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  • Perceptions of Inequality in Arizona Politics

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    Perceptions of Inequality in Arizona Politics On November 1912, women won the right to vote in Arizona. This period of time marked a lot of changes for women and politics in Arizona. Women had to struggle against a male dominated society that influenced their vote despite their new freedom to vote as they saw fit. The right to vote eventually led to a proliferation of women running for local, state, and national offices. Those running for office faced skepticism about their capabilities as

  • The Fab Five

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    The Fab Five Women of Today in Arizona Politics The women of the state of Arizona have always played a significant role in politics. Before most women even had the right to vote, two women from Arizona, Frances Munds and Rachel Berry, were the first women elected into the state legislature. Today, Arizona has the highest percentage of women in the state legislature. More impressive is the fact that Arizona is the first state ever to have an all-female elected line of succession. There is no

  • A Historical Overview of Women's Suffrage Movement in US and Arizona

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    A Historical Overview of Women's Suffrage Movement in US and Arizona 1. An Overview Of Women's Suffrage Movement In The United States The women’s suffrage movement achieved victory with the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920. For the first time in more than 110 years, women were given the right to vote. However, nine states at this time already guaranteed the women’s vote. At this time, all nine states lay west of the Mississippi, (Rothschild, p.8). Indeed, “Although

  • Ancient Arizona Culture

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    Arizona The earliest indigenous cultures of Arizona most likely lived in the region as early as 25,000 B.C. A later culture, the Hohokam who lived around 500–1450 A.D. were pit dwellers and built irrigation systems. The Pueblo culture built many of the cliff dwellings that still stand. Later, the Apache and the Navajo came to the area from Canada around 1300 A.D. The Hohokam was a very intelligent ancient Indian culture. They were usually divided into four periods, Pioneer, Colonial, Sedentary

  • The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea

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    care, that leaves a profit of $319 million” (218). But should we still allow people to put their lives at risk? It isn’t the desert that kills the immigrants. It isn’t the coyotes. It isn’t even the Border Patrol. What does kill the people “is the politics of stupidity that rules both sides of the border” (214-215) This quote shows the power of both sides of the border have and it is evident that it shows both sides are truly the blame for this problem. Both sides of the border should unite and come

  • The Arizona Constitution

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    Arizona Statehood and Constitution Arizona’s Constitution was written sometime in 1910; amended, ratified, and approved by Congress in 1911. Then Arizona became the 48th state and the last adjoining state to be welcomed in the Union; on February 14, 1912. Since then the citizens of Arizona has amended their Constitution many times. The Constitution consists of thirty articles. There were quite a lot of events that impacted the process of Arizona becoming its own state. The first section will examine

  • Navajo Water Rights

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    discuss cases, compacts, and acts that effect the integrity of Navajo Nation water rights for past, present, and future claims. Background The Navajo Nation is located in the southwest spanning across the Northwest corner of New Mexico, Northern Arizona, and the Southeast corner of Utah. It is over 27,000 sq. miles, roughly the s... ... middle of paper ... ...ajo Nation." Navajo Area Office. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Nov. 2013. . (tags: none | edit tags) Navajo Nation Economic Development . "Where

  • The Gunslinger Hero

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    Somewhere out in the Old West wind kicks up dust off a lone road through a lawless town, a road once dominated by men with gun belts attached at the hip, boots upon their feet and spurs that clanged as they traversed the dusty road. The gunslinger hero, a man with a violent past and present, a man who eventually would succumb to the progress of the frontier, he is the embodiment of the values of freedom and the land the he defends with his gun. Inseparable is the iconography of the West in the imagination

  • fdsa

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    The controversy surrounding the 78th Texas Legislature between the Democratic and Republican Party state representations and senators was that there was an attempt to redistrict the recently redrawn congressional districts. This issue of, “redistricting” was indorsed by the Republican Party. The endorsement of “redistricting,” wasn’t surprising considering that the Republican Party had just won the Texas state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. The Republican Party’s position on

  • The Road Trip

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    there and he loaded the car up with mounds of toys and snacks of sticky cotton candy to keep the kids busy during the ride. At last, they were on their way across the never-ending state of Texas. The family would be passing through New Mexico and Arizona to get to California. Baby Trinity started to get cranky. Something was bothering her but no one could figure out what it was. Trinity was crying so loud she woke up the roosters. Joey tried, unsuccessfully to calm her down. He was making funny

  • The Misrepresentation Of Native Americans In Video Games

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    The Misrepresentation of Native Americans in Video Games It has been a while since a movie depicting wrongful images of Native American has been developed. This would continuously happen about 70 years ago in cookie cutter Western films in which Indians would often be represented as barbaric, savage, and non-human. With time, these films became bland and repetitive; as a result of this, less and less money was profited with every passing Western film made. Propitiously enough we have abandoned

  • Jim Jarmusch’s Film Deadman, as a Manipulated Western

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    Jim Jarmusch’s Film Deadman, as a Manipulated Western Director Jim Jarmusch’s film Deadman displays many of the accepted conventions for Western genre films, but manipulated in such a way as to create a revisionist, rather than a classical, western. The most obvious example of this manipulation are the characterizations of the hero, William Blake, and his Native American partner, Nobody. Blake is an awkward easterner who travels westward unaware of the different rules governing western life

  • Computer Science at the University of Arizona

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    The University of Arizona's Computer Science Department is a quality research program. The most recent National Research Council rankings place the department 33rd out of 108 PhD-granting institutions nationwide, despite the fact that we are a comparatively small department. In addition, we are the best Computer Science department of our size among publicly funded Universities, with the highest in number of citations (references) per faculty, and 17th overall in the number of publications per faculty

  • Irrigation Affected Yuma

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    How has irrigation affected Yuma? Well, irrigation has completely changed Yuma. The reason why is because before irrigation Yuma was a complete nothing. No one really knew what Yuma was before irrigation. No one wanted to live here. Yuma’s crops were dry because there really was not crops growing. Irrigation affected farmers. The reason why is because farmers were losing money because their crops were not growing due to lack of water. Now that we have irrigation farmers can irrigate their fields

  • How To Write An Essay On Arizona Essay

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    Arizona Devonna Granacki-Bluhm Arizona became a state in 1912. Arizona is the 48 state. Arizona is a large state that is located is the south western part of the United States. Arizona has 6 interstate highways within the state. Arizona is part of the Four Corners. I t is the only place in the United States where the boundaries of four states meet. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. Arizona has the largest U.S Indian populations. There are more than 14 tribes that are represented on 20 reservations

  • Belly Factory Research Paper

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    Of course, you love San Francisco, but sometimes it's nice to get away and enjoy a fun road trip. Whether on your own, with friends, or with your family, there are several great places within a few hours of San Francisco that are perfect road trip destinations. Fairfield Approximate Distance From San Francisco: 47 miles While the two cities are only about 50 miles apart, the drive from San Francisco to Fairfield can take well over two hours in congested traffic, so plan accordingly. This city of

  • Grand Canyon Research Paper

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    Grand Canyon- Save the Confluence “There is so much more to see than just the Grand Canyon walls” (Satterwhite). It provides a natural habitat for birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and a very large number of plants. The Grand Canyon has magnificent rock formations, and it is home to many Native-American tribes. The Grand Canyon is home to the Confluence, which is the church of Native-American tribes. The Confluence now has a proposed offer, the Escalade. What the Escalade would be The Escalade

  • Pioneer Day Research Paper

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    During July in the Salt Lake Valley, girdled by the backsides of the Rocky Mountains, the fireworks last for weeks. Pioneer Day brings out a sort of ultra-nationalistic pride in Utahans, and gunpowder dashes red, white, and blue across a seven-thousand-year-old sky. The city rests along the Wasatch fault line, said to be formed by a faultless God, and the doorsteps are worn by the soles of dress shoes and the souls of men forcibly saved. We—those who defiantly insist without end that we don’t belong

  • Personal Narrative: The Grand Canyon

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    interested in for a long time. My dad, Erik, shows me plant specimens and fossils of animals i’ve never seen before. He once told me there was a type of vulture that are so close to extinction there are only 20 left alive in the world. We visited Arizona to see the Grand Canyon once dad got enough money to go on a roadtrip. I’m so excited to see my friends there, too. I brought so much snacks, maybe too much, and my backpack is kind of heavy for the hiking trip, but I’ll live through it. I met with

  • Turner Falls Park Research Paper

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    From a 77 foot waterfall to hiking trails to a castle, Turner Falls Park has it all. Turner Falls Park is known for Turner Falls under Arbuckle Mountains which flows into a natural swimming area that all ages can enjoy. It also has campsites, hiking trails, wildlife, caves, a castle, and much more. Turner Falls Park is a great stop for the entire family. Turner Falls Park is the the oldest recreational park in Oklahoma. (“Turner Falls ParkChickasaw”) The park has been a recreational area since 1868