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  • The Avian Flu Virus in Chicken

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    The Avian Flu Virus in Chicken There are only ten more days until we celebrate our biggest holiday of the year, Chinese New Year. It is the year of the monkey, the monkey in our culture is supposed to be very lively and mischievous and full of energy. It has been three months since I had chicken, I have been eating fish and vegetables, but I really miss eating chicken meat. In our village where there are 20 families, 14 families are in the business of selling poultry to support their income

  • Swine Flu Vaccine

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    had the introduction of new pigs into herds. Studies have shown that 30% to 50% of the pig population has evidence of having H1N1 infection. The north american bird also has the Avian Influenza. Even though its not exactly the same as swine flu they are very much alike,and they have the same symptoms. The Avian influenza are routinely detected in wild birds in North American. It occurs from time to time. This virus has been associated with illness and death in humans in mostly Asia, Europe, the

  • Kimchi Journal

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    days. I haven't been to Korea in nearly ten years but I still remember the savory foods vendors sell along the streets of Myong Dong Market. My grandmother called me today with some unfortunate news. She informed me about a bird flu called Avian Influenza that has infected poultry across the farms in South Korea. "You need not worry, sweetie," my grandmother said in Korean. Strict measures were taken so that farms would not further spread this disease. Nonetheless, grandmother told me to pack

  • The Ban on Thai Chicken Imports as Boys Catch Avian Flu

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    The Ban on Thai Chicken Imports as Boys Catch Avian Flu The European Commission banned imports of Thai poultry yesterday to halt the spread of deadly bird flu after two boys came down with the virus outside Bangkok. Following moves by Japan and Hong Kong, Brussels announced it was blocking the sale of all Thai chicken slaughtered after Jan 1, in addition to eggs and poultry products for pet food. David Byrne, the food safety commissioner, dismissed criticism that the EU was over-reacting

  • Computer Science: Data Mining

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    records, and medical devices. These massive amounts of data has been organizes intensively and extensively by utilizing the methodology and technol... ... middle of paper ... ...ssification. Keiko A Herrick, F. H. (2013). A global model of avian influenza prediction in wild birds: the importance of northern regions. Veterinary Research. Nagabhushanam D, N. N. (Oct - Dec 2013). Prediction of Tuberculosis Using Data Mining Techniques on Indian Patient’s Data. International Journal of Computer Science

  • Influenza Virus Causes

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    Influenza is an acute respiratory illness caused by infection of influenza A and B viruses. The disease can affect both the upper and lower respiratory tract and is often followed by systemic signs and symptoms, such as: sudden onset of fever, chills, non-productive cough, myalgias (muscle pain), headache, nasal congestion, sore throat, and fatigue. (Cox et al.1998). Influenza viruses evolve continuously, challenging mammalian and avian hosts with new variants and causing complex epidemic patterns

  • Evolving Influenza

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    flu, or influenza, is a very complex virus. We cannot just give you a shot, and you will never get the flu again. Many other diseases can be cured or prevented via vaccination, but not the flu. Why? If the flu cannot be cured then what do flu shots do? The Flu is not one strain of a virus; instead there are many strains of the Influenza virus. These strains are broken up into categories such as Influenza A, B, C. Influenza A is carried mostly by wild aquatic birds (Influenza). Influenza B usually

  • The Importance Of Influenza Vaccines

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    familiar to many, and rightfully so―influenza, a dangerous illness that has been present since the first recorded flu pandemic in 1580 (, has been the cause for billions of deaths throughout history. However, there is a reason that the common question “have you received your flu vaccine yet?” is so well known. Vaccines have been extraordinarily helpful in combating the spread of influenza, as well as many other sanitation

  • Anti-influenza A virus natural products

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    Introduction Influenza A virus has caused pandemics over the last century. Symptoms of the infection includes cough, runny nose, muscle ache, headache and fever [1]. Influenza infection can range from mild cases to life threatening cases and even death. Infection of the disease not only threatens life but also affects economic progress. There is even the likeliness of a direct infection of humans by avian viruses, as evidenced by the emergence of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses of the

  • Influenza Virus' Economic and Social Disruption to Society

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    The Influenza virus is a unique respiratory viral disease that can have serious economic and social disruption to society. The virus is airborne transmitted through droplets release by coughing or sneezing from an infected person or by touching infected surfaces. Symptoms range from mild to severe and may even result in death. People with the virus usually experience fever, headache, shivering, muscle pain and cough, which can lead to more severe respiratory illness such as pneumonia. People most