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  • Descriptive Essay About Nice Trip

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    Nice Trip I still remember that beautiful amusement park in Hawaii, where things look like fairy tales and strange people seem to be drawn from a science fiction book. There, the streets are made of small bricks red and light brown, the trees are adorned with red and blue colorful lights, the workers disguised as an interesting and striking form, the sky was full of vibrant colors because the special effects from the rides and everything around me was like a different world from ours

  • Unusual Travel Experience Essay

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    A trip is a collection of moments and memorable experiences . A meal shared with Indians, an encounter with the gorillas of Rwanda, the spectacle of an aurora borealis in Iceland, the moving visit of a historical monument ... Difficult to choose from so many possibilities, so I decided to present 10 unusual travel experiences to live around the world with us . Follow the guide ! 1. Observe the stars with a passionate astronomer in Chile The starry sky of the Atacama desert, an unusual experience

  • Effects of sunspots

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    contracting as they move across the surface of the sun. The largest of these can be seen with the naked eye around sun set, but most require a high powered telescope. The easiest ways to see effects of solar flares are the aurora borealis located at the Northern pole, and the aurora australis located at the Southern pole. These were named by the Greeks after Roman goddess’s, and believed to be a sign from the gods. In 1859 during a time of high solar activity these lights were seen over the islands

  • Holding On to Him

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    we stared into the depths of each other’s souls. Our hearts spoke in silence, simply knowing that something in this senseless world was finally right. It was all but two or three seconds, although it felt as if I had perpetually observed the aurora borealis in complete reverence. He was everything to me, this boy – this man. Over the preceding weeks of meeting him, I had the honor of acquiring all there was to know about him. He sang, as I did, composed poems, as I did, read books, played tennis

  • Analysis of The Eskimo Girl

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    Analysis of The Eskimo Girl Living in the Arctic wasn't easy. There were always problems, but this was different. Sophie had never been in such a desperate situation... She walked and looked around her. Sophie had lived in this part of the North Pole with her Inuit tribe for thirteen years. The Eskimos knew the land well. Sophie often explored the vast lakes and ancient mountains and had never got lost; but this time was different. She hadn't meant to walk far, but then she hadn't anticipated

  • Atmospheric Cycle Essay

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    ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬The Earth is a large and mysterious planet that we are just beginning to understand. There are many cycles and forces that go hand in hand in creating different environments on Earth. In this essay we will go over the five major cycles, the Atmosphere, Sun, Water/Ocean, Wind, and Earth cycles. We will also go over how the cycles interact and work together to form one of the most bio diverse planets in our galaxy. The Atmospheric Cycle is focused mainly on the atmosphere, the chemicals

  • Essay On Sunspots

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    perspective. A sunspot removed from the bright background of the Sun would glow brightly. Solar wind is the radiation of heat and a steady stream of charged particles. The wind blows about 450 kilometers a second throughout the solar system. Also, the Aurora Borealis occurs when highly charged particles from the sun's atmosphere move into the Earth's atmosphere via solar wind. Occasionally, particles will burst from the sun in a solar flare, which can disrupt satellite communications and knock out power on

  • Anna's Moment

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    place but not quite quaint to the eyes, at least not by technologies’ touch. There in the city of Delta Junction, Alaska lived a young woman named Anna Ray Crip. Anna lived along the Tanana River in a cabin that matched the evergreens, under the aurora borealis, and millions upon millions of stars. One night while family was visiting Anna fell into a coma, unexpectedly during the middle of winter in 1994 that was the time when the sun never rose above the Alaska Mountain range. Locals called it cabin

  • The Northwest Passage

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    Society; botanists included Robert Brown and William Hooker; and zoologists included J. C. Children, of the British Museum, Joseph Sabine, and John Curtis, John Richardson drew together the various observations made on the voyages into the Fauna Borealis-Americana, a Sumptous government-supported publication which superseded Pennant’s Arctic Zoology…’. The complement of men of science on board was generally working under authoritative command and instructions of an organization or individual who

  • The Power of Knowledge in Small Hands

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    until their owners are no longer children. This concept exposes the malleability of a young person’s character and how easily influenced they can be. The reader is also introduced to the concept of Dust when Lord Asriel shows the slides of the aurora borealis and the special projects of the Dust, which is seemingly more attracted to adults than to children. The reader can assume that it has something to do with the experience and loss of innocence that may come with age, and therefore the process a