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  • Elizabeth Singer Rowe: So Much More Than The Pious Poet

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    Why are women writers just beginning to be discovered? When doing a survey of literature, we learn about many different writers, however the large majority of these writers are men. We sparsely hear of women, but a few are anthologized alongside men, some including: Emily Dickenson, The Bronte sisters, and Anne Bradstreet. However, as of late, more women writers and more works are being discovered. After blowing the dirt off old volumes, diary entries, court documents, and other things to get an

  • Lady Mary Wortley Montague's The Lover: A Ballad

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    Lady Mary Wortley Montague's The Lover: A Ballad Literature is a form of art with many facets, many obvious and others subtle. The surface of literature can be composed of many elements such as genre, form, rhythm, tone, diction, sentence structure, etc. Time periods, authors’ personal style and type of work all determine what elements are used in the literature. The deeper more subtle side of literature is the use of symbolism, imagery and the significance of the work. In most works of literature

  • A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf

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    Virginia Woolf, a founder of Modernism, is one of the most important woman writers. Her essays and novels provide an insight into her life experiences and those of women of the 20th century. Her most famous works include Mrs. Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1927), Orlando: A Biography (1928), The Waves (1931), and A Room of One's Own (1929) (Roseman 11). A Room of One's Own is an based on Woolf's lectures at a women's college at Cambridge University in 1928. Woolf bases her thoughts on "the

  • Feminism and Slavery

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    domesticity."[1] Of all of the women that Jacobs' autobiographical character Linda Brent meets, not one ... ... middle of paper ... ... "Perilous Passages in Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" in The Discourse of Slavery: Aphra Behn to Toni Morrison. Plasa, Carl and Ring, Betty J., eds. New York: Routledge, 1994. McKay, Nellie Y. "The Girls Who Became Women: Childhood Memories in the Autobiographies of Harriet Jacobs, Mary Church Terrell, and Anne Moody" in Tradition and

  • Voyeurism In The Truman Show

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    Richardson 's Pamela was not the first epistolary novel--Aphra Behn had even famously utilized the genre many years early in Love Letters Between A Noble-Man And His Sister. However it was a cultural turning point in how print media interacted as well as substantial entry into the reactionary anti-novel genre. The

  • Comparing Marriage in Maria, or the Wrongs of Woman, She Stoops to Conquer and Moll Flanders

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    Stone, L. The Family, Sex and Marriage in England 1500-1800, (1979) Pelikan  Ty, E. Unsex'd Revolutionaries: Five Women Novelists of the 1790's.  University of Toronto Press, Toronto.  (1993) Spencer, J., The Rise of the Woman Novelist: From Aphra Behn to Jane Austen Oxford Press (1987)