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  • Battle Of Guadalcanal Battle

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    The battle of Guadalcanal was one of the many important battles during World War ll. The Guadalcanal Campaign lasted six months and began on August 7, 1942 when Allied forces, mostly U.S., landed on Guadalcanal, Tulagi, and the Florida Islands. These were pre-war colonial possessions of Great Britain. In this battle, each side lost twenty-six warships, with almost the same amount of tonnage. However, the Japanese could not replace the losses due to decreasing industrial output while the Americans

  • The Battle

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    The Battle The sun was touching the tree tops as it slowly descended in the horizon. Shadows were cast on the ground. The air was still hot and humid from the midday. A bit of a breeze was beginning to blow from the east sending a slight chill through our spines. We stepped unto the grounds and surveyed our surroundings. The playing field was perfect just like we had all imagined it would be. In the far distance there was woods along with a wide shallow stream. In front there was a field scattered

  • Battle

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    The Battle of Normandy was one of the most important battles during World War II, between Allies and German Forces. This battle also known as “Operation Overlord”, the invasion of west Europe that led the final Allied ambition to German Nazis. It began with the largest successful operation in history, where more than 5,000 and 130,000 Allied soldiers were placed in a single day. It established allied forces in a safe position from where they began the liberation of Europe, which was occupied by Nazi

  • The Battle

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    place pillows and extra clothing underneath their blankets, to make it looks as if they were sleeping. They were all hiding in the underbrush, ready to spring out and defend themselves—Armaila was sitting on Perpulas back, ready to wield her sword in battle. Perpula was armed with naught but her sharp claws and teeth, Florine with her sword and magic, and Fredgar with a small, jagged edged dagger. Earl had Armailas bow, and he and Marie were farther back—Florine told them she didn't want them getting

  • The Battle

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    are gathering, like the leaves, as the minutes are passing. The birds are singing, saying good-bye to the passing day. In reality, the day, the excitement, has just begun. Excitement. There’s a single kickoff, and the beauty begins. Lines form. The battle is underway. Players are running, each in sync. A blur of back and white hurtling through the air, followed by players in green being chased by players in white. Determination is written all over their faces. Sweat is already dripping down their

  • The Greatest Battles Of The Battle Of Monmouth

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    American Revolution, the Battle of Monmouth took place in New Jersey, being the last northern location of the war, and giving the colonies an advantage when the location was moved to the south, helping them win the war. This battle was one of the most important battles of the war. It was fought on a scorching hot day on June 28th and was one of the longest battles in the war, going from morning until nighttime, until each side gave up. The winner was undetermined. The battle was considered a draw.

  • The Bloodiest Battle: The Battle of Okinawa

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    The Bloodiest Battle The Battle of Okinawa (codenamed Operation Iceberg) proved to be the deadliest battle on the Pacific side of World War II. The battle involved six countries and more than 180,000 casualties. It became the last campaign in the Pacific and changed the course of history. In part of the island hopping campaign, the United States knew in order to invade mainland Japan, they would need the last piece of the puzzle. Okinawa was the last island needed to be taken in order to serve

  • The Battles Of The Battle Of Alexander The Great

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    win of every battle and siege that Alexander the Great took part in, he expanded his empire stretching from Macedonia all the way to western Asia by the Hyphasis River and down into Egypt. Of the around twenty battles and sieges that Alexander the Great won, four stand out as the most important to his expansion of his empire based on the tactics, strategies, achievements, outcomes, and gains of each battle: the Battle of Granicus, the Battle of Issus, the Siege of Tyre, and the Battle of Gaugamela

  • Battle

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    Two and a half weeks had passed since Serena received the confirmation that she was pregnant, that revelation left her with a reopened memory that clawed away at her heart like a rotting cadaver, a strong stench, that she could not run from. However, she did start running from Ric, the man she loved, the man she adored. She could not find herself around him; she could not talk to him about the pregnancy. An emotional minefield battled between her heart and her head, yet she singlehandedly decided

  • The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Normandy

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    The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Normandy were two vital battles in World War II. Stalingrad was the site of a critical WWII Soviet victory that terminated Germany’s advance to the east. Peaceful Normandy took it’s place in history as the starting point in the triumphant march across Europe. Both these intense events were extremely significant in the outcome of the second world war. After the Germans failed to win the war totally in 1941, they decided to start a fresh effort, and hoped