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  • Article Analysis on Manners

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    back to the kitchen. That was a case that I witnessed in the restaurant next to my house. Therefore, when I read the article “Can I Get You Some Manners with That?” written by Christie Scotty, I can understand why Scotty feels kind of angry when the way others treat her depend on her jobs. I agree with her in part, but I believe not all people treat other that way. In the article, Christie Scotty believes that people treat others based on occupations. “I long ago realized my profession is a gauge

  • Current Event Article Analysis

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    Current Event Article Analysis Article # 1 Titled: Yes: There are Limits to the right to bear arms Source: Union Tribune or Signonsandiego Date: Dec. 21 2007 By: Kristen Rand Summary/Analysis : This article discusses the amendment about gun control specifically the right to bear arms. But it isn’t discussing it on the U.S. mainland but instead on the District of Columbia. The Controversy is whether or not the District is bound to the same laws and amendments that the rest of the United

  • Article Analysis: The Nursing Shortage

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    Article Analysis: The Nursing Shortage Nursing shortages have occurred in health care throughout history, and especially since World War II. Just as the legion of baby boomers is about to swell the need for quality health care, America's nursing population is aging and more nurses are moving into primary care settings and into other disciplines. As a result, America's hospitals and other institutions need more nurses, especially those who deliver specialized care. As a healthcare provider

  • Articles Of Confederation Analysis

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    The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the United States. It took place in 1787, when delegates from twelve of the thirteen states gathered in Philadelphia prior to the official end to the revolutionary war because of weakness in this government. It was originally used as an experiment in the constitutional government. Since there was a fear of gaining a British- style government, the Articles were created without a single, whole leader to enforce law, therefore they were considered

  • Articles Of Confederation Swot Analysis

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    The effectiveness of the Articles of Confederation was insignificant to an extent because this document had very few strengths and a myriad of weaknesses that were greater than the advantages. When historians talk about the Articles, they usually do not bring up the strengths; they bring up the weaknesses and how they affected the United States. This document is weak, but important because it is the first written agreement, which meant all of the states were actually getting along, and the first

  • Articles Of Confederation Dbq Analysis

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    It was May 1787 in the city of Philadelphia. Congress had gathered to discuss an alarmingly important matter. The nation's current constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was flawed. The Articles gave too much power to the states and not enough to the central government. The states could not be forced to pay taxes and the country acted more like a mixture of individual countries rather than a union of collective states. This had to be changed immediately, thus a congressional convention was

  • Articles Of Confederation Dbq Analysis

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    turmoil of the American Revolution, the people of America, both the rich and the poor, the powerful and the meek, strove to create a new system of government that would guide them during their unsure beginning. This first structure was called the Articles of Confederation, but it was ineffective, restricted, and weak. It was decided to create a new structure to guide the country. However, before a new constitution could be agreed upon, many aspects of life in America would have to be considered. The

  • The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution: An In-Depth Analysis

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    The Articles of Confederation were approved by Congress on November 15, 1777 and ratified by the states on March 1, 1781. It was a modest attempt by a new country to unite itself and form a national government. The Articles set up a Confederation that gave most of the power to the states. Many problems arose and so a new Constitution was written in 1787 in Independence Hall. The new Constitution called for a much more unified government with a lot more power. Let us now examine the changes that were

  • The United States Constitution: Article Analysis

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    17th, 1787(National Constitution Center). Since the publication of the Constitution there have been no changes to the original articles within the Constitution, only very few changes have been made, which were the additions of new amendments. The seven articles that are stated in the Constitution are the basis of our government system. The powers stated in the seven articles establishes the state’s powers, the powers of the three branches of government, the ratification process, and the checks and

  • Critical Analysis of a Systematic Review Article

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    paper will present a critical analysis of the 2011 article, “Now, let’s make it really complex (complicated)” (Geraldi et al.). The analysis will review the authors’ justification for the study and the transparency and rigor demonstrated in the five common systematic research phases described by Gough, Oliver, and Thomas (2012, p. 8). The reader will find this paper has two main sections and a closing. The first will provide the previous discussed critical analysis and then a brief summary of the

  • Rhetorical Analysis of McKibben’s Article, Power Play Endangers Hawaii's Rain Forest

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    Rhetorical Analysis of McKibben’s Article, Power Play Endangers Hawaii's Rain Forest Protecting Hawaii’s rain forest from the invasion of Corporate America is Bill McKibben’s intention as an environmentalist. His 28-paragraph article, “Power Play Endangers Hawaii’s Rain Forest,” appeared in Rolling Stone, a popular culture magazine, on May 31, 1990. He argues that producing power through geothermal drilling harms the Wao Kele o Puna rain forest, the environment, and the people that live nearby

  • Article Analysis

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    Sherry Turkle, narrator of "The Flight from Conversation," wrote the article to inform readers on how technology has constructed a barrier between human interactions. Not much is known about the writer except that she is a psychologist and professor at M.I.T. She organizes the article by stating facts, stating her opinion, giving examples, and then ends it by encouraging the audience to make an effort to converse without the use of technology. The introduction begins with statements the narrator

  • Analysis of Article

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    In the article “Remember, ladies, fitting into that bikini is as easy as (eating) pie”, Dave Barry, humor columnist for the Miami Herald, uses whimsy and wit to give his opinion on the fashion industry’s portrayal of the “ideal woman.” The media has successfully plastered the image of the “ideal” female form in every nook and cranny of society, and it seems that Dave Barry is sick of it. Though his article is short, his point is clear. Barry is saying that women need to stop listening to the fickle

  • A Comparative Case Study on the DP hypothesis and Proper Names Parameter in Italian and Hijazi Dialect of Arabic

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    differently in both languages. The claim made in the paper is that proper names in Hijazi Arabic do not trigger N-to-D movement as shown in the analysis. In contrast, I propose that the prefixed [al] definite head noun displays N-to-D movement when there is no overt D preceding the noun phrase based on data taken from Longobardi (1991) and his parametric analysis of proper names in Italian. Examples on Standard Arabic from Fehri (2004) support our claim to some extent. Shlonsky (2004) rejects the notion

  • The Onion Article Analysis

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    “Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” An article by The Onion, a news satire organization, humorously reveals the sly strategies used by companies to sell their products. The article introduces a “brand new, cutting edge” product: The MagnaSoles, shoe inserts that will supposedly change your life forever. (Transition) The article’s satirical nature pokes fun at how companies market their products and aids in exposing the

  • Marketing Article Analysis

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    Marketing Article Analysis “KODAK SHIFTS FOCUS AWAY FROM FILM, TOWARD DIGITAL LINES” WSJ, Thursday, Sept. 25th, 2003-10-06 You could pretty well predict the answer with a great degree of certainty, if you decided to ask anyone on the street what they thought of first when you mentioned the word Kodak. Most people, as imagined, would answer that they are the company that makes photographic film. Perhaps others would simply give the answer: film. With this in mind, it was very interesting

  • Analysis of a Boxing Article

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    Analysis of a Boxing Article The headline does what headlines do. It grabs the readers attention, and suggest what we expect to find when we read on. “NO ONE IS FORECED TO FIGHT” is a sharp phrase that goes straight to the point. The bias of the editorial is clear from the headline, and we expect to read something in favor of the boxers right to box, especially since they are not “FORCED”. As expected it is told with all the letters in capital. In fact, the headline rolls of the tongue easily

  • An Analysis of Feminist Articles

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    263-73. ~Précis~ In the article, "Cherchez la Femme: Feminist Criticism and Marie de France's `Lai de Lanval'," Sharon Kinoshita examines Marie de France's "Lanval" and its feminist implications. She explores three critical essays that discuss the feminism revealed in the Lais of Marie de France and the differing views represented in each criticism. After discussing these interpretations Kinoshita retells "Lanval" and reveals her own opinion. Through her analysis of the three critical essays

  • Critical Reading: Strategies For Critical Reading

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    Strategies for Critical Reading Preview the Essay: Think about the essay’s title, opening paragraph, and topic sentences. Previewing is used for college reading and helps the reader to focus on key issues. Write in the Margin: Forecast issues, and pose questions. Be an active reader. Mark queries to energize a classroom discussion. Analyze the Illustrations: Challenge the essay. Use the images to help clarify the writer 's points and to see what they might have missed. Summarize the Essay: List

  • Trends In Copyright Infringement: A Review of Two Predictive Articles

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    Trends In Copyright Infringement: A Review of Two Predictive Articles Abstract: In 1995 Lance Rose and Esther Dyson wrote articles in Wired Magazine expressing polarized views on the future of copyright law and copyright infringement.  This essay reviews those articles, analyzes each article's accuracy as defined by current trends years later. Over the past decade the societal view of creative society has greatly changed due to advances in computer technology and the Internet.  In 1995