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  • Deforestation in the Amazon River Basin

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    Deforestation of the Amazon River basin has been progressing for decades as mass quantities of land have become necessary to sustain the growing farming industry of the area. Road-building, farming, ranching, and logging have been devastating to the tropical forests and the change has been rapid as deforestation of the area only began around 1970 (Fearnside, Pfaff). The government of countries in the Amazon have designed their current initiatives around increasing infrastructure and business, but

  • A Report On The Citarum River Basin

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    realize what 's been done the damage has already been done, it 's irreversible. The Citarum River Basin located in Indonesia has suffered the most. Textile factories located along the coast have dumped toxic waste in the the river causing illnesses and death, we need to clean up the Citarum River. With all this The Citarum River has to return to a place where people feel safe. The Citarum River Basin is home to around thirty-five million people. Most of these people still rely on the the river for

  • Pangani River Basin Water Board

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    changes have affected the Pangani River basin negatively, causing the nearby water source in the basin to become scarce. With the competition for water in the area, the nation is prone to conflict and violence. Since the problem in Tanzania is an equal combination of a declining economy, unfair distribution methods in society, and sudden climate changes, it is important to effectively control and distribute the resources among the people. The Pangani Basin Water Board believes that the main cause

  • Overview Of The Powder River Basin

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    highlight different aspects of the Powder River Basin to include paleogeography, stratigraphy, maturation history of organic material, vitrinite reflectance data, sulfur content, both historical and current production data, as well as the environmental impact in the basin. The Powder River Basin is located in southeast Montana and northeast Wyoming. According to Luppens et al. (2008), the Powder River Basin is approximately 22,000 square miles in area. The basin itself trends in a north-to-north west direction

  • Salinity in the Murray Darling-Basin

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    on earth and if it disappeared life could not and would not exist on this planet. So if one of our main sources of water in South Australia, The Murray Darling-Basin, becomes unusable then we would need to find the problem and do everything possible to stop it or counteract it. This report investigates on salinity in the Murray Darling-Basin, using the issue question “Is there enough being done to counteract the effects of salinity in the Murray?” as the focus. Salinity is a key significant environmental

  • Calculating the Morphotectonic Indices of the Mula River Basin, Western Maharashtra, India

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    the Mula river basin. Good surface analysis research should provide the following information: formation of the basin area, formation of the different geomorphic feature, spatial distribution of geomorphic features. In present article, we have used Remote Sensing and G.I.S. tool to examine the formation of the river basin using DEM analysis. Morphotectonic study plays an important role in deciphering the effects of tectonic activity in the geomorphic evolution of the drainage basins, .Morphotectonic

  • The Effects of Mono Lake's Hydrology on its Ecosystem

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    (specifically the water's salinity and alkalinity) and biological life that survives there. Mono Lake is a hypersaline, highly alkaline, hydrographically closed basin in which the only natural means of water export is through evaporation. The basin itself was carved out by faulting of tectonic plates that occurred atleast 500,000 years ago. Mono Basin contains up to 7,000 ft. of glacial, fluvial, lacustrine and volcanic deposits in a large structural depression formed in part by down-dropping along the

  • Atchafalaya Basin

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    natural levees. Backswamps are low land areas that are built from silt and clay particle deposits. These particles tend to compact very easily thus making the area a lot lower than the surrounding landscape. In St. Martin Parish, the Atchafalaya Basin is a very popular backswamp

  • The House of Bernarda Alba

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    realistic acting. It helped you feel like you were in Spain, as a hot climate was suggested through the set; it was exotic, light and Spanish looking. The props gave a sense of the period the play was set for example the radio, the bell, the wash basin and the sewing machines were all authentic. The set was in Bernarda Alba’s house which was a grand mansion with a gilt, lofty ceiling. I think the towering interior clearly represented the distorted mind of Bernarda Alba. The house was a very

  • Mercury

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    the bottom of the craters and basins. The hottest are the places closest to the sun. The temperature of the side that is farthest away from the sun is allot warmer than scientists thought it would be. Not a whole side but parts of Mercury have never been in sunlight before. This is why scientists thought it would be colder than it really was. Mercury’s surface is much like the moon, they are very colse to being the same size. It has many craters, high multiple ring basins, and many lava flows. They

  • Homelessness in america

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    Homelessness in America Here in Tahoe, we are lucky enough to experience a great quality of life, and only a few have to face the horrible life of poverty and homelessness. However, nationwide, even right outside the basin, homelessness is a growing epidemic across the country. There are many ways one can become homeless; for the most part poverty. There are also different concentrations of homeless in different types of terrain, such as urban or suburban areas. Last, there is the ever- growing

  • Jaguars

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    predominantly a forest dweller with the highest population densities centring on the lowland rain forests of the Amazon Basin - dry woodland and grassland also serve as suitable terrain, although the cat is rarely found in areas above 8000 feet. The overall body size and coloration of the cat often relates to its location - jaguars found in dense forested areas of the Amazon Basin are often only half the size of those found in more open terrain and it has been suggested that this can be related to

  • The Aral Sea Disaster

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    The Aral Sea Disaster Abstract The Aral Sea and the entire Aral Sea basin area have achieved worldwide notoriety due to the environmental disaster. The example of the Aral Sea disaster has sent a signal to the entire international community demonstrating how fast and irrevocable the environmental system can be ruined if there is no long-term thinking and planning in place. This paper gives a broad overview of the policies that have resulted in dying of the forth-largest inland body of water

  • Canada

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    industries, transportation, and hydroelectric power generation. Canada has four principal drainage basins: the Atlantic Basin which drains to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River, the Hudson Bay Basin which drains northward into Hudson Bay via the Churchill, Nelson and Saskatchewan rivers, the Arctic Basin which is drained by the Mackenzie River and the Pacific Basin which drains into the Pacific Ocean via the Fraser, Yukon and Columbia rivers. Canada has six

  • Lake Tahoe and The Growing Importance for Environmental Preservation

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    snow-capped peaks, is one of the world's great scenic and ecological wonders. Tahoe's water is world famous for its amazing clarity. Even today, one can see objects 70 feet below the surface, a clarity matched almost nowhere in the world. The Tahoe Basin had a slowly evolving and essentially balanced environment for thousands of years, with surrounding forests, meadows and marshlands helping to maintain the clarity and purity of the lake. This pristine environment also provided habitat for great diversity

  • Road Construction in the Amazon

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    When one thinks of the Amazonian rain forest, it is very unlikely that paved roads and highways will come to the imagination. Unfortunately, in the past 35 years road construction has been the main reason for the deforestation in Brazil's Amazon basin. In an effort to expand its frontiers and develop economically the impenetrable areas of the country, Brazil's government has launched a series of projects aimed at improving the infrastructure in the Amazon region. This included mainly the building

  • The Good Ole Days When Barbers were also Surgeons

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    successors of the clergy, but also because physicians of that time disdained surgery. The origin of the barber's pole appears to be associated with this service of bloodletting. The original pole has at its top a brass basin that represents both the vessel in which leeches were kept and the basin that received the blood. The pole itself represents the staff that the patient held onto during the operation. The red and white stripes symbolize the bandages used during the procedure: red for the bandages stained

  • Congo Basin Rainforest

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    Illegal logging has been a growing problem in rainforests such as the Congo Basin. People go there to illegally find profit everyday. This, in turn, leads to rapid deforestation. Preventing illegal logging in the Congo Basin needs to be the first action firmly put into place in the long line of strategies that would help conserve this mighty forest. Putting this action into effect will allow residents of the forest to obtain resources easier, allow agencies to use methods of tree removal that will

  • The Klamath River Basin

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    Introduction Unlike most basins, the headwaters of the Klamath River are in the high desert of the Great Basin in eastern Oregon and travel south through the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Coast Mountain Range in north Central California, before finally draining into the Pacific Ocean in coastal California. The river basin spans a total of 5,700 square miles in an hourglass formation and includes parts of three counties in Oregon and five counties in California (Bureau of Reclamation 2016)

  • Columbia River Basin

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    Columbia River Basin Section 1: Introducing the Columbia River Basin What do you get when you put together a flowing river, with a beautiful mountain, and a rolling valley? The result is the amazing Columbia River Basin. The Columbia River is the sculptor that carved the Interior Columbia River Basin. The Columbia River Basin is made up of many different environments, and contains many different organisms. Mountains, high plateaus, desert basins, river valleys, rolling uplands, and deep