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  • Tim O'Brien

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    Tim O’Brien “Intellect had run up against emotion. My conscience told me to run, yet some irrational and powerful force was resisting, like a weight pushing me toward the war. What it came to, stupidly, was a sense of shame. Hot, stupid shame. I did not want people to think badly of me.” (Tim O’Brien; On the Rainy River). Tim O’Brien is a twentieth- century author, he was born October 1 1946 in Minnesota. After O’Brien graduated from Worthington College, he received his draft papers for

  • The Importance of Award-Winning Chef Hats

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    the chef and owners, its website and seating and anything else interesting for the reader to know about. Restaurants are given a rating out of twenty, with a score of fifteen acquiring one hat. This essay will attempt to determine the importance of award winning chef hats, and why it's important for the restaurant that attains the hats to keep them. The Good Food Guide is a manual in which editors from across the country work together to review and critique a restaurant based on food, service and

  • Phacil is an Award-Winning Government Contractor

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    with large organizations in diverse location. Past Performances. Additionally we bring our expertise in networks (LAN, WAN, VOIP) Systems and Development and total life cycle management, in support of government customers like ABC. Phacil is an award-winning Government Contractor with 12 contract vehicles providing a wide-range of support to Civilian and Defense agencies. Our services include Development, Integration, Operations & Maintenance, Cyber Security, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Adam Sandler's Kids' Choice Award

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    Adam Sandler is in control -- really The clout of a child-man Monday, April 14, 2003 Posted: 1:07 PM EDT (1707 GMT) Adam Sandler accepts a Kids' Choice Award for best movie actor. Many adult movie critics would disagree. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Tools -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELATED • Review: Jack's back in 'Anger Management' • 'Anger' tops box office with $44.5M LOS ANGELES

  • What makes my book an Award Winner

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    “What makes a book an award winner?” Malavika Vengilatt 3B Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets is an award winning novel by J. K. Rowling. The story takes place at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which is located in London, England. In the novel, the Chamber of Secrets is opened once again and Harry Potter finds himself in the danger from the chaotic mess the chamber created. The plot this story and many others has is what makes them award worthy. The plot is what drives the story

  • Library Research Award – Reflective Essay

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    Without the resources of Pepperdine Libraries, I have an extremely hard time imagining my Political Science Honors Thesis existing in its current form today. From the days of searching through databases such as JSTOR, Sage Research Methods, to Academic Search Complete, I was able to gain access to entire body of Political Science literature at the whim of my fingertips. Over the course of the past semester and a half, I was able formulate the research question for my thesis, collect a wide range

  • Barbara Streisiand's Speech at the 1992 Crystal Awards

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    at the 1992 Crystal Awards In Barbra Streisiand's speech at the 1992 Crystal Awards, she expresses discontent with the negative "way women are viewed in a male dominated society". She has a strong dislike for the fact that women and men are respected and admired for reasons that are so alike and defined degradingly different. I understand her anger and I think she is handeling it in the most effective manner possible. She is at the ceremony to present or receive an award. In theory, she should

  • Internal Control Objectives For Sponsored Program Awards

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    types of transaction that are relevant to sponsored programs. Activities Allowed or Unallowed Allowable Costs/Cost Principles Control Objectives To provide reasonable assurance that Federal awards are expended only for allowable activities and that the cost of goods and services charged to Federal awards are allocable and in accordance with applicable cost principles. Control Techniques - Reasonable budgets are submitted to the sponsor, reflective of the best estimate of total project costs

  • Joyce Carol Thomas, an Influential Writer

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    Joyce Carol Thomas is an influential African American author. Her stories speak to the young readers, providing themes of faith and persistence. The inspiring works have attracted many readers from around the world. Thomas has earned many awards and is also a motivational speaker. This author has written many inspiring stories, and accomplished much in her life. Joyce Carol Thomas was born on May 25, 1938 in Ponca City, Oklahoma (“Thomas, Joyce Carol”). In 1948 she moved to Tracy, California (Balkin)

  • To What Writer would you award a prize?

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    write about, mainly because I have such a passion for a variety of authors. I enjoy reading almost any genre and will give any book a chance. The award I have created for English literature is the Cowell Literary Award. This award is generally categorized for books that are a part of the crime/thriller genre. Dan Brown deserves to win the Cowell Literary Award because his style of writing is unique, his books make you question the American government, and a few of his novels will make you think deeply