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  • Salem is Coated in Pride in "The Crucible" by Aurthur Miller

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    waiting for someone to light a match and start the flames. It moves the plot, it pushes the characters through ultimate tests, and thus it drives the characters to do what they do. Pride is one of the most important themes in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. John Proctor, the protagonist, the average man, The Crucible’s own tragic hero, lost everything due to his own pride. Proctor is a proud man, he held himself with an air of indifference. On the inside, Proctor considered himself a fraud. He believed

  • Abigail Williams: Abnormal Adolescent Behavior

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    Sometimes it isn’t easy to portray these emotions and feelings and one might not know how to handle them. In some cases one might portray these feelings and emotions in a bizarre form and it becomes a disorder or a mental problem. In The Crucible by Aurthur Miller, Abigail Williams, the antagonist, displays signs of abnormal adolescent behavior, schizophrenia and shows that she cannot easily handle her emotions. The ways these emotions and feelings are sometimes conveyed are sometimes seen as an outlandish

  • Research Paper

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    everyday life could not. Works Cited Clemons, Martin J. “Necromancy- A look at the Dark Arts.” Paranormal People Online. 23 August 2009. Web. 3 December 2013. McMahon, Matthew Dr. C. “Necromancy.” A Puritans Mind. n.d. Web. 3 December 2013. Miller, Aurthur. “The Crucible” 1953. 3 December 2013. Potar, Maria. “The History of Necromancy.” Spiritual Living. 4 March 2011. Web. 3 December 2013.