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  • The Role of Intra-party Opposition in National Liberation Movements

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    Authority. Dangling today somewhere between the role of a state and a non-state actor, the Palestinian National Authority (PA) was chartered after the Oslo Accords to fill the governmental role in the would-be state of Palestine. Headed by Yassir Arafat, the PA provides an internationally recognized manifestation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which became the voice of the Palestinian nationalism movement since Israel’s independence in 1948. The ongoing transition of the PLO from

  • Moving from Alienation to Cooperation

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    missing part of the peace process - face-to-face relationship-building. Ambassador Dennis Ross, US envoy to the Middle East peace process, arrived late from emergency meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

  • Importance of Leadership in a Society

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    A society with the absence of leadership will lead to chaos. Recently, the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died and this has caused his followers to be in disarray. Currently in Palestine the followers are trying to ameliorate life and figure who will replace Arafat. For when there is an absence of leadership it causes followers to panic. The panic of the people leads to the confusion of their everyday life. Leadership implies that a person must posses certain qualities. There are many traits that

  • speech

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    Persuasive Essay In the world today one never knows what to expect, The Attacks of September the 11th were only the beginning of our nation being challenged. Lately there has been a large amount of worldwide media coverage showing the damage of the world, attacks on churches, embassies, hotels, as well as schools. Any particular areas were Americans are or where there are large groups of people inhibit. And yet this is not only Americas war it is a war that we are all receiving impact from. Many

  • Arab and Israeli Conflict

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    Arab and Israeli Conflict In this coursework I will be studying sources and show their effect and purpose also I will give my own views on the Arab and Israeli conflict. From looking at sources A and B I have learned the motivation of the members of the PLO was that the people of Palestine wanted to regain their land and would do anything to get it back from the Israeli. Another thing I have learned from these sources was the people who wrote them were anti-Semitism and had feelings

  • Abu Nidal

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    Sabri al-Banna would join the Arab nationalist Baath party in 1950, by the time 1967 came Sabri al-Banna would be involve with the PLO. Abu Nidal (Sabri al-Banna) was representing al-Fatah who was the dominant group of the PLO, which was led by Yasir Arafat. Abu Nidal left the PLO because of its proposed creation of national authority in west bank and Gaza strip .Abul Nidal is a non-religious international terrorist organization that was sponsored by S... ... middle of paper ... ... attacks that

  • The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine And The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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    The ongoing and explosive Israeli-Palestinian conflict has its roots in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century when two major nationalist movements among the Jews and Arabs were born. Both of these groups’ movements were geared toward attaining sovereignty for their people in the Middle East, where they each had historical and religious ties to the land that lies between the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Toward the end of the 19th century, Southern Syria

  • The Middle East Peace Process

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    Infitatda and the failure of negations between Arafat and Barak have all but erased the optimism generated by the 1990's. A stalemate of sorts seems to have been created in the midst of the failed negations, further destroying the hope for the creation of a free and sovereign Palestinian state. However, in the past few weeks, recent developments in the region have seemingly given the peace process a renewed opportunity for peace. The death of Yassar Arafat not only brings an end to an era for the Palestinian

  • The Hero Within

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    The Hero Within In different areas where people live around the world, they interact with a lot in life. They also encounter many changes. Some say that a Hero is someone who saves the day from evil and hell. Others say that it’s also someone who does what’s best. While people see what’s known as a hero, others come into mind asking about the hero how to can be around others. In world anything, or anyone anywhere regardless of background. One of the ways I see a hero is by someone being a catalyst

  • The Palestine Liberation Organization

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    whom it sought to serve. Barry Rubin wrote a history of the PLO in which he investigates and interprets its political circumstances, strategies, and doctrines from their inception in the late 1950s to the events of 1993 culminating in the Rabin-Arafat handshake on the White House lawn. His book aims to offer a general account of the organization’s history and politics. The task of illustrating the incompetence and corruption of the PLO and its leaders is not difficult, and Rubin seemed to have