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  • Arthurian Legend

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    Arthurian Legend Even though the Arthur legend is hundreds of years old, our culture today is still fascinated with the idea of the Round Table and the love triangle between Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere. There are movies and books galore to read about the different takes on the legend of Arthur. However, it makes one wonder if our culture really understands the Arthurian legend. Especially in the movies the central idea of a literary work can be lost. Compared to Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur

  • Women in Beowulf and Arthurian Legend

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    Women in Beowulf and Arthurian Legend A common theme in the stories we have read is that glory, happiness, and success come in cycles (this theme is commonly represented as "the wheel of fortune"). This theme is present in the Arthurian tales, as well as in Beowulf. Each story tells a tale (or part of a tale) of a rise to glory, and the proceeding fall to disarray. The men always were the kings and warriors, but the women played different roles in the different stories. The women of Beowulf

  • Arthurian Legends

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    therefore he represents Manifest Destiny to the people who created him. Folk tales are important to us because some of them have become ingrained to our thoughts and culture. Some have more influence than others for instance tales about King Arthur. The Legend of King Arthur has come to represent the values of English culture. People want to be like King Arthur because everyone agrees that he was a good king and a great man; he represents Christian values and English values. As a Christian, I would look

  • The Sword in the Stone of the Arthurian Legend

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    The Sword in the Stone of the Arthurian Legend King Arthur and the knights of the round table belong to a long line of books and stories of the Arthurian legend. Merlin, Lancelot, The lady of the lake, King Arthur, and Excaliber are all very important in the Arthurian legend. In this essay we will talk about King Arthur, the knights of the round table, and Merlin in the famous story, The sword in the stone. The Sword in the stone is a book about an adopted child named wart. He is of royal

  • Comparing the Arthurian Legends and J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring

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    comparing and contrasting the Arthurian Legends and J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Fellowship of the Ring, it is almost like a medieval contest between the two with many of the similarities coming from the customs of the Middle Ages. A look at the make up of the groups involved, the moral code, the protagonist, the antagonist, the use of supernatural elements and the knightly quest involved in each book shows how alike they are but yet different. The Arthurian Legends revolve around the life of the

  • The Effects of Sir Thomas Malory’s Life and Culture on the Arthurian Legends

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    Life and Culture on the Arthurian Legends In many cases, authors write books in order to comment on the culture they live in. In addition, the personal life experiences of the author are also expressed in the work. In the case of the Arthurian Legends, the major contributor was Sir Thomas Malory, who lived from 1405 to 1471 (Abrams, 420). The first section of this paper will examine why Sir Thomas Malory should be considered the greatest contributor to the Arthurian Legends. The second section of

  • Arthurian Legends

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    When looking back at the medieval ages, one may realize that the knights had many extraordinary abilities- they were like superheroes. In different Arthurian Legends, like The Crowning of Arthur, Arthur Becomes King, and Sir Launcelot du Lake, many people admire the person who has these inhumane abilities. Arthur and Sir Launcelot are both characters that initially seem like ordinary people, but show their superior strength and power by the end of the story. Arthur releases a sword from a stone

  • Arthurian Legend Analysis

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    The Happily Ever After in The Arthurian Legend The Arthurian Legend, an amazing composition of multiple fantasies, love stories and battles. But what does it all lead to? Some die, but some live with complete happiness. In the legend there are too many instances of cruelty and betrayal, but we must look on the bright side, we must look at all of the great endings. In the legend there are so many instances that end in love, happiness, and a loyal relationship. Many such as Gwaine, Uther, and Arthur

  • Arthurian Legends Synthesis

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    Synthesis Essay Throughout the Arthurian Legends there are many characters with unique values that all contribute to the story in a meaningful way. However, these characters seem to change and develop with time as different authors rewrite the Arthurian legends. Morgan is one of the most famous female characters within the legends because she is King Arthur’s half sister who is often being mischievous and trying to seek revenge on him and his wife Queen Guinevere. In the poems, Avalon from the

  • The Legendary Camelot

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    celebration, seemly and carefree (Stone 22). This is the only time that Camelot, home of the Arthurian legends, is mentioned in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The fourteenth-century poem seemingly gives no clue as to the location of the castle of King Arthur (Alcock 15). According to the Encyclopedia Brittannica, the "real" Camelot is to be found at a number of locations: Camelot, in Arthurian legend, was the seat of King Arthur's court. It is variously identified with Caerlon, Monmouthshire

  • Enide

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    own tales of the two (Owen xvi). This theory may have evolved due to the fact that "Wales contributed very little, or even nothing of importance to the Arthurian legend as it developed in France, and Germany and then in England" (Jones and Jones xxv). Chretien was therefore given the credit because of his extensive writings on the Arthurian legends, and the fact that he was French. However, a more widely accepted theory is that the story of Erec and Enide was derived from the Welsh (Jones xxv). Evidence

  • The Arthurian Legend: The Legend Of Mature Arthur

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    The legend of Mature Arthur starts out when he becomes king of England. After becoming king he marries the most beautiful women in England, Queen Guinevere. When he marries her, her dad gives Arthur a round table that is said to sit one hundred people. As king his number one advisor and friend is Merlin. The two of them are on a trip, and stop at the castle of a lord where they meet a woman who falls in love with King Arthur. Arthur says he will not stay with her, and she orders one of her knights

  • The Role of Women in Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

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    Throughout Medieval literature, specifically Arthurian legends like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the female characters, Guinevere, the Lady, and Morgan leFay are not portrayed as individuals but social constructs of what a woman should be. Guinevere plays a passive woman, a mere token of Arthur. The Lady is also a tool, but has an added role of temptress and adulteress. Morgan leFay is the ultimate conniving, manipulating, woman. While the three women in this legend have a much more active role than in

  • King Arthur

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    different depending on the era, culture, and the particular writer who is relating his version of the Arthurian legend. Three Kinds of Arthur There is much debate whether Arthur was an actual historical person. There is no absolute evidence, but it is possible that Arthur was a Briton or Romano-Briton king who led the Celts against the Anglo-Saxons in the early 8th century (Americana, Arthurian Romances, 1972). The kings of the medieval period were warlords that protected a particular area of

  • Sir Galahad

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    Sir Galahad In the Arthurian legends, Sir Galahad is one of the most mentioned and most important of the Knights of the Round Table. Conceived when the other famous knight, Lancelot, slept with the lady Elaine (daughter of King Pelles) thinking she was his loved but forbidden Guinevere. Unaware of his parent’s identities, Galahad was raised by an abbess until reaching his fifteenth birthday when he was introduced to his father, who knighted him and accompanied him into Arthur’s court. There

  • Sir Gawain in Transition

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    Sir Gawain in Transition Sir Gawain has played a significant role in Arthurian legends since the Middle Ages. His first major appearance in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight depicts Gawain as a warrior rather than a womanizing knight like others from King Arthur's court. Even in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain focuses on his battle with the green knight rather than the advances of Bercilak's wife. During Gawain's visit to Bercilak's castle, his wife makes three specific advances to entice

  • King Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory

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    d'Arthur : the history of King Arthur and his noble knights of the Round Table, by Sir Thomas Malory, a book that was written and published between 1469-1470, during the reign of King Edward IV. Prior to this document, the exact origins of Arthurian legend are difficult to trace reliably before the twelfth century, when Geoffrey of Monmouth produced the History of the Kings of Britain, in which he devotes the last third of the book to King Arthur, with the first two thirds leading up to this

  • Avalon: Isle of Mystery

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    Avalon: Isle of Mystery The island of Avalon has been shrouded in mystery throughout the history of the Arthurian legend. Named Ynyswytryn, meaning "the glassy isle", it was famous as the Celtic paradise "The Happy Island of the Blest" (Webb 11). In the earliest religion it was believed that the souls of the dead were borne westward to "…an Island in the Western Sea, to the abode of Glast and Avallac….Thus in later times was Arthur to be borne to the 'Island Valley of Avillion' " (Webb 11).

  • Radiquet’s Le Diable au Corps

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    master architect would limit himself t... > [ Click here for a FREE description of this paper! ] > [ Click here to purchase & receive this paper TODAY! ] Morgan Le Fey; Her Role in Arthurian Legend This 8 page paper considers the role of Morgan Le Fay, also known as Morgaine, in the literature regarding Arthurian legends. Her role in various books is ... > [ Click here for a FREE description of this paper! ] > [ Click here to purchase & receive this paper TODAY! ] Sir Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte d'Arthur

  • Arthurian Legends: Merlin The Legendary King Arthurian

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    Arthurian Legends: Merlin the magician Arthurian Legend has many characters, and many stories. Arthurian Legend was centered around the legendary king Arthur. Many stories were written about king Arthur's birth and the adventure of his knights. Arthurian legend ends when king Arthur is killed in a fight and his kingdom is destroyed. Merlin is one of the characters written about in Arthurian Legend. Who is Merlin? Merlin is known for his mysterious and magical character. He was created by Geoffrey