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  • Isaac Asimov's Foundation - Validity of Science Fiction

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    every walk of life have joined together to praise Asimov and Foundation. Furthermore, this series has been awarded the first Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Series. Not before or since the publication of Foundation has this award been given. Despite this recognition, the mainstream literary critics ignore works of science fiction as candidates for more prestigious awards. Instead, science fiction is often dismissed as technology-dependent literature, immature in character development, theme, and

  • Sexist Novels and Literary Prizes

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    Literary prizes are often a source of controversy, the majority of which revolves around what should qualify or disqualify a novel in regards to its award nomination potential. Lately there has been a push towards novels that convey politically correct themes, but this does not prevent authors from winning with less than moral works (Geason). For example, the French author Michel Houellebecq recently won a coveted French literary prize (the Prix Goncourt) without straying from writing novels that

  • Media Assignment Reflective Statement

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    For this media assignment, I chose to create a DVD cover to an action film. Therefore, my target audience is teenage boys whose ages range from 13-18 because they take up a very high percentage of the demographics of people watching this genre of films. Since my target audience is high school boys, the main character in my movie, Bryan Radley, is 16 years old. My target audience, high school students, will be able to relate to the problems Bryan faces at school and the emotions he feels towards his

  • Author Biography

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    Author Biography The author of Flowers for Algernon was Daniel Keyes. He got the idea for the book while he was teaching slow learning high school students. Daniel Keyes was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Keyes graduated from a public high school and worked briefly as a ship's purser for the U.S. Maritime Service before applying to Brooklyn College, where he studied psychology. He graduated in 1950 and attempted to make it in many different fields such as magazine editing and fashion photography

  • Conclusion Of International Arbitration

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    Conclusion The International arbitration is a private and effective method to resolve disputes. And it is an alternative dispute resolution method (ADR), in general, voluntarily chosen by the parties. Nowadays, it tends to be the preferred means for settling disputes within the international business community. This research has presented what being an international commercial arbitration comes to finding a solution about the commercial disputes that arise between the parties of their international

  • Do The Right Thing Analysis

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    In Ghost, Sam Wheat, a murder victim, fights desperately to both avenge his murder and to prevent the killing of his love interest, Molly. Sam enlists the aid of Oda Mae Brown, a sassy Black clairvoyant. Oda Mae appears as a con-woman who uses her supposed inherited ability of foresight and spirit channeling as quick earning cash schemes. However, Oda Mae encounters Sam’s ghost who pleads for her assistance. For the duration of the film, Oda Mae serves as Sam’s physical embodiment on the earthly

  • Moving the Gwinnett Jets Forward

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    There have been many talks about the family and the Jets organization where I am surprised at some of the comments that were made; I guess that is fine with me however I have restrained the family from responding these conjectures. This response is not meant to defend ourselves but simple to express my thoughts. It’s a great county that we live in, which still allows everyone to have personal expression. With such freedom comes responsibility, of truth, compassion and growth. The law does not

  • Star Trek

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    author of The Physics of Star Trek, writes that “it was really the transporter that seduced me” (xv). Krause is not alone in his judgment. In 2003, Howard A. Anderson Jr. was awarded the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers President’s Award in part for his contributions to the development of the transporter effect (“Creator”), a fact which illustrates the impact the transporter has had on the world. But the transporter effect has indeed evolved greatly over the years from its humble

  • Whitewashing In Othello

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    “white.” It’s been happening for over 77 years and at this pace of major white movies stars taking minority roles, it doesn’t seem it’s going to stop any time soon. In February, the Academy Awards took place where the nominees for Best Male Lead and Best Female Lead are all white, even when the Academy Awards committee promised to be more “open to all races” in the past few years. People were outraged, including celebrities

  • Frank Capra: Life and Times

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    Frank Capra, a leading figure in the film industry, had created many remarkable masterpieces from the era of the Great Depression all the way through the Second Great War. Not only did he face the innovating changes of movie life, such as the change from silent to sound film-making, he had has made a great impact on the lives of Americans. Frank Capra was born on May 18, 1897. Capra, was initially named Francesco Rosario Capra, changed it after he had immigrated to America with his family from Italy