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  • Artemis Fowl

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    Book review -Artemis Fowl This book is set in many different places but the book starts out in Ho Chi Minh City. The next and most significant place we arrive at is Haven, the “New York” for the Fairies. The most noteworthy place we read of is Fowl Manor, the very place where almost all of the action of this book takes place in. Of the many major characters the main character would have to be Artemis Fowl, a teenage mastermind who figured out how to steal heaps of gold from “The People” a group

  • Artemis Fowl Novel Series

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    Artemis fowl Essay What defines us as humans? Our nature is what defines us as humans, but what are the significant traits that make up human nature? Good and evil, Self-growth and greed. These are aspects that make up what a “human” is .Artemis struggles within the novels due to these roles which the theme play. The theme plays a significant role which forms him into who he is. The traits of being human that are portrayed play a significant role towards the development of himself and the story.

  • Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

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    The main character’s name is Artemis Fowl. He has dark hair and pale skin. He is twelve years old. His family is very rich and live in a large house, and Artemis lives with his mom, (who has been acting very strange since Artemis’ dad died.) and his two servants, Butler and Juliet. At the beginning of the book, Artemis is mainly focused on getting even richer than he already was. After he kidnapped a fairy though, he realized that he had something he wanted more than riches. He wanted his mom to

  • Opal Koboi in Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

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    In the book “Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident” by Eoin Colfer there is a very intelligent pixie named Opal Koboi. She has an IQ of over 300 which means that she is a certified genius. She appears as a villain in The Arctic Incident and in The Opal Deception (third book in this series). She is the rightful owner of Koboi Labs which designs and creates the majority of the LEPrecon’s (Lower Element Police recon group) equipment. Throughout the time where she was creating all of their stuff she

  • Analysis Of Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox

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    In the book Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox the theme is that lying and crime is not always the best solution to your problems and can lead to serious negative consequences. This is developed in many ways throughout the story. One of the ways is when one of the main characters Artemis's mother gets deathly ill and the only cure is in an animal he had killed years ago. This is shown when Artemis is discussing the antidote for his mother's sickness to his fairy friends Foaly and Holly when they said

  • Adventure on the Argo II: Chapter 7: We Meet Artemis Fowl

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    to be lea... ... middle of paper ... ...” Exactly five minutes later, they met at the bow. “Artemis,” Ella whispered, “Leo has an intercom device on Festus, we need to move our meeting. Does the crow’s nest sound good?” They climbed to the crow’s nest. Ella stared expectantly at Artemis, “Well, out with it.” Artemis smiled, “You really want to know why I’m here?” Ella nodded. “Fine,” Artemis sighed, “The real reason I followed you is because,” he paused and bit his lip. “I like you,” he

  • Book Review

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    My book, Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code takes place in Ireland and Chicago, during the year 2005 or so. The main characters are Artemis, the boy genius, Butler, his special-forces black belt bodyguard, Holly, a three-foot-tall fairy with, yes, magic, a dwarf with a special talent for burrowing underground, due to his species’ special physical attributes that allow them to ingest several kilos of dirt a second, strip it of any beneficial minerals, and eject it forcibly out the back end. The first

  • William Shakespeare's Opal Koboi

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    to the fourteen-year-old criminal driving force Artemis Fowl Lesser, who was unexpectedly at the time perpetrating a bank burglary, and inevitably an alternate to the now banned Holly. Fortunately for Artemis, his steadfast bodyguard Head servant spared him from the bio-shell, however both were oblivious after a hazardous tumble from their overhang, and Artemis was seriously harmed. In the wake of escaping Safe house and neglecting to secure Artemis before the shell exploded, Holly acknowledged Opal

  • Corssover

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    Stars twinkled in the dark sky, framing the moon. Artemis Fowl gazed out, eyes taking in the sight. He was vaguely aware of the party going on behind him, but had decided it was not worth his time. A light melody tinkled from hidden speakers. A few well-dressed giggling ladies, some flirtatious gentlemen, and maybe half a dozen people his age, all far below him in intellect and all struggling to imitate their elders. He pitied them. It must be a terrible fate, he mused, to forever be trying to

  • Student Reader - Victoria Patton

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    The Supernaturalist is a book by Eoin Colfer about a 14 year old boy at Clarissa Frayne Institute for parentally challenged boys. Unwanted by his parents, he decides to escape and join a group of teenagers named Supernaturalists. This group of kids have the same abilities as Cosmo. They can see Supernatural creatures. Supernaturalists hunt this creatures in order to save the humanity that is left in Satellite city. Recently, I interviewed Victoria who had just read this book and asked her to tell