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  • Personal project

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    of the most famous seven natural wonders of the world. The northern lights are breathtaking dancing lights that naturally appear in the skies of northern and southern atmosphere. The lights are called 'Aurora Borealis' in the northern atmosphere meaning “dawn of the north” and 'Aurora Australis' in the southern atmosphere meaning “dawn of the south”. The northern lights and the southern lights occur at the same time which makes them almost mirror like images of one another. The lights can be

  • Magnets and Electromagnets

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    Introduction Magnets have existed for hundreds of thousands of years and have been used by many different cultures throughout this time. Magnets have been useful throughout the years because they can hold two things together just through the force of the metal in the magnet. With the world’s constantly changing technology, electromagnets have been evolved from magnets and are more useful than a regular magnet but in order for an electromagnet to work, an electric current needs to be present (http://saxonhomeschool

  • Alaska, a Summer Resort

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    Great places were discovered, unusual people were met, and adventures were had this summer. All of this was accomplished in America's last frontier, outside of the lower 48 states, in the wilderness of Alaska. I had no specific reason for venturing to the vastness of Alaska, I did not know anyone, and had never before been there. As a child, I remember pondering that Alaska was a place for pioneers, and brave hearted adventurers. After almost two decades of living on this overcrowded island, I set

  • Aurora- Light of Mystery

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    Aurora- Light of Mystery Text Box: This shuttle image shows the characteristic oval shape of the aurora.i What is aurora? Auroras, or polar lights, are the luminous phenomenon of the upper atmosphere occurs in high latitudes of both hemispheres. Auroras in the northern hemisphere are called aurora borealis and those in the south hemisphere are called aurora australis. Aurora (Latin for 'dawn') is beautiful and amazing lights which are visible in the dark sky in the poles. It can appear

  • coca-col

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    Advertising has come a long way since the very first soda pop was invited. Today, Coca-Cola is the most recognizable soda known around the world. From its birth, Coca-Cola has become popular among everyone because of its advertisement. Free coupon samples and happy commercials were minor advertisements compared to the brilliance of the making the soft drink stand out by the container that it is carried in. Coca-Cola Company’s marketing strategies and how it helped with creating its advertising throughout

  • Essay On Solar Winds

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    In 1910, Arthur Eddington, a British Astrophysicist, discovered solar winds. Solar winds are basically a continuous flow (they are never ending basically) of particles from the sun. They are also known as stellar winds. Their usual way out of the sun is the coronal holes. Their main cause is an expansion of gases in the corona, which is the outer layer of the sun. The idea that the corona is plasma was thought of by Richard C. Carrington. The temperature of the corona is 2,200,000 degrees Celsius

  • The Physics of Fireworks

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    The Physics of Fireworks "What are fireworks like?" she had asked. "They are like the Aurora Borealis" said the King, "only much more natural. I prefer them to stars myself, as you always know when they are going to appear…" -Oscar Wilde The Remarkable Rocket Why did we choose the topic of fireworks? Fireworks have been a traditional means of celebration in Hawaii for generations. They are fun to watch and even more fun to set off. Most of all, we chose this topic because we like to blow

  • The Path to Sanctuary

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    as rapidly as his short legs could carry him. At three feet and 11 inches in height, it was a stroll for the rest of his entourage. His protective barrier extended to envelop all four of the members of his party. It rippled and shone like the Aurora Borealis inside the energy shell, outside it was more like a bug zapper. Attacking plants and animals, insects and unseen others, were simply repulsed or eliminated. Carnivorous vines with acidic sap, insects with venom potent enough to drop a two-ton

  • Radio Frequency Glow Discharge ( Rfgd ) Treatment

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    electrons. Plasma is electrically conductive because of the presence of charge carries. Moreover, plasma acts like a gas; no definite shape or a definite volume. Plasma is abundant in the universe; natural occurrences are seen in lighting and the Aurora Borealis (northern ligh... ... middle of paper ... ...ettability, sanitized, and ready for further processing. During this process, light is emitted (discharged) by the excited gas molecules and atoms in the plasma. As the atoms and molecules “relax”

  • Finnair Case Study

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    rest, meal, landing.” Tallqvist stated the manufacturer Vertti Kivi deSign designed the overall cabin interior for the new A350s, including the lighting scenarios-which enables them to change the setting to something like Northern lights or Aurora Borealis lights and other very-unique design that no other airline has been able to promote in their cabin yet- is the scenario of clouds. Company design firm has launched ‘Space Alive’-concept to create a new system dynamically, by changing the system