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  • The Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

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    The Israeli and Palestinian Conflict - Many Questions, Few Answers Unless the Israelis and Palestinians could not compromise, negotiate and come to an agreement, peace is impossible in the Middle East and even the security fence that Israel is now building will not solve the conflict nor stop terrorist actions by Palestinian extremists. The Israelis and Palestinians need to compromise and negotiate, as suggested by the words written on that wall, “Peace comes (with) agreement not separation.”

  • The Israeli-Palestine Conflict

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    War in Palestine ` The War in Palestine has a big conflict with to major country’s effected their behavior between them. It’s called the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; these two countries have an on going struggle between the Israeli and Palestinians. The war began in the mid 20s century. In the 19th century Palestine before it became Israel was inhabited by a population approximately 86 percent of Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and only 4 percent Jewish and they were actually living in peace. In the

  • Six Day War: Operation Moked

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    Introduction The State of Israel, one of the youngest countries in today’s world, is no stranger to conflict. Prior to the removal of the British Mandatory Palestine tension between the Palestinians and the Jews were high as immigrants from Europe flooded into Palestinian territory. With the British pulling out of Palestine and with the United Nations General Assembly’s 181 resolution Israel was able to declares its independence in 1948. Two millennium ago that the Jewish people were forced out

  • Essay On The Six Day War

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    in the Middle East that later on proceeded into war. This short but very influential war made its long lasting impacts on the lands of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, with an outcome of the Israeli nations gaining extensive land and wealth. The Six-Day war or the 1967 Arab- Israeli War was fought between Israel and the Arab states of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt’s military personnel from June 5 to June 10. The war is believed to be a result of high tensions that go back many years along with the surprised strikes

  • The Israel and Palestine Conflict

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    The Israel and Palestinian conflict has been going on for over a century now; it consisted of five wars since 1948. That isn’t counting the dozen of battles, raids, and skirmishes that also have taken place, all this for a piece of land. The Israel and Palestinians conflict was a fight over territory, and believed they had claim of the territory for an extremely long time. The territory is in Western Asia between both the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and is surrounded by Arabia, Syria

  • Palestinian Israeli Conflict

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    Part I: Palestinian/ Israeli Conflict History Jews and Arabs had mutual tolerance for each other until Theodor Herzl started the modern Zionism movement ("History 10 Handout" page 1-5). Zionism is the belief that Jews should have their own homeland, and in 1917 the British decided to back Zionism with The Balfour Declaration (Mattar et al. 380-382). After the Balfour Declaration the Jewish people started massive immigration to Palestine and the Arabs living in Palestine strongly objected to

  • Essay On The Six Day War

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    The Six Day War The Six Day War was fought between Israel and neighboring Arab states Egypt, Syria and Jordan between June 5 and June 10, 1967. Israel won a clear military victory, ending the war in control of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and the West Bank of the Jordan River, including historic East Jerusalem, home of many religious sites revered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. The war left Israel as the dominant military power in the region, and moved Palestinian

  • The Reasons Behind the Difficulties of Bringing Peace to the Middle East

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    The Reasons Behind the Difficulties of Bringing Peace to the Middle East A major source of conflict in the Middle East during the last fifty years has been the dispute between Arabs and Jews over Palestine. For hundreds of years, the great majority of the people living in Palestine were Arabs. But at the end of the nineteenth century some Jews in Europe were becoming increasingly bitter about growing anti-Semitism. They started to talk about setting up a state of their own where they would

  • An Examination of the Palistinian-Israeli Conflict

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    The Palestinian and Israeli conflict can be resolved only if both countries agree to internationalize Jerusalem: this holy city is the home of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The city has important religious connections with all three faiths; the Jews and the Christians see it as has a land of prophets and a promised land for all children of Abraham, the Christians see it also as the birthplace of Jesus, and the Muslim have the al Aqsa Intifada. This has been an on going war between Palestinians

  • Six Day War

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    Middle-East, but it was nothing new to the people as tension between Arab and Israel’s nation started long back. As Jordan’s King Hussein said it in a UN General Assembly after the war, “Today’s war is not a new war, but part of the old war.” The conflict in 1967 was for the very similar reasons that caused the 1st Arab-Israeli war. In fact, most the combatants are the same which includes Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and other Arab States. There are many causes of the Six Day War and some which