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  • Scandle in the church

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    Headlines were captured in February by the tragic reports that as many as seventy priests in the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts, allegedly have abused young people whom they were consecrated to serve. In the wake this news, allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have sprung up nationwide. It is a huge scandal, one that many people who dislike the Catholic Church because of its moral teachings are using to claim that the Church is hypocritical and that they were right all along. Many

  • Analysis of The Canticle of Brother Sun

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    Saint Francis of Assisi was an Italian monk who founded the monastic order of the Franciscans. He was from a wealthy family and spent most of his youth carousing the streets of Assisi with other young nobles. After fighting in the war between Assisi and Perugia, he contracted an illness and had his first mystical experience. After he was healed, Francis had another mystical experience while praying in a neglected church: “After a period of prayer and meditation, Francis heard the voice of Jesus

  • Greccio Meal

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    the earlier Assisi Compilation and the later work, The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul by Thomas of Celano. The Greccio meal will be compared and contrasted in these two sources, especially with regards to the significance of Francis unspoken actions within these writings. For Francis, actions did indeed speak louder than words. Source Texts The first account in which the story of the Greccio meal may be found is in a collection of early Franciscan documents known as The Assisi Compilation

  • God's Servant St Francesco

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    St. Francesco of Assisi was an ordinary man who did incredible things. Francesco gave up his wealth and comfort along with everything he owned to live in poverty. He worked through adversity to do great things including founding a religious order, the Franciscans. He traveled many places, including Rome and Syria, touching many people’s lives as he went about. Overall, St. Francesco is a great example to anyone who wants to be more like Christ and spread the faith. Francesco embodies the life of

  • Feast or Famine

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    to go off foraging into th... ... middle of paper ... ...ce of The Desire of a Soul. Edited by Regis J. Armstrong, O.F.M. Cap et al. Francis of Assisi: Early Documents. New York: New City Press, 2000. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio. “Chapter Seven.” In The Major Legend of Saint Francis. Edited by Regis J. O.F.M. Cap Armstrong et al. Francis of Assisi: Early Documents. New York: New City Press, 2000. Narciso Duran OFM. October 31 Letter to The Missionaries At San Juan Bautista. Translated by Francis

  • Poor Clare Life Today

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    differences. They have a strict schedule that they abided by while also still following the powerful mission that the Poor Clares founded. Poor Clare life today is entirely dedicated to God, just as it was back then. Saint Clare was born in 1193 in Assisi into nobility. Before Clare was born, her mother was sent a sign by God that her daughter was going to be the “bright light of God in the world.” She was a very spiritual child and prayed all the time. When she was 22, St. Francis put her in a house

  • The Meaning of Saint Franis´ Life

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    All human beings develop at different rates physically and mentally. Furthermore, there are some special characters that gain the ability to flourish in which they acquire a deeper understanding of life. This is usually as a result of one’s profound religious beliefs. Such as the disciples of Jesus Christ, they at some point of their life followed the teachings of Christ; subsequently, their beliefs allowed them to gain a deeper meaning of life. In this reading we will focus on the life of Francis

  • Saint Francis Of Assisi: Environmental Activism In The Catholic Church

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    Environmental activism or environmental awareness in the Catholic Church can go back as far as the 1100s. One of the earliest and the original Catholic environmentalist is Saint Francis of Assisi. Pope Francis paid homage to the Church’s patron saint of animals and ecologists by naming his encyclical “Laudato Si” (“Praised Be”), a line taken from St. Francis of Assisi’s “Canticle of Creatures.”Saint Francis composed the canticle in 1225, and dedicated the first of its three parts to praising the

  • Voice and Vision in 'Glasgow 5 March 1971' and 'Assisi

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    both the writer's style, and the writer's tone. Conversely, the term `vision' can be more easily defined as the author's purpose in writing the poem, and any messages or themes conveyed to the reader. The two poems that I will make reference to are `Assisi' by Norman MacCaig, and `Glasgow 5 March 1971' by Edwin Morgan. By comparing the poet's style and tone in these poems it can be seen that both writers have a similar `vision.' Both Morgan and MacCaig use similar stylistic techniques in their poems

  • Analysis Of The Canticle Of Brother Sun By St Francis Of Assisi

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    Introduction Pope Francis released an encyclical entitled ‘ Laudato si’ which means ‘praise be’, the first two words of the ‘Canticle of Brother Sun’by St Francis of Assisi. It is interesting to note that Francis dictates this canticle to Br.Leo, his companion, when he was almost blind. He contemplates God’s creation not with his naked eyes but with the eyes of mind. His unqualified love for all creatures, small and great made him enter into communion with them and he built a home of all creation