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    A poem which has genuinely shocked me is `Assisi' by Norman MacCaig. It deals with a beggar in desperate need of help but does not receive any. MacCaig gets his point across through his different ideas and devices. The opening verse states what is physically wrong with the beggar. `sat, slumped like a half filled sack' This simile is used to create the image that he is deformed and floppy. The poet's use of 'on tiny twisted legs' gives the impression that the beggar is childlike and very innocent

  • Assisi

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    Critical Evaluation-Assisi A poem that I have been studying recently is Assisi by Norman McCaig, which I found very interesting to read because it made a statement which relates to our world today even though the poem was wrote about thirty or forty years ago. The poem has lots of ideas including effective figures of speech, good choice of words, important images and irony. The statement that McCaig makes is, where ever there is great wealth it always exists along side great poverty. The poem

  • Renaissance Break from the Byzantine Style

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    Introduction The Italian painters Cimabue (also known as Cenni di Pepo) and Giotto di Bondone both stepped away from Medieval and Byzantine style and moved forward into a human focused, Proto-Renaissance style. Although each painter made this movement toward the Renaissance style, each did it in their own style and way. Cimabue pursued a new naturalism which was a close observation of the natural world; this aspect of his style challenged many major conventions of late medieval art. Giotto also

  • St Francis of Assisi

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    St Francis of Assisi Background Born in Assisi 1181. Real name Giovanni (John) Bernardone but nicknamed Francis (Frenchy). Father a wealthy cloth merchant. As a young man was a bit of a playboy – formed a band and played an early version of the guitar. Also known for his generosity – one day he was working at his father's stall in the market and gave all the takings to a beggar. Dreamed of military glory – joined the army and spent a year as a POW. Later very sick. Slowly became interested

  • Biography of Saint Francis of Assissi

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    Giovanni Bernadone in either 1181 or 1182 in the Italian hill town of Assisi. His parents, Pietro and Pica, were members of the rather well-to-do merchant class of the town. Pioetro Bernadone was away in France when his son was born. On his return, he had the boy's name changed from Giovanni to Franceso (“The Little Frenchman”-perhaps a tribute to France, a country he loved and from which his wife's family came). Saint Francis of Assisi, was born in 1182, more probably in the latter year. His mother's

  • St. Clare's Biography

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    St. Clare's Biography CLARE, a close friend of St. Francis of Assisi, lived in the 13th Century. Her reputation was like that of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, "a saint in our midst". CLARE was born into a wealthy family, educated in the domestic arts of spinning and needle work, reading and writing. She knew about St. Francis because of his love for the poor. Francis' father was a successful cloth merchant. In 1204 Francis enlisted in Assisi's war with Perugia. After a year as a prisoner

  • Saint Fancis Of Francis Essay

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    Saint Fancis of Assisi Saint Francis was born in 1182, in Assisi Italy. His real name is Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, but his father wanted him to be called Francis. He received very little education as a child, even though his father was a rich merchant. His father, Pietro di Bernardone, was a wealthy merchant, and his mother's name was Pica. Francis always dreamed about riding through the town as a hero. His father wanted Francis to learn about being a silk merchant, but Francis wasn't

  • Christian Teachings about the Relationship between Humanity and the Rest of Creation

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    owners, so the resources are not for us to squander, limit pollution, recycling basic materials, distribution of food stocks more fairly. Saint Francis of Assisi was a little poor man of Assisi. He was born in the year 1182 in the town of Assisi in Italy. His father's name was Bernadone. Bernadone was a very wealthy merchant of Assisi. Francis was a very good-looking boy. He was... ... middle of paper ... ... believe that it is the humans who are doing the most damage to the world we live

  • The Life of Saint Francis

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    St. Francis grew up very wealthy. His family had a lot of money and basically did anything they wanted to. His father was a wealthy cloth merchant and owned a farmland in Assisi. Francis was spoiled as a child. He left school at the age of 14 and was known to be very rebellious and would often break city rules. A little later in Francis’ life he fought in a battle and was imprisoned for almost a year and starting hearing God’s call to him. After he got out of prison he was very ill and had many mental

  • The Story of Saint Francis of Assissi

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    The Story of Saint Francis of Assisi Many people are familiar with or have traveled to San Francisco, a major city in California, but there is a story behind the city name; the story of the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. The origin of the word San Francisco is Saint Francis, meaning that the city was named after this great saint. Long ago, in the year of 1181, a baby boy was born on the outskirts of Assisi, Italy. There is a legend that this boy, who we know as Francis, was actually born in