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  • Avian Flu Essay

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    virus does not affect them they just carry it from one place to the infection site. The Avian flu does not usually infect humans; however some strains such as the A (H5N1) and A (H7N9) have cause severe cases in some people. Occasionally, a person infected with avian flu has passed it on to someone else. There is a wide range of unresolved questions regarding this disease since it first emerged. The Avian influenza is divided into groups based on their ability to cause disease in poultry; high pathogenicity

  • Avian Flu

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    Avian flu is a massacring virus with potential to eradicate ten percent of the human population. This virus is tenacious and will not stop until its job is complete. It is inescapable. The only way it can be stopped is with expensive drugs. But instead of the government spending the money to produce these life-saving drugs, they spend about 57% of the federal budget on the military while only 8% is spent on science and health. But Americans are ignorant and often have a hubristic attitude causing

  • Chicken Food or Fast Food? May be a Disease?

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    Chicken is a great food. Everybody likes chicken, and it is one of the world’s most demanded food every day. If we go to the eastern world, chicken is equally popular, especially in country like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Bhutan where chicken is the main source of meat as well, and is preferred more than the other kinds of meat. However Chicken is also a deadly source of disease if we look back from past few years to the date today. There are people dying every day due to the diseases

  • Hemagglutinin and a Future Cure for Influenza

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    Final Project: Hemagglutinin Abstract Hemagglutinin is membrane protein found on the influenza virus. This project focuses on hemagglutinin subtype H1, the one involved in the 1918 Spanish influenza. The project concentrates on explaining the structure and function of the protein, while trying to give an accurate account of the molecular interactions between the protein and the host cell membrane. Specifically, hemagglutinin is a protein composed of three monomer protein strands. Each monomer

  • Societies approach to disease

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    The world we live in today is a forever-changing place, as time goes on we can’t help but think about the dangers that await us. There are many different characteristics to danger; one of the most common and sometimes the most terrifying includes disease. In The First Horseman, John Aberth mentions, “All diseases, of course, vary greatly in their morbidity, or incidence among a given population, and in their mortality, or death rate, factors that have determined the extent of their role in history

  • Avian Flu Essay

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    Avian Flu KUMAMOTO JAPAN: Two Japanese chicken farms had to put down 112,000 chickens because of a new outbreak of bird flu. While there hasn’t been any transmission between birds and humans in Japan ever, the Avian Influenza Type A virus is still being handled with significant care to avoid any possibility of human harm. A Japanese Food Safety Commission publishing noted that avian flu was quickly broken down by stomach acid so there wouldn’t be foreseeable harm to any people if they ingested some

  • Possibility of a Future Avian Flu Pandemic

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    Possibility of a Future Avian Flu Pandemic Influenza is a dangerous virus and highly contagious that has potential to devastate populations should an outbreak occur. A common influenza virus that humans are familiar with is the human influenza. Researchers and scientists are concerned about an especially threatening strain of influenza virus called H5N1, commonly known as the avian flu. Although this flu is mainly susceptible to wild birds, there have been outbreaks that show that humans also

  • The History of the Flu

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    of the Flu This research paper covers the basic history of influenza. It begins with its early history and the reasons for why influenza was never feared. It also covers three influenza pandemics: the Spanish flu of 1918, the Asian flu, the Hong Kong flu and the terror and heartbreak left behind in their wakes. In addition, the paper discusses avian influenza and addresses the current threat of a bird flu pandemic. Influenza, an innocent little virus that annually comes and goes, has always

  • Review of “Fighting the Rise of Emerging Infectious Diseases”

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    While it is increasingly common to hear most doomsayers proclaiming that the end of the human species will be the result of technology (particularly nuclear power) or lack of respect for the environment, it might actually be that Mother Nature herself is the threat. This is the point that Corrie Brown and Thijs Kuiken touch upon in their article “Fighting the Rise of Emerging Infectious Diseases.” One of the reasons for their concern is that many of the more severe new diseases that humans have been

  • The True Dangers of the H5N1 Virus

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    Feared Pandemic Abstract The H5N1 strain of the avian flu is a virus. It has the potential to be very dangerous especially through its ways of transmission. The statistics of the current deaths and possible deaths also show the possible pandemic arising in the near future. However, this topic must be put into perspective and the common belief that it will eradicate our world is rather exaggerated. There is actually a higher chance that the avian flu will not become a deadly killer. Still, there