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  • China: International Private Banking Institutions

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    for the private banking industry. Private banking could be defined in various ways. Basically, private banking means managing all aspects of a customer’s financial life. However, especially in Asia market, it is not only just financial management, also including all aspects of social life and different stages of the life care. Figure 1. Comparison of private banking and traditional retail banking Customers Service offering Main revenue source Person in charge Traditional banking Mass Financial management

  • The History and Development of Islamic Finance

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    discount. Al-Wakalah The concept of nominating another person to act. It refers to situation, where a person nominates another person to act on his behalf. For example bank is act behalf of its customer or depositers in making a payment to the other parties. Bai’ as-salam Bai’ as-salam is about an agreement whereby payment is made immedietly while the goods are delivered at an agreed later date. It is equivalent to an advance payment. For example transaction of this concept is an online shopping whereas

  • Understanding the Practices Islamic Banks of Bahrain

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    and interest unlawful” (Albaqarah, 1: 275) Islamic banking is a banking system that performs its operations in accordance with the defined laws and principals or Sharia. Sharia is the ruling or Islamic jurisprudence of Allah that has been passed to humans through Muhammad (PBUH). In this regard, Islamic Banking system is also referred as Sharia Compliant Financal System.Murahabah is one of the most practiced modes of actions in the Islamic banking system where banks and are promoting a riba-free culture

  • The Malaysia Financial System

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    caused by market imperfections. Without financial institutions the information and transaction costs of financial markets transactions would be excessive. Under financial institutions there are two type first banking system and non-bank financial intermediaries. Financial institution in banking system like Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), commercial banks, finance companies, merchant banks, Islamic bank, and other. While in non bank financial intermediaries there have Provident and Pension Funds (PPFs)

  • Shariah Financial System: An Alternative Lifeline for the Less Privileged Farmers?

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    SHARIAH FINANCIAL SYSTEM: AN ALTERNATIVE LIFELINE FOR THE LESS-PRIVILEGED FARMERS? It is already indubitable that most farmers are trapped in the vicious labyrinth of perpetual poverty. Due to their depressed conditions, many of them consider farming as just a hand-to-mouth existence, or perhaps their decisions to stay on and take farming as a livelihood could also mean a number of things – perseverance, resilience and/or resignation. The farmers are poor because the economic activity that

  • The Evolutions of Isamic Finance in Malaysia

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    Islam prevent Muslim to give and take riba in all matters. Other than that, the main objective establishment of Islamic banks to meet the needs of Muslims in the banking business. Basic business operations is also based on the resolution of Al-Quran and Hadith, which is based on the concept of fair and in the interest of society. The concepts of Islamic finance also means of prohibition pf fixed return, profit and loss sharing and hence risk sharing, prohibition of gharar ( uncertainty ), speculation

  • Digital Forensic Investigation

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2. CONTENT 1 2.1 Definition of concepts 1 2.1.1 Digital investigation 1 2.1.2 Digital forensic investigation 2 2.1.3 Internet banking 2 2.2 Investigating the case 2 2.2.1 Evidence identification 2 2.2.2 Evidence preservation 7 2.2.3 Evidence analysis 9 2.2.4 Warnings 10 3. CONCLUSION/SUMMARY 11 REFERENCES 11 1. INTRODUCTION The advancement

  • Ijarah Case Study

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    product that specifically designed for Islamic hire-purchase facility with compliance with Sharia principle (Aisyah Abdul Rahman. 2009). Despite the compliance offered by Sharia, Ijarah finance has faced some debatable issue in practicing AITAB in banking system plus, there is no Islamic hire-purchase act to regulate and protect these products. Some scholar also have questioned about the purchase price that are not really, since it already taking into account of the value asset and market condition

  • Essay On Islamic Banking

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    topic above but in Islamic Banking perspectives. Therefore, before going any further, let us clarify definition of the Principles of Islamic Banking and clarify what are the elements involve in the Principles of Islamic Banking. Beside, we will also do some comparison of product or services offered by both banks which are conventional and Islamic banking. Apart from that, we will also clarify the problems or challenge faced by the agency which practices the Islamic banking in their agency. First, according

  • Al Istisna Essay

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    1-INTRODUCTION 1.1 ISTISNA Al istisna is a principle in Islamic banking activities and also the one of muamalah in Islam which is the uses is now given a new breath after the existing of a few contracts that are already existed such as sales of share, murabaha, and many more. Nowadays, the contracts can’t anymore to cope the swiftly growth and also the request of funding from the customers like “mushroom growing after rain”. Sales in istisna also means the booking of some goods such as the booking