in Chief. Having resilient woman in compelling roles on television is very important and gives young girls the indication that they can possess the American Dream.

  • Essay On Edward Olmos

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    In an interview on Telemundo, Olmos criticized Jennifer Lopez for not being Hispanic enough. He said ‘You have to understand that the future is in your hands, and I hope you use it not only to advance who you are but also to promote what we represent, as Latino women and men. She has done a lot of things, but she has not dedicated herself to her culture, and that is the most important thing to me”. One thing I love about Edward is that he loves to express that he is Chicano. He is the idol and pride

  • You Are Not Alone Summary

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    In 2010, Andrew C. McKevitt wrote an article, “’You Are Not Alone!’”: Anime and the Globalizing of America”, about how Japanese animation, most commonly known as anime, helped globalize America. McKevitt has a PhD. from Temple University and is now working as an assistant professor a Louisiana Tech University in U.S. History. History of Foreign Relations, and Modern Europe. McKevitt is highly qualified to write an article about how American globalization was effected by anime and if he was not qualified

  • Road Not Taken Controversy

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    Robert Frost’s 1916 poem The Road Not Taken is one of the most influential pieces of literature in American history. Since its publication, the poem has been subjected to much misconstrued analysis, which has led to its being stereotyped as a poem about following the speakers instinct. Ultimately we are made to believe that choosing the right, less traveled “road” in life leads to a better future; however, this theory is contradicted in the poem’s own lines. The popularity of The Road Not Taken

  • District 9 and Apartheid in South Africa

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    science fiction setting as a protected soapbox from which criticisms about modern culture can be made. George Orwell’s 1984 is perhaps the most famous example of this, but more ordinary sci-fi comments also: popular shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica contain themes and messages that have clear parallels to current events. District 9 is a movie with such a message, and its message is about apartheid. Director Neil Blomkamp is originally from South Africa, where District 9 takes