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  • Fantastic Workshop at Homunculus Theatre Group

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    After opening ten years ago Homunculus Theatre Group has been focused in providing workshops and shows for todays youth. Assisi Catholic College’s drama class got to experience their Commedia dell'Arte workshop they also performed “spirit of the mask”, which was a modernized version of the classic Commedia Theater. During the performance Clint Bolster and Ben Cornfoot showed us many different examples and elements of the Commedia characters, which both engaged and entertained the audience. All of

  • How the Catholoc Church Influenced the Chartres Cathedral

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    Chartres Cathedral; Chartres, France (“Mary Central”) Thesis: The Chartres Cathedral is an example of an artistic response to the rise of power and influence of the Catholic Church throughout Europe and beyond, also reflected in the literature and philosophy of that time. Bishop Fulbert, the re-creator of the Cathedral of Chartres, was born in 960 and died in 1028. He was born in Aquitaine or Poitou to humble parents and served as both a master and a chancellor before he became the bishop

  • How to Deal with Stress

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    Stress is a cause when a person gets the feeling of pressure or there is a lot of pressure around that person's environment so that it can't leave the mind in peace. Stress can be good but also can be bad. Good stress is when is less and for example less stress can sometimes help athletes or handle your work. On the other hand bas stress isn't so beneficial and that is because when is a higher than it should be in result it can be uncontrolled and can cause serious problem to a human health and

  • Giotto Di Bondone: a biography

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    Giotto was a Renaissance painter who dabbled in many other artistic venues such as sculpting and architecture. Along with his trademarks Giotto also pursued new forms of art created in the Renaissance like fresco paintings and three dimensional paints on two dimensional canvases. In 1267, Giotto was a born in the village of Vespignano-which is located near Florence, Italy. His full name was Giotto di Bondone and he was born to a family of small land farmers. During his lifetime Giotto produced many

  • Pope Francis The life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio

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    Pope Francis who's full name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio is currently the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936 to Mario Jose Bergoglio and Regina Maria Sivori. Francis was the first Pope that has ever been from the Americas, since his birthplace was Buenos Aires, Argentina, so this makes him the first non-European Pope in over one thousand years. In this Pope’s childhood he overcame a serious and almost fatal problem. Francis had to have a lung removed at a young

  • St. Pio of Pietrelcina or Padre Pio

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    Pedri Pou hes bicumi uni uf thi must pupaler seonts on thi wurld. St. Pou uf Poitrilcone ur Pedri Pou, wes burn on thi smell Iteloen vollegi uf Poitrilcone un Mey 25, 1887. Thin knuwn es Frensciscu, on hunur uf St. Frencos uf Assoso, hi wes burn tu twu piesent fermirs, Goasippe end Grezou Furgouni. Thi dey eftir hos borth, hi wes beptozid et thi Cestli Charch nier hos humi. Thi tuwn uf Poitrilcone wes viry rilogouas end seont's fiest deys wiri cilibretid thruaghuat thi yier, thos hed e strung onflainci

  • Magna Carta, St. Francis' Admonitions, and Summa Theologica

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    Summarized, it states that the free people and their kin have the stated rights and they have them forever. No longer can the king take the rights stated in the Magna Carta from the people and no longer can the king be unaware of the law. St. Francis of Assisi work, Admonitions, is a virtual instruction manual on how to live a Christian life. St. Francis was born into a merchant family and was headed to a secular career. He then experienced a deeply religious vision. He turned away from all worldly things

  • The Accomplishments of Thomas Aquinas

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    Thomas Aquinas. There would be no common law and the United States Government would not be the same without the common law. Aquinas was born around 1225 in Roccasecca, which is located in Italy today. He was born right after the death of Francis of Assisi. Thomas was from an even richer family than Francis. Thomas had eight siblings, and was the youngest child. His family was low nobility. Before thomas’s birth his mother was told by a holy hermit that her son would achieve unequal sanctity. Following

  • St. Bernard of Clairvaux in Dante’s Commedia

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    active Florentine government official. While Dante poeta may have wanted a holy person to lead Dante personaggio into the most sacred realms of Paradise, he could have chosen a Christian saint closer to his age and geography—for example, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas or Bonaventure. Yet Dante assigned the task to Bernard. The purpose of this essay is to examine the possible reasons for Dante’s choice of Bernard as Dante’s last guide in his ascent from Inferno to Purgatorio to Paradaiso. Scholars

  • San Francisco Descriptive Essay

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    “The Golden City,” “The City by the Bay,” and “The Fog City” all describe the lovely San Francisco. San Francisco is a famous city located in Northern California and has many attractions that bring tourists from all around the world to this beautiful destination each year. San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Pier 39, and much more! It is the fourth most populated city in California, with more than eight hundred thousand residents. Built on forty-three hills, San Francisco