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    Asian Financial Institutions and Markets The Asian financial markets can be compared to the economic philosophy of mercantilism, which is regulated commerce to produce a favorable balance of trade. Governments regulate production techniques to ensure the quality of exports, and in general, subsidize production in their exporting industries. Tariffs can be high on imported manufactured goods and low on imported raw materials. The state exercises much control over economic life in these environments

  • Asian Art In The South Asian And Asian Culture

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    The Asian continent gave way to many to numerous types of art that predate anything seen in the west. Asian art is most widely known for ancient pottery, large scale bronze sculptures, jade carving, and calligraphy among many other things. Asian art is important to overall art history because many of the techniques founded in this region spread to other regions and evolved many other art forms with it. The Chinese culture had a significant impact on the arts and crafts of other East Asian cultures

  • Asian American And Asian Americans

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    Since the first influx of Asian immigrants to the United States, Asian Americans were never treated as an integral part of the American population. Accounting for five percent of the US demographic, often times, they are still portrayed by provincial people as outsiders who do not belong in society. Over the years, this negative mentality has transformed into the way Asian Americans are viewed in media. Though there are many attempts of reversing the trend such as diversifying the cast members,

  • Asian Immigration And Asian Immigrants

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    Asian immigrants have faced many obstacles transitioning to life in America. One major obstacle Asian immigrants came face to face with was receiving an education. Asians are known to place high value on learning and education, but many things stood in their way and hindered them from even receiving an education. Between Asian immigrants and Americans lie a language barrier, which is often seen as a set back. An example of this is Lac Su since he had to serve as a translator for his parents, which

  • Asian American Community And Asian Americans

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    population of the United Sates of America is about 310 million people and Asian Americans make up about 14 million people, or 4.8% of the total population. Like any group of immigrants or minorities they have felt the effects of prejudice and discrimination. Over the years several groups have developed to try and stop the prejudice and injustice displayed towards Asian Americans. Two groups that will be looked at are the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC) and the Committee of 100, from the early

  • Asian Americans : Asian American Population

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    Asian Americans have been more active and involved in politics over the past decade. Furthermore, Asian Americans increasingly became more visible in politics extending beyond the city limits. While in many major cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City remain packed and serve as a gateway for Asian Americans immigrants. A majority of the United States Asian American population has now moved into the Suburbs. This serves as a part of reaching the American “Dream”. The

  • Asian Diaspora

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    Asian Diaspora Asian diaspora, or the personal and cultural implications of leaving one's homeland, is a central and reaccuring theme for Asian American writers. Diaspora is Greek for "the scattering of seeds" (, and its ancient denotation has taken figurative meaning today as a feeling of seperation and detachment. In both Fae Myenne Ng's Bone and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's Leaving Yuba City, a thematic thread of "scattered parts", outsiderness, and otherness

  • Asian Dramas

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    my free time. It is Asian dramas. Asian dramas are similar to a miniseries in the way that it usually consists of about twenty episodes. It is much shorter than an American television show but it is able to include all the details, problems and solution of the story. This composition has greatly changed the way I think and view things in the world. Thus far, I have learned a lot about the various Asian languages and manners but also discovered many new aspects about the Asian cultures. Furthermore

  • Asian American

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    Reflections in a Foreign Mirror After reading the novels assigned in this Asian American class, it seems that many Asian American experiences are similar. One similarity that is outstandingly prominent is how an outside culture impacts either directly or indirectly a foreign society. Often, the influences of the powerful yet glamorous American lifestyle lead to self-hatred of one's own society and culture. We see this in "Obasan," by Joy Kogawa, and in "Dogeaters," by Jessica Hagedorn, where many

  • Hollywood's Asians

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    Hollywood’s Asians Asian Americans have been part of America for almost as long as its existence. From the Chinese laborers building the transcontinental railway, inner cities laundry services, to Asian farmers who have helped build the agriculture communities around the country, Asian American have contributed to the industries and economy of America. Despite their loyalty and contributions to this country, Asian Americans have been discriminated and considered as “unassimilable” by many Americans